Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Banter Blitz with World Champion Magnus Carlsen (3)

Difficulty: 0

Hello. It's just me today, no Jan. He's busy playing mediocre chess

in the Bundesliga, actually I don't know how he's doing

or how the team is doing. Peter lost today, unfortunately.

My coach is... yeah. He doesn't like playing chess and it shows.

Such are the facts of life. You get old and you start just suck.

Okay. I think I'll just get going as soon as possible,

accept the first challenge.

I think it's going to be a 5 minute game, maybe that didn't work.

Okay. How about this one?

Magnus is poor player, yeah that's what I wanted to...

wanted to accept.

I don't know who he's talking about but I'm sure that his friend or foe

named Magnus isn't actually very good at chess.

So generally this is considered to give black a pretty comfortable game.

That bishop on c5 is quite strong

and I will have some... some nice play on the kingside eventually with f5.

So that's why I'm not going...

not going knight f6 just to keep the option of playing f5.

I'm not too concerned about bishop h6 because I just take back

and then I'll have this square for the knight on f4.

So I think objectively white is doing absolutely all right

but psychologically it's easier to play black.

That's how I feel at least.

So f6, I'm still not worried about bishop h6.

This guy has severely provoked me with his username.

I shall beat him quite mercilessly, at least that is my hope.

So I mean my plan is very, very simple knight f4 coming attack on the g file.

Now he just gifts me time which I'm quite thankful for.

Yeah with the knight coming to f4, queen e2 is

I think we can more or less safely say never a good idea.

So I have many options bishop g4, rook g8.

Kind of like queen d7 just looks nice.

And again, it's not like my position is winning, its just so easy to play.

And I'm looking forward to hopefully a fairly comfortable start.

I'm looking at lines like knight h4, rook g8, g3, queen h3

king h1, queen h4, gh, bishop g4, f3, bishop h3.

Now I just saw that instead of... f3, he may go rook g1,

even that is not correct after knight h3.

There were some very interesting lines there

but I think knight d1 is more solid.

Now I don't, as far as I can see at least.

I don't have an immediately decisive attack.

I just have a very pleasant position.

So the rating of 1,500 does that mean that he created this particular account

today just to play me? I must say, I'm quite honoured.

Thank you for buying premium Magnus is a poor player. Appreciate it.

Yeah now the idea is g3, bishop h3 and then rook g1, fails to bishop f2.

So I think that's going to be fairlyfairly painful.

He has to give the exchange, I think.

Then I may not, may not even take it.

Yeah not this way though, he's just left the rook on f1.

Yeah he's not threatening anything so I may as well just castle.

Yeah again gf fails to queen g2 or bishop g2 with my turn next move.

Queen d1, I'm sorry queen d2. It's a better move.

Now knight g1 would be nice except bishop g2 wins the queen.

And this one.

It's not mate immediately at least.

f5 coming. Position is very much winning.

He has fought relatively well. I have to say.

It was not a bad effort from Magnus is a poor player.

Or just is poor player.

Just taking it easy.

No need to allow queen a7 or any such nonsense.

And rook to f8, done f3 is overloaded.

It can't be... I think overloaded is the right word.

It can't be protected anyway.

He just dropped the queen.

And I suppose hes going to play to mate which is his absolute right.

Okay, thanks for the game.

Let's see.

I got a white game Shostakovich. FM, clearly a very decent player.

Let's play d4. And c4.

Wow, hes really going to go forfor the real stuff.

So what do you think? He's going to play King's Indian or Grünfeld? I don't know.

Going to play something weird.

Please ... I'm thinking.

And frankly my picture was frozen for the first time today.

Promised that we fixed the problems, I didn't.

I'm a pathological liar. I cannot blame my parents, they raised me well.

It's just me.

So he's going to go for... I think he's very likely I can say Indian player

because he's going to go for Kings Indian kind of setup

which is absolutely fine by me.

Rook e8, hes being very careful in preparing e5.

Now he actually cannot play e5 because de and there's no knight move which...

which would prepare... which would attack e5

because bishop of b2 or knights on c3 is not hanging.

The whole bishop f5 business I'm not too sure about.

Especially now, combined with knight d7.

There's like knight h4 and his bishop is really short of squares.

