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Finally, some tropical air

There you go, sir. Your Amaretto Sour, hold the amaretto. Thanks just the way I like it.

And for you lady, your Amaretto Sour hold the sour.

Why thank you, I didn't know you guys make this.

Are you gonna be able to handle all that lemon juice?

It's an old favorite.

We're actually here

You've wanted to visit for a long time now, haven't you?

Is it everything you dreamed it would be?

Well, when you've got expectations

But yeah, it's still beautiful

How 'bout you though?


You know...spending half of our savings on a delayed honeymoon and all that

Hey, now's not the time to think like that

We'll bounce back up. I got a few gigs waiting when we get back

Not to mention your new job, Mister Airline Pilot

Don't jinx it, it might still be a while until I start with the company

Besides, the pay's not gonna be good for a while

Hey, as long as you get to wear the cool shades

I talked about Maria last week. We got the flexible hours arranged

So we're ready, huh?

Yeah, as ready as we're gonna be

You know, this might be the last trip like this we'll have in a long time

Heh, we'll make the little bastard pay for all the vacations we missed one day

In the meantime, all the more reason to enjoy the rest of it

Here's to the rest of it.

Yeah, here's... uh


The... I'm do a lot of bad words

Smooth fella

Hmm that was a sloppy start, but you know what that's okay. It's that's not a big deal

It's kind of... a little goofy right?

I say a lot of bad words... oh, that's your memento is just saying bad words huh, respect

Okay, yeah, you keep cursing up a storm, my man.

Let me uh, check around your honeymoon here.

Small uninhabitated aquarium

Well that seems redundant

Little bit

That's okay. Maybe they just bought it and just didn't want to get more stuff for it. Hey you're making some mallows

Come on Colin, water's not THAT cold

Yeah, go on Colin, stop making mallows and go frolic with your hwife

Those marshmallows are totally gonna get overcooked.

Some people like them burnt, like completely charred

Come on Colin, the water's not that cold. Aw man, Colin you're really terrible this whole being a husband thing

You know what I think we missed one actually

Give me a second Colin. I'll be right back

No, no I was wayyy off

Sorry Colin, I um I was mistaken. It happens.

Those are stone beds, it looks like

Those don't look very comfortable.

Not beds, I'm sorry

Um...beach recliners, I think is the term? But they're always reclined so I don't know


A faded painting of Bora Bora

Hmm (gasp) oh that's beautiful, one moment

A blank piece of paper

Looks like he's about to lay down some rhymes

He might be

Fia? You still awake?

Told you lemon juice is the way to go

You're a good boy, Colin

He did say that

Hmm okay. Fat rhymes now or the drink

No okay. The hibiscus

That hibiscus

This is more of a suitable place for that kind of flower

It really is

Well, Colin I'll uh leave you to uh tending to your

Sleepy waifu and uh, have a good night. I guess

Yayyy, backtracking

At least it's a beach

Yeah, it's...

peaceful and such


Right, and see we can see him roasting the mallows still, and her dancing in the, the shoreline

It's fine


Don't be that way

God I love this music though

Hey pal, want you to stop cleaning it up for ya

No nope, almost got it. There you go, there you go, good job buddy.

Some triggers change the memory lanes themselves, that's a fist

Now I'm worried

Are you sure that you want to do this

I don't want to do this

Not at all actually, this seems like a bad idea

But um

Okay, sure I guess


Oh, it's not a fist oh okay nevermind. It's just a handkerchief.

See I got nervous for a second there, but no we're fine

It's, we're good

It just looked like one

Hey, your shift's about to start at the shop

Okay, I'm almost done here

Did you even get your homework done yet, I'll do when there's no customers

Sneaky, I like it. Did you get your's done?

Heh heh, good one.

They're such good friends!

They're great, what the fuck happened?

Okay, so listen. He just finished like pretty much school, and he's married with Sophia

and he's like you know just became a pilot sure right and he's with her totally happy at the beginning of

This potential flight school thing

So what the hell happened in that short span of time?

That's dangerous. She should really get down from there

Ehh, she'll be fine

What happened?

For the love of God, tell me

Psst, that new kid they hired is realllly quiet

Yeah, but at least he gets the work done

Doesn't he have a scheduled flight this afternoon?

Yeah, but we're a plane short cuz someone snagged a blown tire

Unless someone gets cancelled. I don't think he'll get to fly

Does he even have an instructor yet?

Beats me

Hey, I think they're talking about you

I know, shh

Yeah, think they might be

That one tile he keep sweeping must be super clean.

