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It's called the second toughest job in the world: being the First Lady.

There's just no margin for error.

From decorations to diplomacy, get the secrets of the real Miss America.

There is a person there. There is a brain there.

Well, welcome to The 700 Club. America has counted on Pakistan as a key ally in the war

on terror. But it turned out that Osama bin Laden was hiding there for years.

Now many in Congress say it's time to cut the billions of dollars we send to Pakistan

in foreign aid. John Jessup has the story from Washington.

When President Bush declared war on terror in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, Pakistan

pledged its support. But there has always been tension in the air for the mostly Muslim

nation with little love for the US.

The fact that Osama bin Laden was found hiding in a million-dollar fortified compound just

north of the capital has strained the relationship even more.

I think that the Pakistani army and intelligence have a lot of questions to answer.

In Washington, a growing chorus of lawmakers question if Pakistan knowingly provided safe

harbor to al Qaeda's top man.

We have a lot of reason to believe that elements of their intelligence community continue to

be very closely in touch with, and perhaps supportive of terrorist groups that are fighting

us and the Afghans in Afghanistan.

Like President Bush said, either you're with us or you're against us. And if you're harboring

terrorists, then you're our enemy.

Now, some are calling to cut foreign aid to the nuclear armed nation. In a letter addressed

to a House Subcommittee on Foreign Affairs, Congressman Allen West wrote, "Unless we get

a clear explanation of what the government of Pakistan knew about the whereabouts of

Osama bin Laden, all foreign aid from American taxpayers to this nation needs to cease."

But some say why stop there.

We don't need to pay people to hate us. They will do it on their own.

Texas Congressman Ted Poe has drafted a bill that would change the way Congress votes on

foreign aid. Instead of one lump sum bill that funds every nation receiving money, his

proposal would let lawmakers vote country by country, which would keep money from going

to foreign governments he says have interests counter to ours.

Why do we give money to Lebanon, the country that now is controlled by Hezbollah, a terrorist

organization that's firing missiles into Israel? Why do we do that? And why do we give money

to China? They own most of our debt, but yet they get some type of aid from the United

States. This is absurd. It's a waste of taxpayer money.

President Obama, in defending his budget, says foreign aid only accounts for one percent

of the entire federal budget. Others say a country-by-country vote would also hamper

the way the administration conducts foreign policy. But Poe believes if the goal of foreign

aid is to get other countries to like us, it's not working. More than that, he says

it's about making tough choices for the future and what's in the best interests of America.

Maybe some of the motivation for this foreign aid is wholesome. Maybe it's a good idea.

But we don't have the money. The United States is broke.

Pakistan insists it did not know where Osama bin Laden was hiding and blames the lapse

in locating him on worldwide intelligence failures. Now that excuse probably won't fly

with those on Capitol Hill, especially since the Obama Administration has requested nearly

three billion dollars in foreign aid for Pakistan in its 2012 budget. John Jessup, CBN News,


Thanks, John. I've been thinking about this. I was over in Pakistan. I met with the president

of Pakistan several years ago. I've known some Pakistani businessmen. We were going

to do something. And it's an interesting country. Many, many of the leaders over there were

trained in religious Christian schools. But it's a Muslim country. It was a Muslim enclave

that split off from Hindu India. And they have been fighting over Kashmir. And the president

told me it cost them three billion dollars to keep a force up there. But here's the deal.

They have nuclear weapons. They have a nuclear program. There was a man named Khan who gave

secrets to the Chinesenot so much to the Chinese, to the North Koreans. And that was

a leak out of Pakistan. Now, here's what we ought to do. We ought to sit down with their

civilian leaders and say, "Fellows, here's the deal. You are a poor country. You're almost

broke. We're giving you all these billions of dollars. Now either you fire the people

in the ISI who are leaking all this strategic information or we're going to cut off your

money." And I think as long as we've got them on a string more or less, we should continue

to play it. I think to cut them off totally, they will go into the arms of the Chinese

or the Russians or the Taliban or somebody, and they will become our avowed enemy. So

I think we ought to play it smart. We just can't write them a blank check, but somebody

needs to go over there and sit down with the civilian leaders and say, "Gentlemen, we've

had enough. You've known about our enemy. You've hidden him in this enclave. The Congress

is up in arms against you. Now behave yourselves or else." And I think they'll listen to that

kind of logic. It has to be done diplomatically and subtly, but nevertheless, that's it; and

if they do not do what we ask them to do, then we cut off the money. And I think that

would be a good way of getting their adherence to the principles that they profess. So basically

that's the way it is. But you find many of them, they've been trained as Britons, they've

been trained as Americans. They speak with British accents, et cetera. And so we'll see.

