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Hi. My name's Chris Garbutt.

I am the Editor of "UTSC Commons" magazine.

With each issue we try to tell the stories

that are exciting on the UTSC campus.

Stories of students.

Stories of alumni.

Stories of researchers.

We work with a firm called Hambly

and Woolley on the magazine.

And they came up with a couple of concepts.

And we've landed on one

that was chalkboard design.

Which had kind of an old-school educational

feel that we really liked.

We took the photographer studio

and transformed one wall

into a giant chalkboard.

We asked the couples to come

up with some ideas of what they'd like to see

on the chalkboard behind them.

Something that represented the research

that they're doing.

Our design firm took those ideas

and turned them into drawings.

We had a student artist come in

and put those drawings

onto the chalkboard.

We have these great researchers

who do ground-breaking research.

And it's easy to forget that these are people

who have real lives and have great stories

about -- in this case,

great stories about how they met [music].

This was a story

that actually really reflected the theme

of this issue.

In any magazine feature there's going

to be a large number of people involved.

But this one had a particular partnership

feel to it.

It was a very collaborative process

and we had a writer.

We had the communications team.

We had the photographer.

The couples themselves of course.

The design team.

A painter from facilities and services.

And the student artist.

And a video crew.

We really started to realize

that what we were doing was the kind

of partnerships

that really make UTSC a really great place to work.

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