I mean, yeah absolutely

I think they're talking about you, yeah, I think they are

Yo, that's some sweet classes you takin' there, my man

You got lift, you got thrust, you got drag, you got weight. What, you're even using the same picture with the cat head on it


A blurred entry about working at the airport and Faye falling asleep on the wing of a plane

There's also some random class notes, read sure!

Tell me all about the runways

The runway numbers actually tell you the direction of the runway

Simply add a zero to the end of the runway number, and you have the magnetic heading it's facing

Example, I believe that eg is example, I could be wrong.

Runway 9 means it's 90 degrees on a magnetic compass, so it's facing east

This is also why the numbers on the opposite ends of each runway are always 18

180 degrees apart


Each plane as a minimum airspeed it must maintain under each configuration to keep flying

Something about exceeding critical angle of attack and air flow separating the airfoil blah blah blah

In conclusion, planes are kind of like a bus in the movie which explodes if it goes under 50 miles per hour. I know that movie

Contrary to some beliefs engine failures doesn't make the plane plummet out of the sky

The plane would no longer be able to climb but it can still land in a pilot controlled glide

Reminder to self, engine failure doesn't just make the plane plummet out of the sky. Engine failure doesn't make the plane plummet out of the sky

Engine plane pfft

Engine failure doesn't just make plane plummet out of the sky

Fair enough, um so uh I know

That you two are best friends, but do you think

That by chance, Faye might have narcolepsy because she is falling asleep many times now

Just maybe something to look into

*constipated sound*

Every single time

You're doing your best, Barry.

Here uh, let me get that for ya

You just gotta unhook it from the inside and

Wow. That is some crazy maneuvering kid

I've been here for years, and I could never figure that thing out

You must have, like, some kind of majackal pfft

Magical vending power

Um I only know cause I have to clean it so

Yeah he tried his best

Yep, all right. Just making sure, all right cool beans, don't mind me while I go to the store


Okay, here's $24 in change

Ohh wow that's a lot of pennies

It's okay. I have all~ day

Wow aren't you a fucking bitch?

Yeah, yeah fucking know it alright cool

Okay, yeah well like good luck um


Sorry, that's really rude to say, but yeah, she's passed out again

Just like that huh, I guess everyone has the reason to start flying


And what about you?

Well just between you and me, flight instructin' isn't my real passion

In fact, before I came here to teach, I was an acrobatic skywriting pilot

Wow, like makin' stuff appear in the sky with plane trails?

Yup, I was darn good, too

But then I got fired


Total discrimination, I tell ya. It was all 'cause they found out I'm an illiterate who dropped out of school

Did they care that I was the most skillful pilot in the fleet?


But just 'cause I don't read good, they drop me like a hot potato

Ugh, it riles me up just thinking about it

Yeah, that really doesn't sound fair

Well, um

Maybe if I need your service one day. I'll be able to hire you

Thanks kid

Man...first you get me my soda, then you vow to give my life meaning again.

I see that I'm gonna have to flight instruct the heck outta ya

That went well

Yeah, he got a crazy

She sure makes herself at home, maybe she doesn't get good sleep at night

Well, um. Yep, all right, fair enough.

You uh, you two enjoy your soda...

Um, I'm gonna...okay

Hmm, we might be in a bit of a rut

There's still a memory link missing and the readings indicate we've activated everything in the area

Eh, maybe we could stimulate his memory somehow

Hopefully, let's keep your eyes open

And maybe...

'Cause she's looking at this painting here? Oh, can't get by

Fair enough, well you enjoy your pennies, I guess

I'm just uh gonna roam around a bit here. Oh, okay?

Did you feel that?


I don't know, some kind of breeze

Now there was like a person that ran by like a rapid fast

It was kind of crazy

By the outside

Huh, this wasn't open earlier

Did you do that?

Uh, if I did you would know, I've been literally right behind you

In fact, I don't even know why I'm just following you in a constant manner

Because limitations of the engine, Neil.




What the heck is this...?

I...don't know?

But, it seems like this may be our ticket out of this memory

So what, we needed a way to continue and this place just magically open itself up?

In the most unsettling way, no less?

I'm not sure what's going on with this place either, but there's only one way to go now

Come on, we gotta jump

Oh hey, yeah, nope no, I can't even look down

It's the only way to find out, Neil

Okay, I'm jumping in three, two, okay someone pushed him

Quit pushing me off the ledges, Eva! What what I didn't push you

The fuck you didn't


Hey, you hanging on all right?

