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Hello everybody, my name is Charlie editor and co-host of x2

So we recently made a video of the top 5 best ships for the Galactic Republic

and today we're gonna go and look at the other faction the

Confederacy so the top 5 ships for the Confederacy faction and this is primarily looking at skirmish rather than

Galactic conquest per se but we're going to dive through all 5

Rate them from 5 to 1 and I'll give you explanations and my Forte's on why they have that position

I'm gonna get that set up in a skirmish battle can't do it in fleet builder, unfortunately

So I'll cut to the skirmish panel and I'll see you in a sec. Hello everybody

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Ok, and we are back. So I've got all the ships built ready to display

so I'm just gonna jump straight into it coming in at number 5 is the

Captor heavy

monkey tilt pronounced but that the heavy cruiser

So basically the reason for the ship and not its sister ship which comes in at a much higher price

Which is called the auxiliar

Pursue destroyer might pronounce out incorrectly. I apologize. Is it not so much for its firepower?

we were actually focusing more on two things with this ship and

well free because one it's the price coming, you know only to


Credits what you're going for the ship is really worthwhile. It has it's a very tanky

Vessel and on top of that it has

It produces a lot of Fighters and these also, you know, it's a range of Fighters because you get try fighters

And and just you standard male fighters that that cover a lot of bases here

So if you need bombers, you've got that if you need fighters, you've got that etc

so it's it's definitely

It produces about five at times. So it's really good to get a lot of fighters down into the map

As a bonus the main thing about the ship that is probably better than anything else is the fact that

it has an active ability most like

Most seen in Mon Calamari ships is the boost shield power

so what this is is if you're really good at micromanaging all of your ships and keep an eye on your positionings and

And when you need to use your actives this ship can take an absolute beating

While it allows your backline to deal a lot of the damage

So this is a great ship to be in the frontline

Not necessarily just dropped right in front of an enemy ship

but when you're fighting from a distance, these guys are just brilliant to

Again, just take the brunt of the damage while you have you know

Some other ships that we'll get into in the list

Dealing that firepower

so this comes in at number five purely because of its a

boost shield power its sister ship didn't make this just purely because it doesn't produce any fighters, which I think is quite

important considering that you want this to be

like a tank

front liner so the

The the so the heavy that there that the pursued destroyer or that the heavy frigate

So sorry that the the Prague's Ilia pursuit pursuit destroyer frigate

Although it does technically do the exact same thing regarding its active? We're not necessarily looking for more firepower

we're just nest focusing in on on the the hangers and I think this really

the reason also is the same for

Galactic Republic because you have the acclimate errs

And it's more beneficial to have acclimate of ones and twos rather than the the assault loadout

So again, this is the same here for the Confederacy where?

our our

Cruiser here is is great for tanking and it's fighters it produces

So coming in at number four?

believe it or not is the

Luka Hulk

So the Luka Hulk comes in at number four because it technically does what?

The ship and in number four in fifth position does but on another level this is a lot

This is a much more expensive ship coming in

Yeah, eight thousand two hundred credits. You can't get this until tech level three as well while the fifth position ship

the cruiser in fifth position


Is in a tech level two and is cheaper

But the good thing about this ship again is is active ability to boost it shield which is immense

And the sheer amount of Fighters this thing produces. It's insane

So this can this ship excels a lot of being placed in

In being placed in the center of the map so for example where we're on

for the finish map here the the

Luke Holt would be fantastic

To be placed roughly around here. Just near the center of the map where you're holding your ground

and just allowing it to tank most of the damage and

Enemy fighters can't get in close to take out your backline because of the fighters it produces

So it's really good to stand your ground and be on a high defensive position

And whittle down your your enemy's

Ships and income which we'll also get into in the next

Next ship. So again, the Luke Hulk does pretty much the exact same thing as the ship in the fifth position

but a lot more effectively and essentially

Probably even better for us for the money that you're spending. So


This ship is fantastic for really holding your ground. So this is why the Lucca Hall comes in at number four

coming in at number three is

The wreck using a light destroyer. So this ship is

Fantastic for its firepower now. It doesn't have an active ability, which I guess if we're going to look at it

look at this in a positive light, at least it means you have less to micromanage with this ship but

There's two main things about the ship that gets the third position is one it again its firepower. It's an incredibly

