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I'm taking baby, please have mercy on

take it

easy on my heart Shawn Mendes, please have Mercy on our souls

he swept our hearts away on vine and has since become a worldwide phenomenon

Serious dreamboat, that's weird for me to say, but it's true

But believe it or not there is still a whole lot more to Shawn than meets the eye so right now

We're bringing you 9 things that you may not have known about Shawn right here on listed

It's no mystery that Shawn Mendes was a literal overnight success story getting his start on the no longer video app vine

But his covers went so viral that in February of last year his talent earned him 1 billion streams worldwide making him the youngest

Artist to accomplish such a huge Milestone

We're talking forty-four Shawn also quickly followed in the footsteps of Fellow Canadian

Justin Bieber and has since been the youngest artist since JB to have a number-one album

Which just leaves us with one question of our own what on Earth were we doing with our lives at 17 honestly

Shawn has stated over the years that one of his biggest musical influences is Ed Sheeran

But did you know they actually recorded an unreleased song together Shawn revealed that he Ed and Rapper

Hoody were hanging out one night and began singing about pizza while they waited for their delivery

He went into more detail saying quote

We were just chilling in a room playing some chords, hoody started rapping we were waiting for a pizza which never came

We were really hungry and just talking about all the good things about pizza. Maybe I should record it

I'm sensing a number-one hit in the works. I'd buy a song about pizza bringing out a flirtier side of Shawn

It's a fact that if he had to choose a celebrity to participate in seven minutes of heaven with he would pick

Scarlett Johansson who would in the past John's Celebrity crushes included Rachel McAdams Sophia Bush and Emma Watson

But in a more recent interview Sean seems to have yet another opinion even blushing while sending his greetings with Scarlett during the interview

seven minutes

Maybe like Scarlett Johansson. Yes. Good morning Scarlett by the way umm..

John's had the privilege of befriending many other familiar faces including Island records label partner Nick Jonas in

Fact the two became so close that Shawn once helped Nick stick out his debut solo album cover back in august of 2014

because that's what famous friends are for next up as a die-hard Shawn fan

You probably know that Shawn loved harry Potter

Shawn is also a self Sorted Gryffindor Shawn loved harry potter so much that he admitted when he was little he used to make his

own Magic wand see here

I was a really weird kid like I was completely obsessed with harry Potter like not only harry Potter's wizardry and Magic

I use to like take like branches off trees and like sharpen them and like paint them to make like wands and stuff although

Wizardry and Witchcraft may freak out many the only thing Shawn is deeply terrified of is the open dark ocean

Shawn has stated before that he hates the idea of being stranded in the middle of the ocean by himself

Rightfully, so I'm terrified of deep water

And there's nothing that scares me more than being like in the middle of the ocean by myself before even thinking about singing Shawn's biggest

Aspiration was to become an actor that dream as opposed to his singing career took quite a bit of time

But he eventually made his acting debut last year on the Cw's the 100 really though. Is there anything he can't do?


after day

Okay, so he mostly sang during its time on camera, but one way Shawn revealed

He does kind of have to play an alter ego on a consistent basis is during his photo. Shoot

He's admitted that his photo shoot alter-ego even has a name, Benito

He opened up about becoming Benito saying quote. He's like a Spanish model

Who always has his hair slicked back and is always doing smoky eyes and is like the best model in the land

I'm really so awkward, and I really feel weird in front of cameras. I'm like okay. You know what Shawn right now

You're not Shawn you are Benito. Let's let's get into it

I put my second face on and I have to pretend that

I'm a model and that I have been doing this or I won't be able to get through it. hey

Whatever gets the job done because those pictures are amazing, but we've now come to the final item on our list

And I should note that this is not to throw intentional shade

but Sean's record sales have been so high that it was reported that his Shawn Mendes Ep managed to sell more and

chart higher in the us and Canada than Justin Bieber's journals album, and

Shawn's first album Hand Written sold more copies than Austin Mahone's entire discography

Combined again no shade, but also mad respect to a true talent

And now that we've concluded our list of things you may not have known about Shawn Mendes

I'm curious to know which backgrounds the most surprising to you

And if you have another fun fact to add to the list hit us up in the comments section down below and after that click

Right over here to see seven things you didn't know about Halsey. Thanks for watching Clever news. I'm your host Tom

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