What is even going on and why is this happening?

Wait tone your ham down, I think I see them inside

What is even going on and why is this happening

You're doing just fine, we're not gonna die

Now, do you have the runway in sight?

I, I think so?

Okay, fly the approach and don't forget the cockpit check


Mixture full rich, uh primer in and locked

Zero Yankee Romeo, cleared to land runway two one

Zero Yankee Romeo

We're too high, get some flaps in there

Speed! Lower the nose!

All right, I have control. Oh, thank god

Hold on, looks like we're gonna land


Hey y'all good

No, Eva. I'm not all good

In fact I'm dead

*sad music plays*

Oh God no. Watts...

Get the fuck up, all right

(*laughs) that was cute. All right well uh

Good first attempt, I think


Is it normal to feel kind of dizzy?

Don't worry, you'll get past it in time

You know what, here take my hat

Ah, you remind me of back when I was a young lad

As in, back then, I also knew someone else who was nervous like you

Hey, you look pretty cool in that

This was nothing compared to that acrobatic skywriting flights I've done, I tell you.

One day. I'm gonna get back to that

One day you will, Barry maybe

The the hat

You do look cool and let me take it real quick if you don't mind

BAM right to the noggin

Let me just keep bamming you right into the noggin

Another headshot Eva no-scope!

Nice references he got there.

Booyeah, give him the concussion!

Nice bounce

You're lucky I programmed my head to be as hard as a rock

You sure planned ahead

Give me that hat

Okay gotta make hats

Can do

Doesn't look terribly hard, but I could be mistaken uh hold on like this and then

Wait was that right, who really knows anymore

I see, no wonder why everything is such a challenge in this world because I'm in it

Well, there's half of it, I guess. All right, put you over here, actually I could do it like this huh?

Oh I gotta push something through here first I see

Okay, well first I'll push this through here

Secondly through that

Wait no, do like this and then

Oops sorry, you're good, you


Now we gonna do it like this

No, like that okay there we go, I got it. I believed in myself and the heart of my puzzle


Let's go

What the hell happened to her


Damn it Barry

Well he did warn him

Hey Barry did his best, all right. He tried his hardest. Well, that's the memento

So that's why he got fired

Is that a yes

Huh, well uh

Good job with the proposal Colin. Bye

That was a quickest memory yet, honestly god I'm impressed

All right, uh well looks like we have a whole row of nothing there

Interesting, so if I just shove them all over there

Shouldn't be too hard

So like this

Oh wait hold on. I went and made a bit of a goof as it were it's just a just a little goofin

That's fine, not a big deal these things tend to happen sometimes when you're a goof expert like myself

Uh you know, you just live with it really. So just go ahead and slide this back here, slide that up and uh

Connect the good stuff

All right

Seriously? Only one single orb for the memory of his proposal?

Hey, at least he remembered it


Man how are you able to pilot an airplane, but not drive a car?

Priorities, thanks to you

Come on. We're gonna be late

*strategic sidestep*

She's sure getting lots of screen time compared to his wife at his proposal

There's...something about her that really bothers me

Oh don't take it so personally. It's not like Colin's your husband.

That's not what... (sigh) never mind

Her hair looks pretty similar to Sofia's which is why I'm confused

Hey, uh actually

What's the matter?

You know, I think I'm gonna pass on this one

It's your first rehearsal with them right? You're nervous enough as it is

Hey, I'm not nervous

And even if I, uh, were

Well, you being there would help

I guess, but...

I can't always hang around you know

Besides, you'll be able to concentrate better without me hanging around

Hey, remember how you always used to tell me about your day after school

Why don't you go on ahead and you could tell me about it after the rehearsal?

Okay, then it's decided. Bye~

Oh my

You'll be fine

Wow what a wacky gal?

Yeah that is a wacky gal, huh?

She, uh

Someone's a little cuckoo in the head, I mean you know that's that's okay

A proposal message for the whole city to see

Yeah, that's uh


But why huh?

Okay, let's get going then

Hey there, Colin buddy

This is kind of foreboding, why is it foreboding?

It's very foreboding, these... things aren't feeling too hot


Hey, the rehearsal's about to start, chop-chop!


Couple of blank pages

There's your memento. Alright, well, uh we'll be back Colin

Did the rehearsal not go so hot, or...

Oh this is that same stage, isn't it

Oh fuck

I-Is this the right place?

