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1, 2, 3.

Hello everyone, we are BOY STORY.

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Five, six, seven.

This arm goes here. Right.

From the head to here.

Then, with the left and right hand...(ta).

Then we jump.

The hands.

It seems like they jump lower than you, jump higher.

Now the Xiao Geges will stand with the kids.

This game is called "Beat the drum".

Let's start with the right side.

When the music stops, the person who has the toy will have to go to the center and dance.

Almost, almost.

Ok, now let's ask Zeyu to go to the center with our little friend.

Do you think this gege's dance is good?


Your turn.

Defeat him and you could be part of our group.

Who was the one that confessed in our Tree of Dreams that "loves Shuyang Xiao Gege"?

Who was?

It was you?

Then, there's something you want to say to Shuyang Xiao Gege?


Shuyang just got shy.

"I like you."

This story isn't quite right.

Are you happy?


Thank you, BOY STORY Xiao Geges.

Don't drop it, don't drop ti, Da Ge.

Stop, stop, stop, Jiabao Ge.

Handsome signature, handsome me.

Wow, this is me, I'm too handsome.

Let's watch a movie.

Since when you watch a movie looking down?

I guess you already know what I wanna ask you.

Yes, I know.

Then answer.

What do you wanna ask?

I wish that in the future there will be more events like this, because I think that the Didis and Meimeis are really cute.

Even though I already have a Meimei, but I don't know if the ones who doesn't have a Meimei...

Ey, what are you saying?

Who says that not having a meimei...says that the people who doesn't have...?

Because I don't have a meimei you can treat me as you wish?


You have a Jiejie.

I can say that too.

Look at this rabbit.

I teached him to do this with his ears.

And lastly, a spin. 1, 2, 3, spin.

I think... I wish that in the future more people who listen to our music start to like singing and dancing. This kind of music.

What I said before was because I want they to listen our future songs and like singing and dancing even more.

Also, I think they have a natural gift. They're capable of learn our steps in two days.

And we need several days to learn them.

We need three days.

I think three days is too much time.

Next time, let's learn the steps in half a day, alright?

In 1/3 of a half day.

And if someone can't learn them...

I think neither of us will learn them.

I understand them (the kids) very well because I'm in elementary school too. But I'll graduate soon.


The things I'm doing now are because I want to give joy to everyone, cheer people up. That's why words are very good.

Xiao Yu.


And you?

Me what?

Say de question.

What's your name?

My name is Yu Zeyu.

Handsome Yu Zeyu.


The bunny is going to have a baby.

The belly is too big.

You have something to say about the activity?

Now that I think about it, the weather is really nice in Chong Qi.

Very humid. It gives people a sensation of relaxation.

Gege asked you what do you think about the activity.

I think that the Didis and Meimeis are really adorable and that they learned the steps really quick.

They also strive to give the best of themselves.

Who's more adorable for you, your Didi or those kids?

My Didi.

Both, both.

I know what you want to ask me. My name is Jia Hanyu.


Now say what do you think about the activity.

What I think about this activity...

The true is that thanks to this activity I only have one thought:

I just want to "steal" kids.

There you go again with the "stealing" kids.

I just want to "steal" kids.

The Didis and Meimeis are too adorable.

I bet you also want to have a Didi or a Meimei.

I really wish to have a Didi or a Meimei.

I'm also waiting to know in what they will grow up.

Also, when it was about to end, I went to talk to one kid and he said that he dance Breaking.

And that he was the only one in the class that dances Breaking.

So I asked him if I could watch him dance and he got shy, haha.

The true is that I regret not seeing him dancing.

That school has a lot of people who's learning how to dance.

When I was In elementary school, I was the only one who was learning dance.

Back then, when there was an event in my school, I was the only one doing a dance performance.

I saw that a lot of them writed in their letters that they want to be travellers, artist/painters, chefs, dancers... they're very simple.

When they grow up they will have more ideas.

But still, I think we have to be like them. Clear.

Know what are the simply things that we want.

The true is that my idea is... I wish to give them all more joy. And then, that everyone can be more happy.

Hahaha, that sounded like a comic dialogue.

How old is the youngest here?

I heard that the youngest is seven years old.

When Gege was younger than you, with 4 or 5 years old, I started to learn how to dance.

And from that moment my body... It was like a lot of ups and downs, so much pain...

Now appreciate that time when I was working really hard. Insisting all the time until now.

That's why now I want to tell you that you have to persist in what you like.

And when you grow up, I'm sure you will thank to the present you.

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