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What's up, guys? Snazzy rumors here,

and check it out, Apple's releasing a new iPhone.

Yep, I paid a 150$ for this mock-up, just like every other YouTuber.

They got theirs first.

Their videos are done.

So, here's the new iPhone, whatever.

Let's talk about the rumors.

A lot of them are probably accurate, a lot of them probably correct...

Oh, noo!


Did you get all the b-roll?

Because that broke super badly.

Looks like that paint on the back of it with the nail polish or something.

But look, the front was glass.

It broke but...


Okay, I'm a little bummed.

There's going to be three new models this year just as there was last year.

Now, we don't know if it's going to be called iPhone 11,

iPhone 11 with Roman numerals, just iPhone.

I don't know, but for the purposes of this video,

we'll call the three models iPhone 11, iPhone 11 R, and iPhone 11 Max.

You know, aesthetically there's not really that much new.

Same for the camera hub, it has the same look, mostly,

as the previous generation of iPhones.

There are several rumors that are saying

that there will be a frosted back on the back of the 11 and the 11 Max.

Kind of like the rear glass on the Pixel 3,

but Ming-Chi Kuo has not said anything on that.

And Ming-Chi Kuo, we're gonna be talking about him a lot today

because he's kind of like the rumor guy that doesn't say that much,

but when he does, it's basically always right.

So, speaking of Ming-Chi Kuo, let's talk about the updates

that all of the models will be getting.

The first one is most obviously a new SOC.

We can predict this will be called the A13 or A13 Bionic.

There aren't going to be many massive upgrades this year-round,

as we've seen the last couple of years there have been diminishing returns.

The chips do get faster, but not that much faster,

a pretty standard upgrade.

They're still on a 7-nanometer process which is awesome,

but don't expect a massive jump in computational nor graphics performance.

Now, many rumors are saying that there will be a slight bump in overall battery life.

Not just because the battery capacity itself will increase on these new phones,

but because the new A13 chip focuses more on efficiency than more power

and so it should allow our batteries to last just a little bit longer

which is really nice, I appreciate that.

Ming-Chi Kuo, who again has extremely reliable, is saying

that Wi-Fi 6 will come as a first to Apple devices this year on Apple's iPhones,

and if true,

we should expect that basically every device from here on out

released by Apple will be Wi-Fi 6 compatible which is pretty sweet.

We've been waiting on that.

What else is new?

Faster LTE with 4 by 4 MIMO technology.

It also should mean that the while still kind of using Qualcomm

and Intel antennas over the next couple years,

the antenna tech should be improved,

but it's not 5G Kuo says.

That's not coming until next year, and, maybe, not even until 2021.

So, hopefully, Apple does that sooner rather than later.

Now, there are several rumors, interestingly enough, not from Kuo,

so take this all with a grain of salt,

but that like the Note 9 there will be bilateral wireless charging.

This would mean that you could put your AirPods, for example,

or another Qi capable device on the back of your iPhone and it would charge.

In theory, this sounds really cool,

in practice, I don't really know how useful it is.

Not just because wireless charging generates a lot of heat

and it's not efficient, so it'll kill your iPhone battery pretty fast,

but the AirPods Qi charger is so slow, and I think it's

because the Qi coil inside the little tiny AirPods case

is so small that it just can't charge that quickly.

My AirPods take seemingly hours and hours and hours to charge.

So, kind of cool but not really.

Let's talk cameras.

So, the iPhone R will allegedly upgrade from a single to a dual-camera system

which was originally released with the iPhone 7 Plus.

There will be, you know, your standard wide-angle and telephoto cameras.

Not that exciting.

The 11 and the 11 Max, however, will have a triple-lens camera setup.

There is a lot of potential uses here beyond,

just you know, having three cameras.

Many rumors have suggested, over the last year and a half two years

that Apple is working on 3D sensing and depth mapping

that would integrate into some sort

of AR kit hardware engine inside of the iPhone.

Although, the latest rumors suggest that that's probably being delayed until 2020.

Whether or not Apple benefits AR kit usage with three cameras remains to be seen

but that should be an up and coming at the very least.

Now, there are rumors as to what that third camera lens will actually do.

Most rumors suggest that it will be a telephoto lens, a 3x telephoto lens.

