Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Pokémon Go GLITCH GPS!! Android [0.31.0] FAKE LOCATION NO BANS.

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With the Glitch You can teleport everywhere in your city or in the world without moving from your house You can. Walk and open eggs easily.

I hope this video is going to get Viral. I haven't seen yet any video with the Glitch on the new Upgrade.

First of all check your app is working. Sometimes servers fall down.

2 - Go to the settings /Telephone info/ Tap 8 times on compilation number.

This action will activate the Developer options of your phone.

Go back and then open the" Developer options", You can see that you can activate Fake locations.

Now forget the settings options.

You must download 2 FREE apps from the PlayStore.

Touch VPN is the first One.

Check that the location server is in your country. If you do the trick from England, Tap England.

The second FREE app is FakeGPS.

Is a map, like google maps, but you can set the fake location everywhere you want. (I recommend use the Glitch Nearby).

Forget all of this 4 the moment.

Review: Developer options Unblocked. Download Touch VPN Download FakeGPS

If FakeGPS doesn't work well.. You can try with another app like Fake Location app.

I only use FakeGPS, I'm convinced doing the trick with FakeGPS is perfect to not be..."Banned".

when you are done with the first 3 steps, just Restart your CellPhone.

Open the Game on the normal way, with the GPS Mode "High Precision" or "High accuracy".

This versión of pokémon Go is the new upgrade 0.31.0

Put the Game on second plane ( background ) and Open TouchVPN. Then Connect to your country's Server.

Trust The app

Reccomend do the Glitch Nearby, only in your city and not doing "Big Jumps". If you go to another city with the Glitch, maybe you will be "soft-banned".

We have the Game on the Background, and TouchVPN initialized.

Now Go to FakeGPS app.

Inside the FakeGPS, Open the Settings ( of your phone) with the button appeared on your screen. With the game opened in the Background and the GPS in mode "High accuracy".

You can do that directly with FakeGPS or going to the settings/developer options.

OPen Settings of developer options.

Allow Fake locations

Go to FakeGPS again and move to the Location you want. Now tap "Set Location" button.

Now go quick to the "developer options" and deactivate the developer options.

After deactivating developer options, Open quickly Pokémon Go in the background.

Now you can check the Glitch is WORKING.

You can do PokéStops perfectly or GYMS.

Sometimes the GPS crashes, but don't be afraid, quickly works again.

Sometimes the GPS glitch crashes and put you to your original location. But if it happens, deactivate all options and do again the glitch.

YOU CAN CATCH Pokémons AS well.

Watch this. If you do the trick directly again without turning off the Game, you can walk (short distances) and open eggs quickly.

Doing the trick directly is the same process. Put Game in the background Activate developer options Open Fake GPS -- SET LOCATION Deactivate developer options Enter the Game again.

WITH SOME Android Phone Models the glitch doesn't work.

IF the trick works, and then crashes again and again and again, just Restart you Phone.

We are going from catalonia to Madrid with the glitch In the Video.

If you do Very Long Distances with the Glitch, probably you get Soft Banned.

If the Glitch doesn't work, just Restart your Phone.

Phone Restarted. The Glitch, and the normal way of the Game Works Fine.

You can go to other countries, changing the server on TouchVPN.


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