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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ポカリスエットweb movie|「Nechusho No!No! feat. 初音ミク&MEIKO」篇

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Hello everybody, this is Hatsune Miku.

At last, Japan is going to host the biggest sports event of all this summer!

We're expected to get many foreign tourists as well,

and I am sure many of you don't know Japanese summer yet.

The fear of Nechusho(heatstroke) is just around the corner.

I would like to lecture the people of the world

about summer in Japan...!

Weather report here, ready to deliver a Nechusho(heatstroke) special.

Summer in Japan is hot and highly humid

which makes it hard for sweat to evaporate.

Heat is thus trapped inside our bodies, making the temperature rise

and as cooling off gets harder, the chance of Nechusho(heatstroke) rises.

I asked the town folks how they managed to survive the intense heat we had last year.

It was so hot it was hard to breathe! I couldn't even think straight!

Huh? You too, YuNi-chan?

Me too, the heat made me dizzy and light-headed.

I wonder if that's Nechusho(heatstroke)?

I'm always bringing some sort of drink with me and taking little sips every now and then.

But that didn't really help with the dizziness...

And when it's really hot, you really want to go to air-conditioned places, right?

But if you do that, the temperature difference between the inside and the outside is just so... It's just too much ○×□※…

It seems like our virtual friends had a hard time too!

Nechusho(heatstroke) No No (Whoo!) Get yourself hydrated (Whoo whoo!)

With Pocari's sodium and sugar

Nechusho(heatstroke) No No (Whoo!) Get yourself some cool clothes (Whoo whoo!)

Choose breathable materials to dissipate the heat

Nechusho(heatstroke) No No (Whoo!) Avoid direct sunlight (Whoo whoo!)

Hats and parasols are your best friends

Take care of the heat with Pocari and enjoy the summer in Japan

We'll go all out this year!

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