It would have been cool to see a super-telephoto,

like we've seen on the Huawei P30 and a couple of other

more recent phones, you know, those really super zooms,

but that doesn't seem to be the case here.

Now, Ming-Chi Kuo actually stands apart from the crowd,

remember, he's generally right, although, fact that he's the only one

that says this is kind of weird.

Is that the new camera will actually be a super wide-angle camera.

I would honestly prefer this.

Just because telephoto lenses

generally aren't that great on smartphones

and I really love like LG does a super-wide camera lens

and the new OnePlus phone does as well the OnePlus 7 Pro.

It's really cool.

And I, honestly, prefer it.

Okay, now the telephoto lenses that are available

on both the 11 R and, of course, the 11 and 11 Max

will allegedly be significantly better in low light.

One of the reasons I don't use the telephoto lens

on my iPhone 10 that often

is just because it's not very good,

and I generally just walk closer to my subject with the wide-angle lens.

Now, the camera assembly is probably going to match the color of the phone,

you'll see on my mock-up, it's just black.

But I think that matching the color kind of looks weird and gross

like you have a bunch of weird little alien eyes.

I'd prefer just the solid black glass.

It looks bold but I think that it looks better.

What are you - what are your thoughts? Leave your comments down below.

You like the color matches back the phone or just straight-up black square.

Okay, let's talk about the front camera.

That should be moving from a 7-megapixel selfie camera to a 12 megapixel.

This is good, because in my opinion,

the iPhone front-facing camera has been bad for several years,

and drastically in need of an upgrade,

and seeing as though that's a camera that a lot of people

who use all the time, I'm really hoping we see that this year.

Now, there are several rumors that are saying

that the notch will be shrunk this year.

Ming-Chi Kuo says absolutely not, so, I'm inclined to believe him.

Although Kuo does say

that the Face ID assembly will have a new flood illuminator

which according to him will "improve face ID`s for liability

by lowering the impact of invisible light from the environment."

Okay, cool, so, whatever that means - more reliable Face ID.

Here's the bad news.

3D Touch, you know, the thing I really love.

Yeah, it's a goner.

Thanks a lot, Apple.

Why do you kill everything I love?!

Why do you hate me?!

Now, this is a sure thing

because the iOS 13 betas are already signaling its death.

Look, I love 3D Touch and I use it all the time not just to navigate

around the keyboard and to select text,

but to peek and pop, I use it all over.

But many argue and have argued since it was introduced,

including myself, then it's just not intuitive,

and that people don't know about it.

And that's true.

But, Apple has always had this system,

kind of where it's simple for beginners to pick up without really knowing anything,

but people who are more advanced,

who want pro features,

they exist, they can be accessed,

so I felt like 3D Touch was one of those things.

Everyone that I showed a 3D Touch,

ended up falling in love with it,

and here's the thing

and this is what's annoying is they're not really

getting rid of the entire 3D Touch functionality.

iPhone 10 R doesn't have 3D Touch, it has what's called Haptic Touch.

How does it work?

Well, basically all it does is you hold down on the screen,

and it registers a long press as a touch.

Like a long touch as a press, I should say.

And it would vibrate the haptic motor.

And so, you can actually push down on the iPhone 10 R`s display,

and it almost kind of feels like 3D Touch.

But it doesn't. It's not.

iOS 13's human interface guidelines,

renamed this peeking and popping 3D Touch gesture,

as context menus.

And context menus,

as far as I can tell, are going to be the thing going forward

and they work exactly the same.

And to be fair the iPhone 10R does work fine,

but this just feels like a software fix to simulate hardware,

and it's not like the hardware doesn't exist or hasn't existed

or it's too difficult, we've had it for years and now they're taking it away

and the software fix, just isn't the same, it's a worse experience.

And that's bad.

I would sooner Apple just remove the features altogether

than make it a lousy-er experience.

And what did they do with the old phones, sabotage them?

Or the old phones have 3D Touch and the new ones? It's just convoluted and weird.

Leave it in there.

Okay, let's talk about the rumors that just straight up are not happening

because there are so many of them, and I didn't list all of them

because there are some that are outrageous.

But here's a few that don't seem really grounded in truth.

The iPhone 11R moving to OLED.

That was a rumor earlier this year.

Ming-Chi Kuo straight-up said: "No, that's not happening" but it is coming in 2020.

