Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Rocket League® Academy - Demolitions

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As Rocket League has grown through the years, the player base has become faster, smarter, and more skilled, and the games core tactics or meta, has evolved as well.

Players today employ an aggressive, physical playstyle with tons of bumps and demolitions.

If you wanna keep your battle car alive out there, (and not get too tilted) you need to learn and be able to counter this playstyle.

And here to help us do that is guest speaker Rocket Sledge, a content creator who specializes in this very aspect of the game.

Sledge, why should players learn or even care about bumps and demos?

I think simply its just not gonna go away.

It actually increases as you move up the ranks.

Pros demo more than anyone else.

So just having a basic awareness of the physical side of Rocket League is gonna help your game in the long run.

How do you get better at using physical plays in Rocket League?

Well you cant grind it out unfortunately.

You cant go into freeplay and demo a bot.

So you learn it by doing.

If you pay attention, you really dont have to go out of your way to add some physical plays to your game.

Eventually you start being able to identify situations and make use of this powerful mechanic.

So how do you avoid people that try to bump and demo you?

Dont be predictable.

Get your head on a swivel, use that right stick, keep an eye on all your opponents - if theyre all in your field of view, you should be able to avoid them.

Personally to me, its easier to dodge a demo than get one.

So whats your favorite dodge tactic, is it the short hop? The brake check? Or just swerving around?

Its gotta be the brake check because when youre demoing youre usually trying to lead a guy,

and so if you see someone leading you and you just stop or slow down, they fly on by.

That high risk-high reward mechanic has now burned them and you can take advantage.

Can you give the players watching a specific tip or scenario where it's a good time to go for a demo?

Well, a lot of the time in Rocket League, you're not going to have the ball.

And so, during those opportunities, you might steal boost, you're rotating out, Look for cars that you can take off the field. Destruct things.

And defensively, you don't need 2 or 3 people in your net.

You can rotate to the back post while taking out players who are maybe waiting there to receive a pass.

Do you see a physical playstyle as purely a tactical approach, or do you also think it can get inside your opponents head a bit?

Like do you think demos are toxic?

Controversial subject.

Fortunately you brought me in to kinda take away some of this hate thats gonna be in the comment section from you. Well played Sunless.

Car on car contact is in the game for a reason, so its no more toxic than stealing someone's boost or faking them out of the net.

Nobody likes getting beat no matter how it happens, so yes people are gonna get upset when you demo them to score.

Theres gonna be an emotional impact when youre dealing with a competitive game, and yes, demos are gonna have that.

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