Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Season 10, Episode 3 - Follow the Leader | Red vs. Blue

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[Guard] Intruder, get em!

[Insurrectionist Leader] Stand down.

[CT] You didn't wait for me to start?

I'm hurt.

[IL] I was worried about you, didn't think you would be able to get away.

[CT] You don't know the half of it, they stepped up production.


This ship was captured by the enemy, I'm surprised there's anything left in the data banks.

[IL] Heh, not everyone follows protocol. You should know that better than anyone.

[CT] You really think they discovered another artifact? How could nobody have discovered that when they were processing the wreckage?

[IL] They didn't know where to look and they didn't have what you have.

[Guard] Sir! We are in position. Awaiting your signal.

[Carolina] Wash, take that right side!

[Wash] Where's everyone else?

[Carolina] Working on an extraction plan. They should be here right about...

[Grif] Woo hoo!

[Carolina] Now.

[Grif] Sup?

[Sarge] Damn you Private Grif,

you took out those two soldiers before I could administer my lethal brand of red justice!

Now where is Simmons?

[Grif] I don't know. We found another Warthog and he was right behind me.

[Simmons] Present.

[Grif] Wow... Nice entrance dude. Very thrilling.

[Simmons] Hey, I don't need all that flash. Some of us have respect for the fundamentals

[Grif] Hey, what did I tell you before?

You know you're not allowed to use words that have the term fun in them.

[Tucker] I'm riding with you next time. He actually stopped at the train tracks.

[Simmons] That's the law!

[Tucker] We were under fire!

[Simmons] *Grumbling* It's still the law.

[Sarge] Simmons, only you could manage to make a high speed chase boring.

[Simmons] Thank you, sir.

[Grif] What is that song?

[Simmons] Uh, it's a Bolivian orchestral mash up.

Obviously you haven't heard of them yet.

[Grif] Thank god for that.

[Epsilon] I still don't understand, why did you guys rescue me?

[Sarge] Don't blame us. Blame Mrs. Fussy Britches.

[Caboose] Yeah um. Actually it's Miss Fussy Britches.

She gets really mad when you say it wrong.

[Sarge] She wanted to get you out of that memory whatsit.

Something about you being the genetic-ified mental imprint-acallit of that professor what's-his-puss.

[Epsilon] Can somebody translate that? I don't speak Huckleberry.

[Caboose] Yeah the mean lady wants to find the director and since you have all his memories, you might know he went.

[Epsilon] Wow.

That actually seemed too correct for you Caboose.

There must be some part of that you didn't understa

[Caboose] ...And, when she finds him we're going to throw him a very big surprise party.

[Epsilon] Ah, there we go.

[Sarge] Sure, as long as surprise party means shooting him in the face and walking away in slow motion.


[Caboose] Surprise!

[Epsilon] Well I hate to break it to you, but I don't know how much help I'm gonna be.

I mean, I may have the directors memories, but that doesn't mean I remember... them.

[Caboose] Yeah I have the same problem. I barely remember any of my own memories.

And none of anyone else's.

[Sarge] Well you better start remembering blue. I had to watch Grif nearly die three times today.

It's like fate was laughing at me.

Why don't you just take him already!

[Epsilon] I gotta say, I'm pretty surprised to see you taking orders from a Blue...


[Sarge] Under duress.

[Epsilon] What, you didn't want to come?

[Sarge] Lets just say you seem to know a lot of women with quick tempers.

You got a fetish or somethin'?

[Epsilon] I guess you could say.. yeah apparently.

[Sarge] Wanna talk about it?

[Epsilon] No.

[Caboose] Wanna talk about it wi

[Epsilon] NO.

[Carolina] Okay, everyone load up.

NAV points are in your HUDs. Alternative NAVs uploaded to your secondary objectives.



[Wash] Oh uh, right. Everyone just say "sync" whenever she says that.

[Tucker] Oh... Sync?

[Caboose] Refrigerator.

[Carolina] You guys not used to getting orders?

[Grif] Oh, we're used to getting 'em alright.

We just aren't used to doing much with 'em.

[Carolina] We're retreating.

[Simmons] Oh, okay yeah.That's usually step one in most of our plans.


[Caboose] Easy-Bake oven.

[Carolina] Let's just go...

[Carolina] What do you mean the leaders not here?

[South Dakota] Exactly what I said.

His last check in is upstairs on the main deck, but his call sign just appeared in their internal frequencies.

He's broadcasting from out in Bone Valley.

[Carolina] Meaning he's not here.

[South] Gee, you're starting to sound like a broken record.

[Carolina] Fine, change of plans everyone.

We're heading into the junkyard.

[Carolina] This is beginning to feel more and more like a setup.

[York] Ah... woah.

You would not believe the time I had getting back.

It's nuts out there.

[Carolina] Let's go people.

[York] What? No welcome back?

[North Dakota] Alright, welcome back.

[York] Where are they off to in such a hurry?

[Wash] Found the leader. He's hiding out in Bone Valley.

[York] We're going all the way over there?

After what happened to Georgia?

[Wash] Would someone please tell me what happened to Georgia?

[York] Dude, you do not wanna know.

[Wash] I really do, though!

[Insurrectionist Leader] Time to get outta here.

You too.

[CT] I can't. Not yet.

[IL] If they weren't onto you before. They definitely will be now.

Come with us, Connie. I'm not gonna lose you over this.

[Over radio] All forces we are go. I repeat we are go.

[Caboose] Where am I?

Oh, that looks nice.

Oh my god! A giant person!

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