Good ship to wipe out medium to even heavy

Capital ships or vessels etc. But

The second thing is probably the more important thing because its range its range is really wide. So

The these type of ships pair really well with the Luke Hulk

So if you have your Luke Hulk in the center of the map, which I'll show you right here

so if you have Luke Hogg roughly around here and you have to represent light destroys on either side of

The map here focusing on the asteroids so if if the enemy has

Asteroid control you can really just take that away from them just from a long range

while the Luke Holtz taking a lot of the beating from

Enemy ships. So the this is again really paired. Well with the Luke Hulk just

Purely before its range and again, you can use it with the with the the captive cruisers or the capped heavy cruisers

if you're running more on a budget, you know, like the end is starting to turn out to be a bit more of a

a faster game rather than a longer, so

You can do that

But I suspect if you're if you're working on a smaller map the the Luke Hulk and the reticent light destroyer together

Really allows you to control a lot of the map and and kind of pin your enemy

Back to their base because they're unable to secure asteroids because you have the the range that they do not

And you have the Luke Hulk for the just the sheer amount of tankiness

It has and again, this is a

Not to jump back to the to Luke Hulk is cheaper than a sec youtr in the Galactic Republic

So you're able to make these moves a lot faster?

So I'll go more into

The benefits of the Confederacy coming in on them on the second position

the second best ship sorry, so the second best ship is

The c99 79 carrier, so you'd think why would this come in at number two? It's just a carrier at

1600 credits

Why number two the most important thing about the ship is that unlike the Galactic Republic?

You have you don't have to take up?

So this is the only carrier and fall of the Republic that falls under tech level one

So you're able to have a really strong early game?

Control, you don't have to buy fighters separately. You don't have to rush tech level two for an acclamation

for the Confederacy

you can build a lot of these areas and

Have immediate control over asteroids just by fight account

So these these come in at number two just purely because it's a carrier at Tech level one

which the opponent the Galactic Republic does not have so that's why the the

c99 carrier comes in at number two

So the number one the number one. So number one ship that comes in for the Confederacy is

The kazan t cruisers now. These are just a fighter

So again, the same question can be asked. Why is this the number one ship for the Confederacy?

So right now ghazan tees are incredibly cheap standing in only

How much is it? Sorry image 300 credits?

So it's incredibly cheap you can buy them in bulk and

The thing about these ships is that they are really hard to hit because they're small

But they also have a lot health so you can be building a lot of Corvettes

You can be building a lot of Lacs to really try and take down these ships

But it will take the Galactic Republic a long while to do that. These ships are just

For some reason able to dodge a lot of attacks and if it is tank if it is taking those shots

It's an incredibly tanky ship for what you're buying. So the ghazan tees are anti fighters

so as the Galactic Republic gets through is tech levels its able to build carriers like the acclimate, er

like the SEC utor the ghazan t is really good at taking out those fighters as well as doing damage to

Say the space station having loads of these

Swarm the enemy space station the they're gonna struggle to try and fight those off

so if you bring those in into a space station and then have your capital ships slowly come in from the

Back line the Galactic the PT whoever's playing the Galactic Republic is gonna have a hard time

Dealing with both of these situations because unlike you know regular fighters

Like that the vulture Marquand or there's the scarer fighter

Those can be easily taken out if you have the correct ships

his antes

Almost bypass it in some way. They are a very tanky they do their job as an anti fighter very effectively and

having these in swarms incredibly hard to deal with so and and

For the ghazan t being in the number one by far

This is a really crucial ship for that for the Confederacy. So I really recommend building these

During the early to mid-game because you've got your c99 carrier building out your you're ready


because auntie can really

Just take out the rest of the fighters and then have that asteroid control that you're looking for with the Confederacy

So that is my number that does my five

Best chips for the Confederacy in empire war for the Republic. Let me know in the comments down below what you think of

Of my selection of ships. Do you agree? Do you disagree? Do you think they're some ships?

I should have mentioned like obviously we do have the Providence we do have the

the subjugator

These ships, you know, you might prefer to use over the ones that I've listed. Let me know why in the comments down below

Again, I was going to mention some other ships such as like the diamond cruiser, which is a really good anti fighter ship

Unfortunately because anthems just do the job better. Really?

So, so, yeah, let me know again what you think and I will see you in the next video. Thanks

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