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- Sit, beg.

- Whoa.

- Good girl. - He's standing.

- I'm crazy, I'm crazy, I'm a crazy dog.

(upbeat music)

- [Kids] Hi.

- My name is Jules.

- My name is Yanna.

- My name is Alissa.

- My name is Raleigh.

- My name is Dane.

- Today, we're going to show and tell our pets.

- Is it a cat, is it a cat? - What color is your animal?

- It's a cat.

- Orange.

- Does it have fur?

- Yes. - Can it fly?

- No.

- [Woman] Why don't we bring the pet out and we'll find out?

- It's a cat, it's a cat, it's a cat, a cat, a cat.

- You will see what is it.

- I knew it, winner, chicken dinner!

- The cat's so cute. - It's so cute.

- Wait, what's its name? - Simba.

- Simba? - Simba?

- He is super nice, he is patient,

he doesn't have ears and he likes to play.

- That's nice.

- Oh god, he just licked me.

- How long ago did you get him?

- He's one, they had kittens, like three kittens.

I was like, "Which one should I pick?"

- How big was he when you got him?

- Almost the same thing, but kind of smaller.

- Two inches?

- Yeah, like that.

- [Woman] Do you think that he could be pet by them?

- Yeah.

He's fluffy.

- Do you want to pet him?

- Mm hmm.

- He's so cute. - Hi.

- [Jules] He's so cute.

- Your eyes are so big. - His eyes are so big.

- [Woman] Can you say goodbye to Simba?

- [Kids] Bye.

- [Jules] Bye-bye, Simba.

- Can we open? - Okay, open.

- [Yanna] Hey, is it a gecko?

- It's a leopard-tail gecko and he eats worms.

These are worms.

If you'll hold this? - Sure.

- Are you going to pick up the worms?

- [Jules] Yes, if he jumps out at you, don't scream.

- I want it to jump out at me.

- Okay, first you have to find the worm which takes--

- Let me see, let me see.

Oh my god, oh, oh, it's a live worm.

It's a real alive worm.

- Is he gonna eat it? - Eat it, I dare you.

- Try to tell him.

- You should eat.

- Eat. - Eat.

- [Kids] Eat, eat, eat, eat, eat.

Eat, eat,

eat, eat, eat.

- No, he doesn't really care.

- Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you his name.

His name is Dart from like "Stranger Things."

- Oh, Dart.

- [Woman] The next person to share?

- You can open.

- Aww.

- She loves people, so she's trying to escape now.

- Can I? - You can hold her.

- I'm not holding her.

- I got her for Christmas, last Christmas.

Her name is Penny.

So she like loves new people, she'll go crazy for them.

- So, what kind of dog is it?

- Oh, its' a Maltipoo

which is a Maltese mixed with a Poodle.

- Make a trick, make a trick.

- Sit, beg.

- Whoa.

- Good girl. - He's standing.

- I'm crazy, I'm crazy, I'm a crazy dog.

- Can she bark?

- Yeah, she does these little roof roof.

(imitates dog barking)

- Oh, it's running, it's a-running away.

- Get back here. (laughing)

She wants to explore everything.

- She's like "Yeah, I want to eat."

- [Woman] All right, you want to say goodbye to her?

- Bye. - Bye.

- Bye, Penny.

- I can't get that door open.

- Yeah, yes.

- A bird, that's so cool. - What kind of bird is it?

- It's a yellow-sided green-cheeked conure.

- Does he sit on your finger?

- Yes.

- Will she fly away?

- If she flies on you, just be calm

because of my friends kinda freaks out, so.

Coral, come on, come to me.

- [Alissa] She's biting you.

- Ow.

She's very feisty.

So I'm probably not gonna be able to take her out.

But you can tell that she's kinda rainbow,

has blue feathers and I can make her poop on command.

- You can?

- [Raleigh] Poop, poop, poop.

Poop, poop.

- [Dane] Oh, what the...

- Gross.

- Did you guys even get that on camera?

- [Raleigh] Poop.

(deep distorted voices)

- [Woman] All right, there's one left.

- It's definitely him, you are next.

- [Woman] How about everybody close their eyes?

- I think it's a dog, I think it's a dog, can we open?

- Yes.

- It's huge.

Oh god, it's so big.

- Can you ride it?

- I used to, not anymore.

- Why is it so big?

- I got him like six years ago.

- Wait, how do you get it in the car?

- Do you have a big trunk or a big car or something?

- We don't have a big car, actually.

- Oh god, I'm scared, I'm scared, I'm scared.

Make him sit.

(kids laughing)

- Logan.


- I'm scared, I'm scared.

- Okay, are you sitting on me?

- Yeah. I think he likes sitting on you.

He doesn't usually do that, I'm surprised.

He never, ever does this at home.

- Yeah, he really like to sit on you.

- [Woman] All right, should we all say goodbye?

- [Kids] Bye.

- Goodbye, I don't think he can get off of you.

- [Kids] Thanks for watching.

- HiHo Kids.

- [Kids] Bye.

- Your dog was the tiniest, his dog was the biggest.

- Yeah, I think mine was the tiniest.

- No, no, no, yours was the tiniest.

- Your dog was like the size of this room.

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