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Tadah, here it is.

My back hurts, so I may not move as gracefully.

Behind me is the new Q8.

It's a bit of an off-roader, so we're showing it in a nice setting.

This is my private beach. You can drive your car on it. I can.

This is convenient. We can see if we're going to the beach.

We don't record these things. These are 3D animations.

We add the Q8 later. You can see we recorded this in the studio.

These things are super convenient. Look.

There's more. - You can rotate the car.

Look at that. - You can see yourself.

The windows are tinted too much.

It's steep here. How can we show that?

Rotate it more to the rear to see how steep it is.

This is cool. There we go, all the way up.

We almost got stuck.

We're going too fast. - The wheels are spinning too fast.

It's an off-roader; it can do these things.

However, these cars never really go offroad.

Audi sees it as a fusion between a 4-door coupe that's not a coupe and an SUV.

The BMW X6 and Mercedes GLE coupe are the same.

I like that Audi made it more of a Sportback.

This should be the Audi Q7 Sportback.

It has elegant lines and it's less in-your-face than the X6.

It's a bit lower, shorter, and wider than a Q7, but it's only 3 cm here and 5 cm there.

That's not the major difference. The lines are different, though.

The roof line is a bit slanted, but that's part of a trick.

This line slants more. It's still roomy on the inside.

Quattro is important. This car has it too, or we wouldn't have made it here.

We may have made it here, but couldn't leave.

We may conclude that it's not possible.

I may get stuck halfway up that dune.

The wheel arches are cool and show that this car has all-wheel drive.

Important news on the front.

There are always 2 important things to look at with Audis.

First, the number of LEDs and other light changes.

Here, too, cool stuff happened. Second, if something's up with the single-frame grille.

That's the case here. The previous single-frame grille version was heptagonal.

This one is octagonal. I'm not using these words often.

That means it has 8 angles.

A number of these angles are rounded.

You can see my back hurts. I'm crouching very smoothly.

For example, this one isn't really an angle. It's more of a curve.

It's wider and looks different.

I think the Q8 in this color looks a bit boring.

The color isn't fantastic, even though it's a special color for the Q8.

All the chrome is black, except for the Audi rings.

My neighbor said the front looks boring. It's all black. That's true.

This generation Audis - including the A6, A7, and A8 - has sensors for autonomous driving.

The A8 should drive itself in highway traffic jams once the law allows it.

That's an important addition. The Q8 has the same sensors.

Here you see 2 units. Again very smoothly with my back.

The previous iteration of the Audi sensors were prettier.

These took up the spot of the fog lights.

However, Audi thinks buyers want to show off the technology on an expensive car.

We can discuss this, but that's why the sensors have been moved there.

I can imagine they'll disappear with a facelift.

It may get a different styling to hide the sensors.

I have a cheat sheet to tell you what sensors are available on this car.

Lazer scanner, a long-range radar, 4 mid-range radars...

I don't know the distances. A front-facing camera, 360 cameras...

That'd be on the side mirrors, the front, and the rear for a top view of the car.

Night vision is available as well. There are also 12 ultrasonic sensors or beepers for the park distance.

That's a lot.

I want to show you something at the rear.

Look at me walking smoothly.

I have difficulty walking, but it was worse last week.

It can heal.

I like the rear.

Audi says it refers to the Urquattro. It has a continuous strip.

Only Audi's top models have this continuous LED strip between the tail lights.

It's on the A8 and Q8, etc.

Anyway, enough about the looks.

I can go on for hours. You know me. Wait, one more thing.

The 20 inch rims are standard.

Up to 22 inch is optional. This car has 22 inch rims.

It doesn't have good offroad tires. The tread is full.

This is wrong when off-roading. Sand gets in there. It has to bite.

These are really big tires.

Still, I think this car looks modest.

Maybe it's more in-your-face when it's all black.

It's no X6. It's more elegant.

Shall we go for a drive? Let's go.

I'll do like this. Here we are.

I spontaneously lost my coat. You saw that right.

Let's go for a drive.

It does look sportier than the Q7. The Q7, like the X5, is a moving warehouse.

Container. Whatever.

We call them "vans" at home. They are van-like.

This one has a nice coupe line, so expect better handling.

I think you only feel this if you're an Audi test driver who drove the Q7 a lot.

When you get in the Q8 you're like "whoah".

There are only small differences. That's the point I want to make.

I want to demonstrate the dynamic character of the new quattro system.

I'm reversing a bit and then I'll go sideways on the slippery grass and mud.

It's really muddy. Here we go.

I think the driver is to blame.

Look, it says 139 kph (86 mph). The wheels are spinning fast. Suddenly, there's traction.

Do you feel that?