But that's the way to handle it in my opinion. But I think to cut them off and just say,

"All right, no more money," bang. They'll take their nuclear weapons and go someplace

else, and it won't be very pleasant. Well, Lee Webb has the rest of our top stories from

the CBN Newsroom. Lee.

Pat, President Barack Obama heads to New York to honor victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

He will meet with family members and attend a ceremony at Ground Zero. More details now

are being released about the raid that killed Osama bin Laden.

Officials say when Navy Seals entered the room where he was discovered, a woman charged

toward them. The Seals quickly grabbed her, fearing she might be wearing a suicide vest.

Bin Laden was unarmed, but an assault rifle and pistol were said to be within his reach

. . . .

. . . . and officials say the Seals fired after he lunged for those weapons. Attorney

General Eric Holder says the team carried out the raid and was prepared to take bin

Laden alive, but he made no attempt to surrender.

President Obama announced Wednesday that a photo of bin Laden's body will not be released.

He said he does not want the photo to incite violence.

President Obama has gotten a bounce in the polls after he ordered the mission to get

bin Laden. The president's job approval rating jumped to 57 percent in the New York Times/CBS

poll, up from 46 percent last month. And he's up to 56 percent in a poll from the Washington

Post and Pew Research Center. That's up nine percent from a month ago. Pat, the reality,

though, is that his job approval as it relates to the economy is in the 30s. That's not good

for him.

You remember Bush was 91 percent after that, well, triumph, in that first Gulf War. I told

him he was going to be a hero. He was a hero, 91 percent. But before long, the Clinton people

started playing "it's the economy, stupid." And they played the economy, the economy,

the economy. Interestingly enough, after the election, the economy began to turn around.

But it was too late to save Bush. Well, the economy is in the tank and it's getting worse.

And that's what the election is going to hinge on, not the fact that they captured some terrorist.

But I think this bounce will dissipate probably in the next three or four weeks. And we'll

go back to thinking about jobs and money and the cost of gasoline. Gas, over four bucks

a gallon, it's going to kill him unless he can do something, and I don't think he can.


More than 60 percent of Americans say they don't want their taxes used to pray for abortions.

Now the House of Representatives has voted 251 to 175 to ban that funding. Paul Strand

has that story from Washington.

Congress has been voting year after year every year since the 1970s to prevent federal funds

from paying for abortions. Now the House has passed a bill to make that ban permanent.

Pro-life leaders like Chris Smith say it is necessary with such a pro-choice Senate and

executive branch.

President Obama has been, sadly, the abortion president.

But that also means the Senate isn't likely to pass the ban, and even if it did, Obama

plans to veto it. Still, passion ran high as pro-life legislators argued Wednesday for

the ban.

As a physician, a family physician who has practiced for 34 years, I can tell you that

the taking of innocent life is not health care.

And while abortion has been ruled legal by the Supreme Court, in no way does the ability

to perform an act require taxpayer funding of the act, especially when it goes against

most of their sacred beliefs.

Private citizen Nancy Tanner joined the pro-life lawmakers to say how much she regrets the

abortion she thought would be a quick fix.

No woman can go through an experience where they take the jar with your baby's body parts

and dump it in front of you to count pieces, in front of your eyes. Makes you think that

this is going to be a quick and easy fix.

As the House debated the ban, pro-choice Democrats attacked the bill as unnecessary and not really

about funding.

This is about whether we should use the tax code as a moral club to impose the religious

beliefs of a few members of Congress on the entire nation.

The right to choose is absolutely meaningless without access to choice. And HR-3 creates

obstacles for women to access safe, legal, and constitutionally protected health care.

Pro-life Republicans fired back that their bill isn't about outlawing women's choice.

HR-3 is about insuring that taxpayers aren't on the hook for paying for that choice.

One Democrat claimed:

There are no taxpayer dollars being used to pay for abortions, none, zero.

But a Republican countered that without a ban, the government itself estimates it would

pay for:

. . . . as many as 675,000 abortions each year.

And forcing taxpayers to pay for the indiscriminate killing of helpless little baby Americans

is not good government.

Paul Strand, CBN News, Washington.

The Mississippi River continues to rise and threaten communities along its banks. The

rising water is being called a, quote, "slow motion disaster." Forecasters say the high

water could break records set in the 1920s. President Obama declared parts of Tennessee,

Mississippi, and Kentucky disasters, making them eligible for federal help in Arkansas.

Flooding shut down a 23 mile stretch in the main highway connecting Little Rock and Memphis.


Shocking. I was told earlier today it may be the worst flooding in 500 years. We're

talking about something that is just humungous. And the average person on the east coast isn't

aware of it. It's just terrible flooding. But we've been water shortages, and now we

have too much. But I think it has to do with those ocean currents. I don't know what else

would be causing this freakish weather, but it's probably the streams out there in the

Pacific, the El Nino or La Nina effect.