Ugh I can't believe I'm late

Was that... Sofia? I guess so

Huh, what the fuck happened

Okay stop stop stop stop everything

Something was off around bar 36... from somewhere on my right side

*timpani drum hit*

By someone in the cello section

*another timpani drum hit*

Someone's sitting in the second row toward the front

*lowest timpani drum hit*

Colin, is it? Think you're rushing a bit, better watch that

*stammers* I will

All right, let's pick it back up from bar 35

Right into the solo, ready?

Colin stop looking at her

I mean I know you're married to her

So this is a really awkward feeling, it's kind of like you get the spoilers before... it's really strange how this works out


Well at least things work down

Things kinda worked out you mean, or we wouldn't be here

Can we uh slip behind to Sofia?

And we know that Sofia is? a bad girl, I think she's just fine, I'm just...

Everyone looks cooler with a metaphorical spotlight yeah, you're right, but uh

I guess I'm just on Team Faye. You know

I kind of, you know, got to see them grow and stuff

So it's kind of strange to me as to why this is a thing and such. Hey, um Colin can he...

Okay, I'm just gonna. I'm just gonna borrow this real quick


Yo nice nice puzzle by the way, it's pretty T H I C C if you ask me. BAM thanks

That's interesting they like lock, huh


I'm sure there's a way to make this easier. Maybe like this and then... I see

Maybe I I say I see but I don't really know. I just kind of roll with things

But I think I got it. Oh wait actually I do got it, see?

Easy I like how you gotta use your noggin, but you're not gonna rip your hair out

Gives you that sense of accomplishment

All right, I'm done with mine

Me too. Let's see what you...

What is that?

My best effort

Going on dates already, he sure moves fast

Well, we're still skipping around so some time's probably passed

But what about Faye though?

That's adorable

That's adorable

Gee, wonder who he learned to draw like that from

Hmm well aquarium's a nice date choice

I'm just kind of scratching my noggin still, but it's a ni- date, ni-nice date choice


Colin, you up here pal?

Oh my god

Um yes, it's a ooh


Uh, are you feeling all right Eva?

So many of them!

Well uh, it's good to have interests other than gardening, I guess


Giant walled aquarium

Very nice aquarium

Go take care of this memory, will you? Just leave me be for a while


Huh girl likes her jellyfish, all right, jellyfish are cool

Well I guess I've always loved the piano, but...

When I was a kid I had a piano teacher

Every time I played she made me feel like the worst pianist in the world

For a while I stopped going then I stopped playing

But I guess I was a kid with no self-esteem 'cause it really got to me

And whenever I doubted myself. I'd remember her words

One day I had enough

And said to myself

Someday I'm gonna be a concert pianist

But isn't that letting her dictate what you do with your life?

Well, I guess I have a weird way of seeing things

To me it doesn't matter which path I take as long as I make the most of it

There's only so little time with this life we never be able to do all we want

No matter what we do there's always other things to try, other paths to take

So in the end, I think I just have to be satisfied with the ones that I took

But I'm just blabbering now. Enough about me

How about you? What made you want to become a pilot?


I wanted to fly to places

That's it?

A long time ago, a friend of mine went somewhere far away

I guess I just

Wanted to go find them again

Anything important going on up there?

Not sure, I was staring at the sharks


Call me when we're ready to move on

You sure aren't a fan of us


Found the memento uh well. Uh I'll be back. Maybe yeah, there's uh

some stuff around

here, no? Okay, I must have missed something well, there's a right side ah there we go

There's a stuff

Hey the, uh touching area

Hey, where's it going?

Are you touching stuff with your fingers

Wow for a cephalopod, it sure is cuddly

It actually kind of tickles...oh

Is that really a regret though, I mean it made her laugh, its kind of cute really

It's a memory. What's wrong with that?

Why is this even in the petting pool?

It's fine. It'll wash out of your face

Probably, I didn't see any spots when you were older

You're good, dude, and that shirt. It's not even that cool

It's not a big deal if it's gone

with with it with

the tide


You see, you get that because I said

That's a huge double switcheroo thing cuz tide could be the water because we're an aquarium

But then it's it's an ink thing it's clothes. You know. It's crazy the aerobics and acrobatics I'm doing right now

Nuts, really

That's a sweet sweet paper airplane you got there pal. Uhhh gonna go ahead and

Try to take it


Maybe so what if I push this up real quick push this again

push this

up like that, push that through and uh

You just go on up

Wow, look at me being the puzzle god over here. Yeah

I see you

Hey uh, we're good to move on now

Go on then, I'll catch right up

All right

Sure are taking your time

Hey, no one's kicking me out

Good thing I got my hours in time huh

You'd better have, it's gonna be a different world out there

You ready to go?