I suppose, yeah something like this isn't disastrous

but it's very clear that positionally, I'm in the driver's seat now

and it's not that easy for him to find counter play.

So queen c2 is kind of a nothing move.

It just feels natural and a4 I'm not so sure.

I think that's just more likely to be a weakness than not for him.

I go bishop a3 just to not allow a3 and now...

I'll move my rook from a1 or maybe c5 immediately.

His queenside maybe in a little bit of trouble.

There's no reason not tonot to go rook c1 and yeah.

So I have... I may take on a4 but I'm just going to keep it simple.

cd and bishop f3.

And now hes just toast positionally because he cannot really move the knight

because bishop b7 and I get to take on d5.

That's just very, very bad positionally speaking.

Yeah he's prepared with... he's gone king h8, rook g8,

preparing an attack but with the bishop on f3,

it's plain to see that the attack doesn't in fact exist.

So I believe hes just busted here.

And now yeah once again. Yeah hes taking his time

but it's a little bit late because...

it's very hard to come up with any good advice here.

So I don't think queen c8 is too bad

but that pawn on a4 looks really, really tasty. So going to have myself a bite.

Rook a8, doesn't win a piece because queen b3.

Then if queen a5, d6 is hanging so he doesn't even get that.

It's just very very bad for him.

Yeah thats the line I was talking about.

Queen a2, bishop d5, rook c7.

Yeah I'm a pawn up. I'm about to winabout three more.

That usually means that he's in trouble. No about two more.

I was going to say so three in total, that's more fair.

Yeah I like that game. This was a nice, nice positional win

in my not so humble opinion, as they say.

Okay. Let me try, try another one.

Shmueliki, who is that? From Israel.

He's going 1. e4.

Just going to see if the user show chess24 have prepared something special

against the Norwegian Rat this time.

Hes going e5, good stuff. Go for the throat, do it.

Yeah. He's going for blood, I like it.

This is basically the whole point of the system,

by the way, that you don't actually need to protect h5,

you just ignore it and hope for some active play.

Hmm. Yeah, I don't really know what the theory is here.

Let me try and think that.

I want to go knight f4, worried about knight b5, knight g2, king f1.

If I go a knight f6, how is that with regards to time to

So usually, it's knight c3 in the Scandinavian queen d6,

d4, knight f6, bishop e2, g6

that's a transposition no?

Knight c3, queen d6, d4, knight f6, bishop e2, g6.

Yeah okay, I don't know if knight f6 is good. Its just too funny not to play.

Yeah so now... now we're back in queen d6 Scandinavian instead.

Funnily enough.

Yeah depends on your taste, some might not think that is funny at all but I do.

Or interesting anyway.

c6 may have also gone on a6 but you can only make one move at a time.

So I'm just going to play very solidly here.

Bishop g4, jump on f3, knight d7, e6, solid, solid.

How I'm going to win the game that's a different question?

So hes going for a plan with bishop g3.

The thing about this queen d6 system is that you always have the square on b4

so then getting chased from...

I think I just lost my webcam.

Portable webcam, how stupid is that.

If hed gone

sorry. If hed gone a3 instead of couldn't have taken on d2

and I still couldn't take that.

Queen a5 back.

Hopefully, that's more or less okay now.

He has gone bishop c4? Why is he allowing me to take on f3,

seems very strange?

Usually, I give up that bishop without getting

any sort of structural advantage from it so now he's just got a weakness on f3.

So now instead of him being slightly better,

I think I'm slightly better instead. My position is very easy to play.

I just got no weaknesses whatsoever

so that seems like a very puzzling decisionfrom my opponent.

I may go queen h5, oh just going to take. Knight e4.

I think hes going to go rook e4.

fe8 drops a pawn to knight b6. Might not be the worst pawn to lose to be fair.

He's going to get some compensation in that case but...

recommending it would be massive stretch.

I think I may be in time with some tactics here,

since his rook on d2 is undefended.

Yeah, I think he may have missed that I can just take on d4.

And we're going to get opposite coloured bishops probably but

that is very unlikely to help him.

I got a healthy extra pawn and bit of a positional advantage as well.

Bishop e5 was a bit dumb but now preparing rook c5.