Apple Pencil support.

Ming-Chi Kuo said one that that's theoretically possible,

but that Apple is not currently testing that on any devices,

so I wouldn't anticipate Apple Pencil working on an iPhone anytime soon.

Plus, if they were going to integrate Apple Pencil support,

they should have like a little Apple Pencil mini.

If you're gonna make your phone act like a Galaxy Note,

make it like the Galaxy Note,

you know what I mean?

iPad style mute switch.

This is a really weird one.

And there's a few people that have been backing it up.

Kuo says, No.

Here's the thing, iPad doesn't even have a mute switch anymore,

so what's the purpose of moving back to that switch design?

Clearly not for design parity because it doesn't even exist.

I am glad the hardware mute switch exists on the iPhone. I love it.

They better not get rid of it.

Android phones don't have it.

Except for the OnePlus and I that`s my OnePlus favorite feature of mine,

but if they get rid of that or if they change it,

it's just like don't fix what ain`t broke.

Okay, now let's talk about the things that I really really want.

Fix the freaking camera sapphire, okay.

The camera sapphire is garbage.

It breaks all the time.

I've had two, no three iPhone 10s,

and every single one of them

the sapphire has broken.

I have friends everywhere where they're 10 and the 10 Max and the 10S

and the 10S Max are have broken glass.

Now, here's the thing.

On such a large camera assembly

that's already kind of tricky and now

that they're making it much bigger, this big massive square,

it's really scary to think that the sapphire breaks

as easy as it does.

Now, if you get someone like JerryRigEverything

they'll say that the glass isn't actually sapphire.

And I don't know whether or not that's true,

but what I do know is that it breaks easily

and that is in line with how sapphire acts.

Sapphire is very scratch resistant,

similar to diamond,

but it's not resilient to shattering.

It's not shatterproof.

Here's a fun bit of nerdy trivia for you.

I'm a watch guy, I don't know if you've noticed.

The omega Speedmaster went to the moon.

It was worn by astronauts.

And they used hassle light acrylic,

instead of sapphire crystal.

Now, Omega eventually developed a version with sapphire crystal

and said: Yo, NASA you should use this, sapphire like really hard.

NASA did their own testing and decided to stick with the acrylic

or HESA light crystal

because they determined

that sapphire was pretty easy to break,

and the idea of thousands

of shards of little tiny glass particulates floating around in zero gravity

was probably not a good idea.

Now, I'm not telling Apple to go to acrylic, to go to plastic.

Obviously, that's not the way to go,

but this glass, as it currently is, breaks so easily,

way too easily,

and I really hope

that Apple fixes it for the upcoming iPhones.

Ok, USB-C.

Please, Apple, give us friggin USB-C.

Kuo says that Apple was testing it earlier this year

or late last year, actually,

but then decided to proceed with Lightning.

This breaks my heart.

The iPhone is basically the only device that I have left

that I use with frequency

that charges over anything other than USB-C.

At the very least, Apple,

if you're going to stick with Lightning,

stop freaking including that crappy 5-watt charger

that's been included with the iPhone since 2008.

Every other Android phone

has all these sexy quick charge devices,

and we still get this dinky little one dollar Walmart brick. It's terrible.

Apple this year, early this year,

released an 18 watt USB-C charger.

And is really great.

And it was designed primarily for the iPad and for the iPhone.

And the iPhone can charge up to 18 watts.

So, just include that charger in the box.

It's USB-C capable

include a USB-C to Lightning cable in the box,

and let us plug in our phones to our laptops.

Apples even don`t make a laptop anymore with that USB

so why keep including one in the box?

It's just...


Anyways, that's my rant for the day.

New iPhones, they look good.

They don't look super exciting, they don't look revolutionary.

If you've seen leaks of the new Samsung Galaxy S 11,


the iPhone sure looks old.

Sure looks outdated.

So on a scale of 1 to X, I gotta give this phone a 6.

But you know,

I'll be buying one and I'll be using it

because I'm just stupid Apple idiot.

Well folks, thanks for watching,

If you enjoyed this video you know what to do get it a like,

you didn't, well that other button seems to work ok too.

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But most importantly and always,

as always,

mourn with me over my broken $150 iPhone mockup.

Stay snazzy.


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