Yeah... in a moment

You done with your jellyfish phase?

It's not a phase, and yes

What's going on here?

Not sure yet, but the place sure looks deserted

Want to draw a plane? No one will be here to see it anyway

Well uh, you two have fun, we're gonna go steal from the soda machine if you don't mind me

There's no sodas at all

Is the family-owned business being closed down?

Notice the airport closure aw man

Huh I guess all things come to an end


Well I guess small airports don't really have too much safety netting oh, that's why he has that picture

Always liked that picture yeah?

Oh (*gasp*)

(accent) I had them save it for you, just a little something to remember this place by

Thanks boss

You've done good work for us kid

Honest, respectful work

Oh, and I almost forgot

Your favorite plane still here for one more day before we move her

If you want to give her one last flight before then

It's on the family

What a chill boss

Thanks boss

These shelves sure look weird being empty, huh?

This whole place does


I get that feeling

Like that whole like moving house feeling where ya, you

Like for me at least when I grew up in the same place for the longest time

And I was finally moving out, and it was just all empty, and it was just such a weird

Sensation it was kind of melancholy as hell honestly

Hey you two, hibiscus

So what's the next step?

With the airport closing down and all?


Well, there's the freight flying job I applied for

I did an interview with them the other day, I think I got a good chance at it

There's still a long way to go, but that'll help me build some more flight hours


To think that you've actually come so far

It feels like only yesterday we were still standing on that balcony

Thanks for giving me the kick I needed, by the way

Happy to have obliged

Hey uh, any progress with that lady from the orchestra?


Well, we've been talking


I don't know, I might try to ask her on a date soon

But well

You know how I am with that stuff

Want to help me prepare?

Oh, I'm not sure if I'd be much up with those sort of things

But if you want advice I say just to work on making yourself more interesting blah blah blah

Yeah, yeah

Still a work in progress

We haven't been talking as often lately, you know?

Sometimes even when I'm here, you just... do your own thing

I know

Sorry it's just been so busy

The good kind though, right?

Seems to me like you've got it together


Hey, you gonna take up that flight the boss offered?

Barry said that there's a grass strip near the hill we used to go to right?

Might be a good time to try landing there


You coming along?


(*sad sigh*)

Well I'm sad already


Man not my OTPs and shit

So do you think he was really just dense, or plain not interested?

It's odd how such a simple wish of being happy could be so tangled up

He sure didn't make it easy on us by being ambiguous with the details

Here I got an idea

Received a permanent marker


There now let's go get paid

You moron you can't just draw him a smile like that

Lips are red, not black

Great job, now he looks like an affectionate Joker

You almost burnt through all the memories, haven't we?

I guess. The vortex should be just up ahead

Good. Maybe that'll help us get to the source of what he wants, as if we don't know that already

Hmm? It's her obviously, there's a reason she keeps on showing up

The guy's clearly got his childhood sweetheart on his mind, and has been asking what-ifs

He wants her, but he's got principles, so he knows he can't have her

The perfect equation for a sad sad man who needs our help hacking the root of the problem

Are you suggesting to remove her?

Well if we do, you'd be the expert

But whatever happens we'd have to change something

And in the end she's the one we could alter the most, anyhow

Colin himself said we should try to avoid changing things involving his family, right?

And out of these memories, Faye's the only other consistency that we keep coming back to

I guess you're right, we could start with her and mark our way up from there

But something still doesn't add up



C-c-could it be?

It's me, Roxie! I'm heree~~~


How's it going in there

Uhh... awesomely of course

How uh, how are you doing? Did you bring the paperwork?

Yep, I brought the paperwork all right

I also brought Rob!

What, I can't stand that guy

I can hear you

Hi Rob. Hey

Anyway you guys gonna come out real quick to get the paperwork done?

We're kind of on a roll here, maybe we should ask them to help us with the papers

Oh by the way Neil I was gonna ask

About the machine...I think I...

Uh hey I'm heading, get the forms ready for a filin'!

Wait what?

You know the protocols Eva... Colins our patient now and one of us has to check on the forms

Yeah, but we've let others help before and headquarters never cared

Maybe we should have cared Eva. Maybe we should have cared

When were you one for protocol?

Anyway, get the last memory link while I'm gone, will ya? I won't take long

And call me when you're ready to go to the next memory. I don't want to miss it

Hey uh...


The Description of Cry Plays: Finding Paradise [P5]