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- Here's something that really pisses me off

and it might be something that you do

and if it is it's time to stop.

Hello, I'm Julian Northbrook from Doing

Here with another quick, two-minute,

English-learning tip for you.

I am a libertarian and as such,

I believe that people are free to,

to be frank, screw their lives up as much as they want

to screw their lives up.

So when people engage in self-destructive behaviours

that, per say, doesn't particularly bother me.

For example, they're fat and unhealthy

and overweight and on the brink of a heart attack,

yet they continue to stuff their face with

cake and live on greasy fish and chips everyday.

Downing pints of beer like there's tomorrow.

No, if people wanna live like that

that's completely up to them.

It doesn't even bother me that much

when people piss and moan about these things.

We're only human after all

and yeah, we do tend to piss and moan about things.

But what really does my head in

is when people engage in these self-destructive behaviours.

Stuffing their faces with unhealthy food

when they're fat and overweight and complaining

that they don't want to be.

Spending all their time sitting around on Facebook,

watching TV, and not doing anything

to improve their english whilst pissing and moaning

because their english isn't good enough

and it's causing them problems in their life

would make another pretty good example.

They engage in these self-destructive behaviours,

they piss and moan about it,

and then they do the same things

over and over and over again with no effort

or even indication that they're even gonna try

and actually do something different.

Look, I get it, you've eaten too much and you got fat.

You drank yourself into oblivion

and now you've got a hangover and you're suffering for it.

You failed to put the time and effort

into improving your english when you could

and then you completely screwed up something

that should've gone well because of your english.

I get it.

But don't do the same thing again.

Or at least if you are gonna continue

the same self-destructive behaviours

that aren't helping you whatsoever

and are causing you the problems in your life that you have.

If you are gonna continue with those things

without making any effort to change them,

stop moaning about it.

It's kind of either or.

Yeah, sure, there are things in our life we can't control.

Perhaps an aeroplane drops down on top of our house

and blows the whole thing up, destroying the

place we live and all our possessions with it.

Yeah, sure, these things do happen.

They're rare but they do happen.

Perhaps, that was a little bit extreme

but you get the idea.

But for the most part, we can control our own behaviours.

Our own actions.

And if you wanna get a certain result

and you're complaining 'cause you're not

getting it well, make sure that you're

doing things to actually make that happen

and that you're not just spinning around and around

in circles doing things that are making your problem worse

and then complaining because your problem's getting worse.

If you don't know what to do to improve your english,

if you're not too sure how to go about

actually getting the result that you want

head over to

In it I'm gonna teach you my rocket launch method

to accelerating your english learning.

I'm gonna teach you the five key changes

that you need to make to the way that you learn

and use english so that you can

make rapid progress with transforming

your english speaking, get out there

into the real world, and to start doing stuff

in the language with less stress and less hassle,

fewer headaches and all of that good stuff.

This is me, Julian Northbrook, signing out

from another video, bye bye.

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