Well, they're trying desperately to do things to change it, but you really are a victim

of the circumstances of this.

Well, some of these tributaries are actually flowing upstream there is so much water. They're

flowing reverse the current. But those who live there, it's enough to say, "Well, hey,

this is a bad storm." But to those who are suffering, we've got to do what we can do

to help them. Lee.

Today marks the 60th National Day of Prayer. It is the day when millions of Americans gather

across the country to pray for the nation and our leaders in government, business, education,

and the church. This year's theme: A Mighty Fortress is Our God, taken from Psalm 91.

This year's honorary chair is Joni Eareckson Tada. She wants her involvement to highlight

veterans wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It's our military who bear the wounds of conflict. These people really have my heart. And I think

I bring that unique perspective as a person with a disability.

That she does. Joni was paralyzed in 1967 following a diving accident. A legal challenge

almost prevented the National Day of Prayer, though. But an appeals court threw out that


And you can find out more about the National Day of Pray by going to our website at


Thanks, Lee. And don't just talk about it as a news event. Gather together in your place

of worship, wherever it is, or in your home, and pray for this nation. We've got problems

that are not solvable by human wisdom. They would only be solvable by the grace of Almighty

God. And we need to call upon Him. So I appreciate Shirley Dobson who is the chairman, national

chairman, and was on this program a couple of days ago telling about it. But it's still

time wherever you are to pray for this nation. You don't have to go somewhere. You can if

you want to, but you don't have to. But pray. And God hears the prayers of His people. Terry.

Well, coming up, from Dolly Madison to Michelle Obama, hear the secrets of America's First


Mrs. Reagan used to get her hair done every other day. So every other day it looked great.

But on the days that it didn't look great, I kid you not, we would hear about it. We'd

get the phone calls.

How the role of the real First Wives' Club has evolved over the years. That's next.

Got a question for Pat? Send us yours now on We'll Bring It Online with your

questions from our live chat room, later on today's 700 Club.

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I can honestly say that I really do believe that we're in the midst of a revolution.

Giving faith to the Facebook generation.

God is definitely up to something here.

Plus . . . .

. . . . you know her as a gospel singer. Now she's captivating a new audience. A live performance

from Nicole C. Mullen.

Well, schoolchildren are made to name the presidents. You know, "who was the first president,

the second president, the third president?" and so forth. You get to fourth or fifth,

you start stumbling a little bit, but who knows the first ladies? What about them? The

women behind them. Well as America prepares for Mother's Day, this Sunday, Jennifer Wishon

brings us this look at the legacy of America's first ladies.

It's been described as the second hardest job in America. An ad for the First Lady might

read something like this, "Wanted: Remarkable woman willing to work without pay. Must offer

opinions on subjects from fashion to hunger to peace in the Middle East. Benefits include

travel to exotic war-torn locales and endless paparazzi. No experience necessary, perfection

preferred." There's no real job description for the first lady. Instead the position is

shaped by the women who hold it. All of the nation's first ladies have served in their

own ways.

The hugely popular Dolly Madison did not escape censure for her use of cosmetics and snuff,

not to mention spending $11,000 on refurbishing a shabby executive mansion.

It's no bed of roses. First ladies are criticized for the way they dress, how they decorate

the White House, even how they style their hair.

You know, Mrs. Reagan used to get her hair done every other day. So every other day it

looked great and every other day it looked not so great. But on the days that it didn't

look great, I kid you not, we would hear about it. We'd get the phone calls.

There is no fund to keep the first lady looking great. Hair and clothing expenses come out

of their own pockets, just like America's other ladies.

The level of scrutiny is such that there is just no margin for error, and I think that

is something every modern first lady faces. But I think it just gets even more and more

so just because of cable TV and the 24-7 news cycle.

Despite the scrutiny, first ladies influence policy and play important roles in diplomacy.

Their staffs say they have the ability to do things behind the scenes in ways their

husbands can't. For instance, Gahl Hodges Burt, former Reagan social secretary says

Nancy Reagan often deflected slings and arrows intended for "the Gipper" and even helped

facilitate critical talks between President Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev during the Cold


People now recognize that there is a person there; there is a brain there.

And, of course, every champions her own cause.

What every first lady discovers early on, sometimes to her surprise, is just what a

remarkable platform she has been given, just how far her voice can carry. And that can

be used for all sorts of positive things, but it's also sometimes a warning that if

she says something off message or politically controversial, then there might be a price

to pay.

Laura Bush championed women's rights in Afghanistan, pushing for education and preventative health


What I loved most about her is that she never forgot a detail. She connected with people

really all over the world, because she paid attention to who they are and what her environment

was and really, really connected.

Susan Sher, a long-time friend and former chief of staff to Michelle Obama, says Mrs.

Obama developed an interest in helping military families after hearing their stories on the

campaign trail with her husband.