When you brake... It's dry here, but these tires on wet grass...

It keeps sliding until you hit asphalt.

You'll always find asphalt to brake on in the Netherlands.

A real off-roader.

All-wheel drive is standard. I can tell you all about the quattro all-wheel drive.

It works. It works.

In Offroad mode I would've liked more dynamic power on the rear wheels for more playful driving.

If it's dry, like the asphalt is right now, will we see exciting things happen?

No, of course not. Both the base model and the top model at the moment...

There will be more engines, but only one engine is available at the sales start.

That's the 50 TDI, a 5-liter diesel engine.

Of course it's not a 5-liter diesel engine, but we know people will say it is.

That's what they do with all these type names.

With BMW the 40d is called a 4-liter diesel engine. That doesn't matter.

This is the 50 TDI. That means it's halfway the diesel horsepower spectrum.

To make it concrete: this 3-liter V6 TDI has 282 hp and 600 Nm (443 lb ft) torque.

It's a nice engine. There are few complaints, until you really want to go.

If you really want to go, you feel it really doesn't have all that much horsepower.

It's a big and heavy car. I don't know its exact weight. I could look it up. Wait.

I have the registration certificate.

It's on here.

2,900 kg (6,400 lb). No, that is... The curb weight is 2,230 kg (4,916 lb).

Those are Dutch kilograms. The dry weight is less.

It's well over 2,000 kg (4,400 lb).

That's a lot. 282 hp isn't much in this case.

In the end, it's quick if you compare it to bread-and-butter cars.

0-100 kph (62 mph) takes 6.3 seconds and the top speed is 245 kph (152 mph).

You know, I think it should be feistier.

Two more engines have been announced: the 55 TFSI, as I should say with Audi...

That's the Audi S4 engine; 3 liters and a turbo.

It has 335 hp or 330 hp in the Q8. One of the two.

Thereabouts. It won't feel much faster than this engine.

You can also choose a more economical version, the 45 TDI.

I'm using my cheat sheet.

How much horsepower? 228 hp.

This doesn't seem like much for a car like this, but that's because I'm spoiled.

I always drive cars with too much horsepower and complain if it doesn't have 500 hp.

This car handles well.

It has an 8-speed automatic transmission that thinks too much in Sport mode.

When exiting a corner... It shifts down when you brake for a corner.

When you accelerate, I want it to stay in second gear.

It's not in there yet. It just happened again. I went over a speed bump.

That's a shame. It should have a quicker response.

Even though I put Audi Drive Select in 'Dynamic', I miss the quick gear shifts.

This may not suit the car, but a quicker response would've been nice.

That's it for the whining.

What I do think is brilliant... Getting hit, that's also brilliant.

I have a lot of safety features. I would've won from that Honda CR-V.

The interior with the 3 screens.

In front of me is a 12.3 inch screen.

There are no more traditional gauges. Why would you?

The infotainment screen is 10.1 inch

and the secondair screen for climate control and shortcuts is 8.5 or 8.4 inch.

It's very pretty. Everything is touch screen and is relatively nice to use.

It's still no Apple touch screen, but it does have haptic feedback.

It clicks, which is nice. It feels very modern.

It's correct for a modern car. It's different from the things we had 5-10 years ago.

I'm looking at BMW, where everything is the same as 5-10 years ago.

Except it being a touchscreen. This is pretty. Well done.

We already talked about the radar with mid-range and long-range.

This car is good at preventing crashes. Probably it's also good at crashing.

I think it scores well on the Euro NCAP.

What to tell? It has adaptive cruise control, it warns you for curbs, etc.

It's fun to play with, but it's nice too.

The car thinks with you. You can relax more.

It steers itself relatively well between the lines.

It's windy today. The car took over on the highway. It did.

That's fine. You do have to keep your feet on the wheel.

Feet on the pedals is not necessary, but you have to keep your hands on the wheel.

It will ask you to keep your hands on the wheel if you don't.

The price is always a thing with Audi, or rather all fun cars in the Netherlands.

The 50 TDI starts at 109,000 euros.

This car feels well-optioned, but it's only 146,000 euros.

If you look at Audi's option list, that's not bad.

That's twice the price of a base-model Q8 in Germany.

They're 76,000 euros there. That doesn't make you happy.

Who buys this car?

This is a brilliant option for people who are in love with the Q7 but don't want to drive a van.

I think it's very pretty, but not in this color. I can change that.

In short, it's a nice car.

It's completely useless, as are all crossovers, but it's nice.

You see that people want this.

I tried to find another useless thing that's also very nice.

Unfortunately, I can't reproduce that discussion.

We'd be put in YouTube's X-rated category.

We don't want that, even though this is porn on wheels.

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