Going for that pawn on h3.

And once his rook is passive

I might start walking the king up the board.

Don't think he's going to be able to defend f4.

If were trading d4 for f4, I'm pretty happy.

Having said that, maybe I'm even happier with taking b2

then hopefully getting back to eating... for later.

Yeah so this is going to be a fairly simple mop up job I think.

Rook f3 then king h5 is coming.

Shouldn't have resigned though.

He had bishop c4, king h4, bishop f1

and hes still fighting. His position is lost,

the resignation was a little bit premature.

Okay let me see. What have we got?

Going to accept I think a 3 minute challenge now.

Teacherusa, I assume that some kind of American teacher

or but he or she does not show their nationality.

Yeah, in spite of the username,

Americans aren't too proud of their nationality these days,

at least some of them are not.


Yeah dc5 is a stupid move, I just didn't feel like playing d5.

I'll try to confuse the teacher by playing a bit non theoretically.

I assume I should exchange queens or maybe knight c3 is better.

Yeah making all of this up as I go along.

I really don't think that this is a theoretical position at all.

How bad can it be?

So d5 does not work yet because after massive exchanges

then h7 is going to drop. And this one...

might not be that bad.

Thinking at first that it'sit's a bit dangerous to allow knight e5

followed by f4

I'm... assuming now that...

Okay, I'm just going to play it.

It's starting to look like a typical line ofwhatever you call it.

Paulsen, Taimanov. I don't know.

Sicilian, where black needs to set up with d6 and e5 to kind of counter

the play that I might get on the kingside.

But b6 is a terrible blunder. Now e5 andafter...

Yeah if his knight moves then bishop h7 is the simple tactics

and it's not even that easy just to get away with losing the knight for a pawn

since it's only two squares for the queen,

queen e3 and c5 and then I take on f6.

Hell have to take back with a pawn which will

which will weaken his king and presumably lead to quick material loss.

Yeah, just goes to show one bad moment and...

and the game is gone. My opponent had played a number of good moves

before that but when you make one bad blunder, generally doesn't help.

So I'm just going to go bishop e4 takes,

takes and if queen c4, I'm going to go queen g5.

King h8, knight g5. I'm sorry queen h6, rook g8 and then knight g5 coming.


It's a shame he resigned. I had so many nice options of rook g8.

Knight d6, winning the queen. Knight g5, mating.

Maybe even queen h7 was mating but I doubt it.

I think it was only... was only a draw by perpetual.

But also rook f3 was mating. Okay.

Okay so we got an IM here. I got white again, lucky.

Para Guerilla should know who that is. I don't.

I'm not as in touch with chess as I used to be

but it's nice a 3 minute game and we'll see what happens.

Oh he plays this way. Yeah now its going to get very theoretical.

I'm not sure I like that but I don't really have...

don't really have a choice. It's really the only way to...

ah he does this.

Yeah this I just don't know at all.

So yeah I have no idea what the theory says here.

I probably should but I don't.

Okay queen b3 back.

Knight f5, I'm going to go queen b2.

Now its going to make a draw. Quite yet.

Drop back with the bishop and I'm hoping to claim that after all...

his lack of not castling rights but...

his difficulty in castling is an important factor.

So now I suppose I need to play actively.

No okay. The intention is king f7, knight e4 obviously.


Hmm c4, he goes f5.

It's not that easy. I got to fly faster.

Finding it surprisingly hard to crack his position here.

Feel like I should be a bit better but it's not that easy.

That I'm a bit suspicious of...

leaving the knight out to dry on a5.

I suppose maybe he can get away with it.

Yeah, now I just need to play faster. Just burning all my time.

I'm not finding the solutions.

Maybe knight e4. Queen c7 okay.

My moves aren't particularly good but I...

cannot spend too much time anymore.

It's now hopingOkay this looks very suspicious.

Thinkon the previous move was also good but...

No maybe it was just better but I'm still doing,

I'm still doing very well but time is starting to become an issue.

Bishop d6, the idea is knight d4. Yeah so that's why he goes for this.

He can take on b6, he didn't do that.

I'm in serious danger of losing on time here. Queen b4, I like this.

Looks like I'm getting some momentum back.

Yeah now I just got to play fast.