That left an impact on her, and she was very clear from the very beginning that she wanted

to work with military families to ease their burdens if there was a way to do that.

Interest in the current first family is perhaps unprecedented. But the Obamas aren't afraid

to steal private moments in the midst of public events.

Some of the photos that I've seen where they're sort of taking a private moment in a very

public arena is something that I think is important to them, that no matter what else

happens, to keep the relationship going.

Those who have worked for first ladies say the thing that Americans often forget is that

the women playing America's hostess also have to deal with the everyday challenges of life.

Mrs. Reagan had breast cancer. The president had colon cancer. There was an attempted assassination

on him. Her mother died while she was in office.

They must also absorb criticism.

I mean, think about it, this is the person she cared most for in her life that she loved

so deeply, yet day to day was pretty brutal and that she was able to create this sanctuary

around their family that really was where they derived a great deal of strength.

So what about the day when America welcomes its first female president and her first gentleman

into the White House?

I think in our lifetime we may very well see a woman president, and then perhaps the title

will be retired. And more important, maybe the double standard will be retired, because

I guarantee you people won't pay as much attention to what the first gentleman wears or how he

styles his hair; and then maybe that will be the ultimate success of the modern women's

movement, that everyone is assessed by the same standards.

Until then, America's first ladies will continue to shape their un-elected office and leave

their marks on American history. Jennifer Wishon, CBN News, Washington.

Well, thank you, that's interesting. Do you have your hair styled every other day?

Sometimes. If I'm here working, I have it every day.

Really? Oh my goodness!

How about you?

Well if you call, having somebody . . . .

You better be careful because tomorrow's look depends this response.

Oh boy! Okay, well, they work us over every day, but it's not quite the same thing as

having a perm.

Hey listen, I am blessed by that. I'm thankful for it.

It looks like the international first lady is going to be Kate Middleton, now the Duchess

of Cambridge.

Yes, and coming to America.

Stunning looking young lady. But Jackie Kennedy had it. She had the look, the poise, spoke

French, brilliant.

I think each of these women is very incredibly unique and gifted an amazingly giving in such

a role.

It makes a lot of difference, you know. When I was running for president, my wife had her

own staff. She had a plane assigned to her, small King Air, Queen Air, one of those planes.

And she got better press than I did. Everybody seemed to like her everywhere she went, the

crowds adored her. They didn't always adore me, but they adored her.

She's got a great sense of humor.

She does indeed. All right, what's next?

Well up next, the night one porn addict's wife catches him in the act.

It was almost like I had just put a knife into her. She had that look in her face, in

her eyes like you've just betrayed me. You've just, how could you?

See what happens after his secret is revealed. That's next.

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This week on 700 Club Interactive.

Forty years ago John Cozart song pornography for the very first time. But that day, John

didn't just open up the pages of a magazine. He opened up his world to a lifetime of addiction.

The first time I looked at pornography, it was exciting but yet I felt like I was doing

something wrong, something that I was not supposed to be doing. It was difficult to

put it down. It was difficult to walk away from it. The addiction began to take root.

John Cozart was a young boy when he first saw pornographic magazines at a friend's house.

It wasn't long before he had his own stack of magazines and a secret addiction.

A lot of sneaking around, a lot of secrecy, a cycle of self-gratification, looking at

the magazines, it continued throughout my teenage years.

He married Joy at 19 and hoped his addiction was over. It wasn't. And the Internet made

it easy to be discreet at home.

There was this euphoric feeling that just swept through me, and it took me to another

place. Some of the stuff that was popping up, it was a lot more graphic more sexually

explicit than what I was exposed to even as a teenager, than the magazines that I had

looked at. I had this feeling like, "Wow, here we go again. This thing's followed me

into my marriage." I found myself retreating to my office and spending more and more time

looking at pornography on the computer, and once again keeping it a secret from my wife.

John became a Christian in his twenties but still felt powerless to overcome his porn


Because of the guilt, because of the shame I began to withdraw from the Lord, and looking

back there was probably a withdrawal from my wife even early on. And the guilt was telling

me that I was doing something wrong, and the shame was telling me that I was wrong, that

there was something wrong with me.

His secret was revealed when Joy walked into his office. She was shocked to see pictures

of naked women on his computer screen.

It was almost like I had just put a knife into her. She had that look in her face, in

her eyes like, "You've just betrayed me, you've just. How could you? After all that we've

been through." The trust was gone. Everything that we had built over the years of our marriage

was gone. There was nothing I could say. My words meant nothing. My apology meant nothing.

"I'm sorry" meant nothing.

Hope finally arrived when a friend gave John a CD called Somebody's Daughter, a Journey

to Freedom from Pornography.

