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We had recently sailed up from Lizard island and spent a few sweet days exploring Margaret Bay

We found the Blue Trial,

Made some liquor of course, rounded Cape York,

and made a quick stop at Seisa.

Now ready to make the 400 mile journey west, across the Gulf of Carpentaria.

"Well hello there"

"Alright, up next we have frazzles,

"and mega-mouth and steel leader"

"we don't f*** around with our shit anymore, look at that hook"

"It's gonna get em!" "Oh yeah!"

A pretty decent size tuna for a pretty decent dinner.

Nothing better than fresh sushi while sailing

"How is it guys?" "Really good!" "Wanna bite?"

"I'd love a bite" "Do you want wasabi?"

"I DO!" "Put some ginger in there too"

"Soy sauce?" "SOY SAUCE!"


"Coming at ya"

"And then you roll it up, away from you" "Number one!" "Mmmmm"

Moving a steady 6 knots, it was perfect conditions

for a relaxing night watch.

No Reef and no other boats in sight. And a beautiful full moon.

We relaxed in the afternoon sun

loving the gentle rock of Delos

Brady even felt good enough to make some dinner

despite the rocking

And after some muffins made for my final request

of Princess of the week, it was time to draw a new name.

"Mr Brady Trautman!" "OHHH!!! "

"Take it easy!" "Take this away from me RIGHT NOW!" "We have a new Prince!"

"This is exciting.. I feel good!" "You feel good?" (laughs)

"Yep. Those are chocolate chips" (scoffing)

After a few more lazy days at sea

and some excellent sailing, we had reached what the locals call..

Hole in the wall.

"We're going through the hole in the wall!"

"How do you feel Brain?" "Tired, but I'm ready!"

"We've got the dingy out, Brady and Josje are gonna get some footage, we've got the GoPro!

"Gonna get some footage! Gonna send Karin to the bow!..

Get some more footage, we're gonna have three different angles all coming together!"


"So we were anchored at Seisa island..

and then crossed the Gulf of Carpentaria..

light winds towards the end, but we made it through the hole in the wall..

small cut through the west group of islands that run off the northern tip of Australia.

"Oh yeah" "Tiny cut, maybe like 50 metres..

and it's totally protected..

on this side of the islands.." "Looks beautiful" "Nice secluded beach"

"drop the hook, and chill out for a couple days"


"What's for lunch?" "I think I'm gonna do some..

fish fingers.. bread them"

fish fingers.. bread them,

and then I'm gonna fry em and soak em in sweet chilly sauce" "It sounds delicious!"

The next day, we put on our walking shoes,

and decided to go exploring the Aussie bush!

After walking for a few hours and actually getting a little bit lost,

we headed back for the beach

only to be greeted by some serious looking guys in uniform.

They were just as surprised to see us as we were of them!

They were from the Australian Defense Force

patrolling these areas for months at a time. Everything they have packed in these little tenders

so we invited them on board for some ice cold drinks!

In return they gave us some food rations for us to try. We didn't think it was so bad

"They eat a lot of chocolate in one day!" "I know!" This is all meant to be for one person!"

"So we have chocolate ration,

"Australian Defense Force chocolate ration" "Chocolate candies"

"Look at that delicious.." "We have chocolate drink!"

"We have chocolate spread" "Sweetened condensed milk"

"Processed chedar cheese"

"What's this?... Fruit cake!"

"You're a fruit cake" "Lamb with rosemary" "Mmm YEP"

"Open up!"

After a few very relaxing days, we decided it was time for make the final jump

to complete our sailing journey in Australia.

After getting the boat ready,

we picked up the hook, and sailed straight out of the bay.

The passage over was perfect

with winds coming out of the east most of the way, we were blessed again with our favourite sailing.


The few days were heaven, but once we rounded into the Van Diemen Gulf,

we were heading up-wind, with a constant 25-30 knot breeze.

"Josje's sleeping up front"

"How are you Josje?"

"Tired's" (laughs) "TIRED'S!"

We had a current with us during the night, which was a bonus.

And with a 25 knot being reached, we were flying.

"Now that Demon Gulf! That's what's up!"

"DEMON" "How's it treating us?"

"It's beating us!"

"We're about ready to turn starboard!"

"Number one"

"Shall we turn starboard?" "Not yet" (Brian moans)

And as we came closer to Darwin, we caught a nice little welcoming present.

A massive blue-fin tuna!

"It's been a really passage.. even though we had some narly waves and stuff this morning

..and here's a fish we just caught!"

..and here's a fish we just caught!"

"Blue-fun tuna!" "Karin's busy filleting it! So it's gonna be pretty good!"

"That's how you eat tuna!" "Oh yeah!"

"It goes back to the sea! Anything else?!"

"Owwwwhh" (laughs)

"No, now we just start organizing"

"None of these have to be refrigerated, do you understand that?"

"We have sauces for years!" (laughs)


(Mimicking) "Hello my name is Brian. I work for Team Spech and I like doing this for a living"

(laughs) "Oh my god, sometimes I get run out of things to say!"

"and then I just talk about my teeth"

"Look at his stance!"

"Zoom down to his boxer shorts!" (laughing)

"I look so fashionable!" (laughing)

"That's it!"

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