Oh I don't have .... queen that's a problem.

My technique is abysmal, I'm just too slow.

Wooh, that was close. Wow.

Okay. Before I do anything more, I guess I'm just going to...

Okay that was... that was a good game.

It wasn't a good game but it was a good fight

and Para Guerilla fought very well and he had every right

to expect something from that game.

Okay try something a bit slower 5 minute game here.

Okay d4, d5.

How should I make this interesting?

I guess the answer is it aint that easy.

Knight f3 is a bit of an inaccuracy

because now I get c4 then bishop to f5 and knight to h5.

And yeah this is the kind of position

as black you're happy since you're definitely not worse

and probably already a bit better but people who played with white

aren't too happy either because this is...

At least before the London System got popular

this is the kind of position people were used to getting.

It just didn't really play the London for an advantage,

you just wanted a solid position where you can play

which with no pretension of playing for an advantage just

not necessarily even for equality. Just a position.

So should I castle or is that premature? Ah I guess I'll just castle.

It doesn't feel like my opponent has particularly evil intentions,

I have to say.

I can go knight a5 but I feel like he goes rook ad1. Knight b3, queen d1.

I'm not sure what I'vewhats the word?

Achieved and so I'm trying to just push b4 instead.

I guess I can just go b4 immediately after general exchanges

then I would have had rook b8, stacking up on

on the b pawn.

Queen b2 was a terrible move. He had the chance...

they were

playing something...

f5. Exactly f5 and then I would have to play rook b8

in order to discourage rook b1.

It's not like my position would have been bad,

its just that now I'm clearly better and in that case

it would have beenright there.

I'm just trying to calculate if gf isn't a good...

if ef then I would take on c2.

Everything takes on c2, take on d4 and a1 will hang in the end.

I can take on c2 but he doesn't have to take back, that's a problem.

He can go fg for instance.

Okay so... hes going for fg and then knight f3 which is sensible.

I just go bishop f6 to protect and he doesn't have any attacks.

Actually bishop f6 is really lazy move.

Could've gone rook b3, just winning c3 and getting clear advantage.

I suppose that possibility won't run away

but yeah this is unfortunately bad for him.

He just loses a piece of queen c2. Take back and take on g5.

And if rook c2, I just take a1. That's going to be the ballgame.

Now my rook from b2 is protecting my queen

so he doesn't have time to make an in between move.

Guess I'll just go king g7.

He has to go knight h3 I guess but in reality the outcome of the game

isn't that much in doubt at this point.

It's very much a case of being a rook up for very little.

Guess I'll just go rook h8. g4 is impossible.

Might push the pawn, why not?

Yeah he's fighting as best as he can but it's a lost cause.

Just take on g5, brutal but knight e6, queen e6, queen g6.

I don't think that was very good

but it's like a decent way to get the game over with.

It's now king f3, f5 traps the bishop.

So that was a little trap I was hoping for.

He doesn't give up though

but starting to look pretty bad.

And that's the rook. Now, hes really in for it.

Okay, good game.

Let's go on to the next.

Okay let's try this one, kleopl.

Clearly somebody from Poland. Hes pretty good at both bullet and blitz,

so it's going to be a nice little challenge.

Yeah I'm going to just see again if people have learned

from the previous banter blitz in which I implored my opponent to take on e4.

You just cannot let such a tasty pawn go untasted. But he also...

feels like he's sinning against chess by not accepting that gift.

Actually, if he had gone knight f6, I could have played d3

and that would have been...

in my opinion quite hilarious transposition to the bishop game

which usually comes from

1. e4 e5, bishop c4, knight f6, d3, c6, knight f3, d5, bishop b3.

Okay so f6

that does not smell right to me, I have to say that.

So I have options.

I can go d4, knight d5.

It's not easy, so many tempting options.

Yeah once again, I'm just burning time.

Whatever knight c3. If bishop b6 then d4 looks really strong,

so I suppose he has to go d4.

d4, I'm not going to say what I will play but it will not be knight e2.

It would've been knight b1 ha ha.

No, I would have gone knight d5, knight e5, fe5, queen h5, king d7, queen a5.

I'm close to the threat of queen e6, I think I got d4 as well.