I just wanted to be free. I wanted to be pure. I was a Christian and I wanted to get back

that intimacy that I had early on as a new Christian, as a new believer. I remember the

first day that I ever listened to that CD; and I felt like for the very first time that

there was hope. It was like somebody was saying to me, "I know where you're at. I know what

you've gone through. I know what you're going through now." And they were telling me that,

"You can get through this." And I felt like at that particular point that God was answering

my prayer.

John took the first steps on his journey toward freedom from pornography.

It really started with me just being honest and being vulnerable and saying, "This is

where I'm at." The thing about sexual sin is it thrives in secrecy, in darkness. That's

where it lives. Once I began to verbalize my addiction, the power began to subside,

and it started to diminish just almost overnight. The intimacy that I once had with God has

returned. There's a passage of scripture in Psalm 51 that says, "Restore unto me the joy

of thy salvation." Being free, that joy has been restored. My wife and I will be celebrating

thirty years of marriage, and I'm proud of that I really am. Man, she is the love of

my life.

John runs Unshackled Ministries. He is devoted to help men find freedom from pornography

addiction, just as he did.

The Bible says, "Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus."

So when I read that verse, man, that tells me that God Himself does not condemn me/ He

doesn't condone my sin; but God loves me, and there's nothing that I could do that could

ever separate me from God's love. He's there willing and waiting to set us free, to give

us the life that we've longed for. It starts with honesty. It starts with confession. Once

you bring this sin out of the darkness and into the light, that's when freedom begins.

Freedom, freedom, freedom. You say "Well, I'm not a slave." Well, remember in Jesus'

day they said we were born of fornication; we are Abraham's children. Yeah, sure. Jesus

said, "The devil is your father." You don't realize, perhaps, ladies and gentlemen, unless

you're male, what happens when a young boy is 11, 12, 13 years old and is exposed to

pictures of naked women. He'd never seen that before, and all of a sudden the hormones are

starting to build up in his body; and he sees one of those pictures, and it sears into his

consciousness; and it stays with him. It's much more pervasive, whether it's in a comic

book or whether it's in a magazine or whatever. It doesn't take much. And suddenly that thing

is there and it's imprinted. They say a certain type of fowl like chickens or whatever, when

they are born they get something imprinted, they get the picture of their mother imprinted

in their brain, so they follow them. That's what happens; it imprints in their brain.

They need to get set free from this, otherwise it will get worse and worse and worse. Now

it can normally go into more normal type of activity and heterosexual activity, marriage

and so forth. But I tell you what, the shame may be there; and God does not want to shame

you. He understands how you got made. He understands the hormones. He understands the sex drive.

He understands what's going on in your life. He understands that. God knows you. God does

not want to condemn you. That's the thing you've got to understand. He is not somebody

who wants to condemn and hurt you. God wants to redeem you, because He wants you in Heaven.

He wants an eternity filled with people who love Jesus and love him and are part of his

wonderful kingdom. That's what God wants. He does not want to hurt you. So if you will

come to him, tell Him what's going on in your life. Tell Him what's going on in your heart.

Tell Him what's going on in your mind. Now, more and more women are getting hooked on

this stuff. It used to be just boys and men, but now women are having all these fantasies;

and it's going the same way. God wants to set you free today, and He does it out of

love. Come to Him right now. The Bible says He made a show of them openly, triumphing

in His cross. Pray with me right now. Pray these words; bow your head, "Jesus," say it.

"Jesus, you know what's going on in my life. Lord, You made me. You know the urges that

I have, set me free from that which is not wholesome. Set me free from that which is

not part of your plan. Lord, fill me with your Spirit. I receive you as Savior. I receive

you as Lord, and I thank you that you want me to be part of Heaven. Now Lord, from this

moment on I am yours. Take me, all the urges and all the desires, and make me part of your

family. Thank you Lord. In Jesus' name, amen." Now if you prayed that with me, if you've

got any of that porn in your house, get rid of it.

If you're looking at the Internet, you'd be better to take your computer and throw it

away and put it in the garbage can than to watch that stuff on the computer, and so available.

So you've got to cut it loose. The Bible says that if your eye offends you, tear it out.

So, get rid of it. And from this moment on, God's going to bless you. Now if you prayed

with me just then, I want you to get a book I've got. I've got a book called, "A New Day."

It's a little book. It's a teaching I did.

It's 73 minutes, I think it is, a teaching on a CD, and it will tell you what's next.

You've just made a decision. It will tell you what's next. I want to give this to you

free, and I've got something else here. It's called, "Trapped in Temptation."

This is how to get freedom in Christ, and we'll send you this booklet free. You want

to be free. Fill your mind now, not with porn, but with what's in the word of God. Focus

on Him, talk to Him and He loves you. 1-800-759-0700, that's our number to call. Say, "I prayed

with Pat, I gave my heart to the Lord, I am free." Declare your freedom right now. 1-800-759-0700.


