Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Messier Marathon at GMARS

Difficulty: 0

So here we are, finally

driving down the freeway

on our way to a lovely star party

at the Goat Mountain Astronomical Research Society?

Site I believe that's what it stands for

Site Site

Society, Site, it's a completely different thing but they both start with 'S'

Otherwise known as GMARS

The question is: How many people are doing research, and how many just taking pretty pictures?

You know what? I'm going to get board of taking pretty pictures one of these days

and I'm going to start doing some research.

I'm just going to look at shit with Capella

which is a 21 and a half inch dob

Galaxies and...

globular clusters and nebulae and I guess everything else you'd want to look at

are really great in a big-ass dob.

Aperture rules.

Why is there always something that has to prevent me from getting to

a star party early even when I'm actually on pace to do so?

Yes, we've resigned ourselves to the fact that we're getting to get there right around sundown

which sucks... it's better than getting there at dark

biggest mean things you can do is arrive at a star party when its dark

because you have to put lights on your car and people don't like lights when its dark

Did I mention the darkness?

In fact, this is Saturday, March 28th

Today is Earth Hour day, some of you may know this

Essentially what Earth Hour is, is you're supposed to go and turn off all non-essential lighting for an hour

as a way of building awareness

for the whole idea of climate change

so around 8:30, hopefully the light domes from Palm Springs and LA

will be slightly reduced. We'll see.

There are observing sheets

in the kitchen!

*crowd cheers*

Taking pictures, or just uh? Yeah, Ralph and I, we're going to image all 110, so

I have 2 objects that I need to get, then I get to go back into the observatory, so

that is going to be special

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