It looks like I have a very interesting game.

Now bishop e6, d4.

Again dude why is this better than taking on...

than taking on e4 on move 3? I mean why would you rather want this position?

Now I've developed three pieces, you've developed one. You weaken...

their position with f6.

You're three moves away from castling, I'm one move away from castling.

Everything points to my position being vastly superior.

Often rules can be broken in chess but I do not believe this time

that he can afford this, so I think this is just very poor.

And yeah, so now he may win a pawn

but don't think it's going to matter.

ed, wouldn't surprise me if castles is good but I think I'll just go knight e4.

Not one to give up material unnecessarily.

Queen e7 creative. Try maybe it was something else d5 just looks crushing.

cd, knight d5 amongst other things. Fork on c7.

Knight a6 ok.

Why not...

castle if you can. That's the famous movie.

I'm sure his plan is knight c5 or knight c7.

If I want a simple option, which I think at this point I want,

I'll just take on g8 and take on c6.

Yeah this isn't a good idea either.

Knight e4, just looks so juicy.

Knight coming to f5, possible fork.

And nowhere near castling.

A bit surprised it's not mate quite yet.

Stick with the bishop even attacking b7.


That was really lazy and dumb.

That's why you don't take with the bishop

because you allow queenside castling.

I'm still much, much better.

That was lazy.

That was aon c3.

That is just so dumb.

But still completely winning.

Just too big a positional advantage to squander.

And some little tactics.

Let's do this just for fun.

Obviously everything else was better but still completely winning.

Oh that was a bit risky.

And that's now five pawns which is a bit bit more than he can bear I think.

He's trying but he has absolutely no target for attack.

That's the thing about being many pawns up.

Your pieces usually have good squares.

Okay, anyway he fought well, after a disastrous opening

so got to give him that.

Okay let me try this one. This is going to be tough.

Mareco is a very good player.

He was pretty much 2,700 last year. Now he's tuning into banter blitz.

That's great, we love to have good players here. Get some real challenges.

Okay e5, am I going to hit him with some World Championship prep?

Yeah guess I am.

And d4 is what I used to beat Fabi in the first playoff game.

Yeah but Mareco is yeah hes a very positional player

so makes sense that he's just going for the d4 square here.

He feels like he hasn't done anything wrong.

He's got those dark squares and everything's going to be fine.

On the other hand, I will get a relatively easy game.

I will go king h2 and I will presumably play f4.

So that's interesting. It's just...

maybe I can go bishop e3? Knight c2 doesn't seem to work.

No tactics with knight g4 or anything.

He can go bishop g4.

Bishop d4, think I'm doing quite well.

Knight d7, not sure I'm too crazy about that move.

Oh, I just realised my move was bad. Well there were many reasons.

No I wanted... obviously to go bishop d4, no knight d4, e4, bishop back to...

and to preserve my bishop but then

he would just play d5 trapping the knight so.

I got to do something else but in such a position

it's not necessarily a disaster to lose some time

and again if he does take on e2 at any point I will take back with the queen.

If he takes on e3, take again.

Technically he's exchange some of the right pieces

but I'm not sure it will lead to anything particularly good for him

because I still have the space advantage and good control over the centre.

So now I'm just making more or less neutral moves

because it's not that easy to clarify the situation in the centre

and I'm never really sure whether I actually want to play f5.

Yeah this makes sense.

So now I'm finally preparing to take on d4 so now I assume...

I assume he's going to do something about it to the effect of...

no actually it wasn't which surprises me a bit.

Am I not just winning a pawn here? Take a5.

He does get some play but I don't think in any way its sufficient.

Queen back.

b4 feels good. I think I'm going to get the de.

e5 square for my pawn.

I'm not sure how juicy the pawn on b7 is.

I'm just going to reroute some pieces instead.

He's fighting well. I got to say.

I got to go faster.

This game is going to go down to the wire.

Queen h5. I'm just going to go for it.

Yeah he's going to lose on time. Unfortunately for him.

That's mate.

Okay, very tough game again.

Just a very difficult positional fight in which I don't think

that I played so great. Yeah he was just a little too slow at the end.

Okay let me try this one.

It's a woman FM. Wow Tanni. She has a good rating now.