Well coming up, sex trafficking in the heartland of America.

I started hitchhiking and my prostitution started there with the truck drivers. I was

doing what I had to do to survive.

See what's being done to stop America's commercial sex trade. That's next.

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Welcome back to The 700 Club. The Florida legislature has voted to place an amendment

on the 2012 ballot that would stop Obama Care in that state. The measure would ban government

requirements to buying health insurance. Some legal experts though say the amendment will

not be affected, because federal law takes priority over state measures. The state legislature

in Florida passed a similar measure last year, but the Florida Supreme Court took it off

the ballot.

Workers at the Fukushima nuclear power plant have entered one of the damaged reactor buildings

for the first time since March. Hydrogen explosions rocked that plant days after the tsunami that

devastated Japan's coast. New readings show that the high levels of radiation following

the disaster have gone down. That's made it possible for workers to go in to connect ventilation

equipment. You can always get the latest from CBN news by going to our website at

Pat and Terry will be back with more of The 700 Club after this.

My name is Roger Stump, and I'm a cancer survivor. The surgeon said it's inoperable. "It's already

in your liver." My wife, Brenda, sat there and cried; and I'm thinking, "I can't die

right now. I'm only 52 years old." I was so distraught. I've heard Cancer Treatment Centers

of America have experience with pancreatic cancers. It was like night and day. The hospital

just breeds an environment of hope. You get a CT scan, and the next morning the results

were read to you. We'd go up there; I just knew it was going to be a good result. You

could just see the joy on Dr. Granik's face.

Call now and we'll show you how the most compassionate people anywhere put you at the center of everything

we do. Together, we'll explore real treatment options you may not even know exist.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America. It is such a different place, because they give

you hope. I would strongly urge you to call them and get a second opinion.

Please call today.

A growing number of women and girls around the world are forced to become sex slaves.

The problem is getting worse in America. Kristy Childs knows from experience, because she

used to be one.

I was born in a smaller town in Missouri and left home, started running away, very abusive

stepfather. Through running away, every time I'm told I'm bad at home, now the system that's

arresting me and taking me back to that environment is telling me I'm bad. I knew to get away

I was going to have to leave. So I started hitchhiking, and my prostitution started there.

Through the truck drivers, I was doing whatever I had to do to survive, trading sex for a

place to stay, for food. Ended up in Denver, turned out with a pimp on the streets and

was prostituting. Had an intermission time where I was married and had a child and was

not able to adjust. I had never gotten help for the trauma and all the other issues that

I had endured, ended up going back to that lifestyle. I was very depressed. This is when

I was praying to die, and using drugs. It was a very, very, dark time. I can remember

just moaning out to God to let me die. Just please, I wanted to die. Ended up pregnant,

already had a child that I was incapable to mother, and did not want to bring another

child into this world with my situation the way it was. So I went to abort my son, twice,

and couldn't go through with it. I was threatening to miscarriage, so I was bleeding, and I thought,

"Oh thank you, God; this is my answer. I'm not going to have to have an abortion." Because

I had had abortions, many of them, and was made to have several abortions. Ended up at

the emergency room. They were going to do a DNC, but before they did that, they wanted

to see if there was a heartbeat. The moment I heard my son's heartbeat, God just spoke

into my spirit and told me, "I'm going to bring you out. Have your baby, and I'm going

to bring you out." I was immediately relieved from my depression. I was immediately relieved

from my drug addiction. I've been 18 years clean. My son is 17. My son makes my heart

feel big, things that he does and he achieves, and even things that he fails in. He's just

so awesome. Everyone that meets him loves him so much. He's truly a miracle child, and

he was my miracle; and he is what God used to make me into the person that I am today.

There's different pockets throughout the city where prostitution activity is going on. The

Johns now where to go. Yeah, she is working. We do whatever we can. We recognize, that

we're dealing with posttraumatic stress, and we recognize they're full of anger, because

they're full of pain, full of pain. We're peer counselors, being survivors. Here we

do peer survivor-based counseling or support. And we do individualized treatment. They cannot

just walk away from it. We work on an exit plan to assist them to make those steps. I

used what happened for me to help these women.

After leaving the sex industry, Kristy Childs became the founder of Veronica's Voice, and

she joins us now on The 700 Club. Kristy, thanks for coming.

Hi, thanks for having me.

Where did the name "Veronica's Voice" come from?

In 1988 I came back to Kansas City, and that's when I met a young girl who is 14 by the name

of Veronica. Veronica was murdered in 1993, and I named the program after her, to honor

her, and to honor all the other women and girls throughout history that we have lost

to this devastating trade.

When we think of sex slaves, we often think of Third World countries, but you say it is

just as bad, if not worse right here in the United States. Tell me about that.

Well, it's estimated that for every foreign national victim that is brought in from another

country and put on American soil, we are ready have 14 of our own victims here.

Kristy, talk about how women get trapped in this lifestyle. How does that occur?

Well, for one thing, when you have a bias against you, there is a bias that is built

around prostitution. So when a woman is trapped in that, to get out, because there's nowhere

to turn, it's like where do you turn to for those kind of things. The bias from society

has always fallen unto the woman's part in this. Throughout history, this has been a

survival circumstance for many, many, women and children. So, what happens is that there

is a belief system that comes, that society helps perpetuate along with the exploiter,

the pimp, and society helps to enforce what the pimp is doing by criminalizing the women

and girls that are involved in prostitution.

Will you talk a little bit about what these women and children endure on a daily basis?

Oh my gosh, just the act itself, of a trade, of sex for something, be it for food, a safe

place to sleep, money, whatever that exchange is, many of the clients that we have expressed

that its "paid rape." That is how they view it. The violence, though, is also perpetuated

through other activities. If you don't have your quota, if you're under pimp control,

and you don't have your quota, there's violence that takes place within that relationship

as well as you're seeing many men that you don't know, so the rate of physical violence

along with murder is very high.

Will you talk about who the pimps in these scenarios are? What are they like?

Well, everyone kind of has this stereotypical idea of what a pimp is. Pimps can be anyone

that is exploiting someone else sexually, for-profit, for gain, be it for drugs and

cigarette money. Many parents do it. Here in America, that's really hard to believe.

There was a case where a high school coach was pimping out some of the girls from high

school. So a pimp can be anyone. It can be mom and pop. It can be gang related, so a

lot of gangs have activity that goes on where they are exploiting girls. So there's not

really a stereotypical type.

Kristy, can I ask youthe average age of the child, I understand, entering into the

sex industry is about 12 years old. That's the age you were when all of this started

for you. What could have been different? What could have been there that would have helped


I think people just did not have the knowledge that they're gaining now. I believe a lot

of that knowledge is coming from survivors like myself, stepping forward to bring into

the light the reality of what this life is. The juvenile system was not set up to ask

the right questions. There was abuse happening within my home and this, is a lot of what

happens to young people that drives them out of the home as well as parents that actually

throw their kids out. So, whatever is alive will do whatever it has to in order to stay

alive, and that's just the fact of the matter. What people don't realize is that prior to

going into prostitution there's usually trauma, and then it's compacted with the life itself.

And then the other traumas that go on during that life. So it's just a whole lot of complex

traumas that have to be worked through to escape.

Well, Kristi, thank you so much for being the voice for so many of these young women,

for these children. If all of you would like more information on Veronica's Voice and how

you can help women trapped in the sex trade, log onto Pat.

Tragedy isn't it? Tragedy ladies and gentlemen happening. We need to do something about it.

Regent University has set up a center to fight this global sex trade, to give legal representation

to some of these girls in other countries as well as here. Throughout the show, our

viewers have been logging on to and submitting their questions to our chat room.

Robert says, "I want to fast but my Dr. said no because I have diabetes. Should I honor

God or listen to my Doctor?"

We will bring it on with that question on today's 700 Club.

What makes the miracles of Jesus even more miraculous? Standing where they happened,

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Come visit Israel.

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Those who have heard a tornado say it sounds like a freight train. When tornadoes touched

down in Alabama last week, they came with winds greater than a Cat. 5 hurricane. Destroying

everything in their path and left those who survived to pick up the pieces.

More than a week after deadly tornadoes rampaged through the South, the death toll has risen

to more than 350. In Tuscaloosa, Alabama, at least 200 people are still missing. Some

50 miles away in Pratt City, Operation Blessing is on the ground helping homeowners dig out

from mounds of debris.

We have our heavy equipment, our 20 ton crane, our loader, our Skid Steer, things that most

organizations don't have. And the equipment that we are able to use to help these home

owners, literally saves them thousands and thousands of dollars. So Operation Blessing,

as normal, is focusing on the uninsured, the single moms, the elderly, the widows, the

people that don't have anybody else to help them.

Winds of 200 miles per hour whipped through Walter Williams, Jr's, neighborhood.

It's just devastating. You never think it's going to happen at your house. You see it

on the news all the time, but you never think it will actually hit home where you're staying.

Operation Blessing is patching up the gaping hole in his roof.

God is still working through people to help other people. You guys have been a blessing,

and I'm sure not just to me and my family but to others here in the community.

It's heartbreaking to see the neighborhood that you lived in for so long in this condition.

They've already removed the tree from my roof. It's been a big help to me also in that aspect

of it, because I really didn't know anyone to get the tree removed from my house. I have

to do that; and they're going to put a tarp on also, so that helped me out. That helped

me out a lot, tremendously.

Operation Blessing's mobile kitchen unit has already served over 10,000 hot meals. Operation

Blessing will continue to feed tornado survivors and help rebuild leveled communities.

When I think about our CBN partners, we would say that right now, cash donations are the

best, because we need resources here in the area; and for us it's better if we get cash

donations just to be able to buy and purchase those resources, and most importantly if we

can have your prayers. Because we need prayers for wisdom, for favor, and just for God to

use us to really help people rebuild their lives.

Even though it's destroyed and everything was torn down, we're going to rebuild it will

be okay.

God bless him.

Unbelievable. When you look at the pictures of the devastation, and you say where do you


You know, it starts by all of us reaching out a helping hand to let the people who have

gone through this devastation know that they're not alone. If you'd like to be a part of making

a difference, you can do that by joining the 700 Club. A portion of every gift you give

goes into the work of Operation Blessing. And boy, are they needed in these days where

there are so many natural disasters happening in this country. They're also of course, active

around the world. Become a part of that and making a difference in the lives of people

who are in desperate situations. It's 65 cents a day, $20 a month to join the 700 Club, but

we invite you to become a part of the world outreach going out from here at CBN. When

you do, we want to say thank you by sending you The Law of Expectations. This is a great

teaching that we think will bless your life, and you'll be touching and blessing the lives

of others in a very practical way. Our number is 1-800-759-0700.

You can also give by logging on to Well, you've got a little bit of time left

to answer some online questions.

Let's take it. All right go for it.

This is John who says, "How do you get rid of lust? I tried to pray but it's still there."

You know, the Bible says, perfect love casts out fear. You have to have something filling

you to cast out the bad. You can't just say, "I want to pray against the bad." Focus on

Jesus. Fill yourself with Jesus. Think about Him. Think about Him all day. Read the Bible.

Focus on the wholesome, whatever is wholesome, whatever is pure, whatever is good. If you

focus on porn, you focus on TV, you focus on all the things that are in this world,

you will constantly be drawn back into this. And don't focus on the lust and say "God,

set me free from lust, lust, lust." So all you're doing is giving voice to it. Think

about Jesus. "Fill me with yourself, I love you Lord." Focus on the Lord. That's how.

Fill yourself with Him and it will crowd out the other. All right.

This is Robert who says, "I would like to fast a couple days a month to show my respect

for God. But was advised not to because of diabetes. What should I do?

You should listen to your doctor. I think God is not asking you to fast. You don't have

to fast. I'm sorry; it's not in the Bible you have to fast two days a month or something.

If the doctor says that this will hurt your diabetes, would cause you maybe to die, then

don't do it.

There are other things that you can fast from, too, that . . . .

Oh, oh, sure. The old thing is Lent. I'm going to give up sweets or something. You don't

have to necessarily starve yourself. You can fast from a lot of things. Fast from television.

Fast all kinds of things.

From computer.

Computer, especially computer. All right what?

Okay, this is Christine, who says, "I'm 19, and my parents forced me to go to college.

They want me to be the first in my family to graduate from college, but I don't think

college is for me. Should I honor my parents and stay in or follow my heart and pursue

my dreams?"

Well, honey, what are your dreams? You haven't told us what your dreams are. I think by having

a college degree you can get there faster. But what do you want to do? Are you dreaming

to be a truck driver? Well that's different. What is your dream? But normally speaking,

you can achieve a great higher level of income and status by having a college degree. It

just a equips you more for the world you live in, and to help fulfill some of your dreams.

I don't know what your dreams are, so should you follow your parents? Yes. Yes. All right.

This is Charlotte, who says, "My husband is violent. Our son is copying his father's behavior.

Our marriage is in shambles. I'm trying to be a forgiving wife, but is it wise for us

to stay?"

No, I think you ought to leave. I don't counsel divorce, but a thing like that, he's making

it impossible for you to live there. I mean, I think that's the idea. It's what I call

a constructive desertion. He has actually deserted you by doing that, and he's destroying

your child. What else?

Okay, this is Tammy who says, "As a child I was baptized in a church that I just found

out was false. Do I need to be baptized again?"

Well, I don't know what church you are talking about is false, but the answer is were you

baptized to Jesus? I think yes, you probably should again . . . .

Just have a fresh beginning and know that you know, that you know, that you know.

Well yes, you don't want to taint of some cult on you; and so I think you need submit

yourself to somebody who's filled with the Holy Spirit and be baptized in the name of

the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. In Jesus' name. Well that's all the

time we got to the show, thank you for your questions. I wish we had more time for questions.

Tomorrow, the gospel legend Nicole C. Mullen sings a song off her latest album. We leave

you with these words from Proverbs . . . .

. . . . "Pleasant words are a honeycomb; sweet to the soul and healing to

the bones." Doesn't that sound great? See tomorrow, bye-bye.

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