3 minutes? I thought this was 5?

Okay let me try a move I haven't tried so far which is 1. f4

but it was good to

it was good enough to beat a former world champion

who is now retired from classical chess.

Hopefully, it's good enough against Tanni as well.

I suppose some exchanges on c-section wouldn't be too bad.

Hmm, I don't like this one.

Think she should have just taken on

knight c6 once you have the chance. Now I think I'm getting a huge grip.

Maybe I'm losing my grip. Who knows?

Knight c5 looks nice. Bishop moves then c6 is hanging.

Yeah and if this...

the aforementioned grip is very much in place.

Yeah so the idea is knight e6, I'm just going to go bishop a3.

Oooh e6, that is super ugly.

e4 I suppose. If this, yeah I just go de and her knight is...

absolutely... absolutely scorched.

Maybe I have to exchange queens now, just not a problem at all.

Rook e8, I like this one. Take away every single square.

She literally had no good squares for any of her pieces and that means...

normally means anyway that the game is lost.

And I now got a plan of rook to f1 next, f7 will fall.

And there's simply nothing she can do. It's just completely bust.

And this doesn't help at all.

She's just losing a pawn for very little compensation.

Okay that was a bit naive on my part because I wanted rook f7

but I now see that knight f5 comes. Yeah that was a bit unnecessary.

That was a bit unnecessary.

Okay bishop g5, obviously not going to exchange that one.

a4 underlines her helplessness.

Yeah this doesn't help at all, unfortunately.

f5, ef. f7 and I think she's going to resign.

Okay yeah that was...

got to be careful with accepting those three pawns earlier on

because there might be a whole bunch...

of weak squares around it and it may ruin the whole game.

We got a Norweigen! Wow, smack my bishop.

Okay and I got whites again which I think is absolutely undeserved

but there we go.

g6, that is brave. When you'reagainst me.

This has been my kind of my pet system for this.

I guess the Modern for a while, especially in rapid and blitz.

I don't think it's particularly good,

so warning if you play the Modern against me in a classical tournament

I will quite probably play something else.

Bishop g4, okay now this is really asking for something isn't it?

e5yeah looks good.

One of the ideas is bishop f7.

And if the knight moves immediately then...

This doesn't help, unfortunately.

Ded, knight cannot move because f7 is hanging.

And smack my bishop may end up smacking one of my bishops

but he will not win the war, sadly.

You got to be careful with the kind of moves like bishop g4.

When the bishop was on c4, f7 is always a theme.

Again one of the things that you learn with more experience.

Is he going to smack my bishop? Or is he not? That is the question.

He is! That's good. Got to live up to your nickname.

Rook g8, queen b7. Hes going to lose even more material.

Check doesn't help though. Your rook is still lost and that's nice checkmate.

So I'm going to first and foremost try and play people

I haven't played before and if I do accept a challenge against somebody

I've played before then it's a mistake because I...

either I misclicked or I don't remember that I played you

which I'm sorry about. That's just my narcissism.

Okay. TheDalaiDrama. Who's this?

He or she is quite good at bullets blitz, hasn't played classical.

Okay 1. e4 let's go. That was a quick reply.

Got ourselves a Sicilian.

Nice noted that I've struggled here so it's a good choice.

Should I do c4? It's not very good line

but I've played it a couple of times in the world of rapid and blitz.

I have to say, without any success.

So this is what I had against Vishy in the World Championships with pawn a6.

I do believe it's a better version for black with the pawn on a7

but I feel that this end game is still no picnic.

So I don't think it's something that black should be going for.

I feel like you really need to take on c3 now,

otherwise I get knight e4, clearly better.

So he should go bishop c3 and now again since his pawn is not on a6,

b6 is not weakened which is an improvement for him but I still have

the bishop pair and easier play so complain, I should not.


And I see no particular reason to not follow what I did against Vishy.

Again, that's the famous game where I blundered horribly...

with king d2 I think. He didn't see it, he could have just gone knight d5

and won the game on the spot but he didn't and I won the game...

and the championship, so there you go.

One of the most... yeah nervous minutes of my chess career, that has to be said.

This I don't think is too great.

Now I just win this pawn and he can take on e5.

But I wouldn't have done that if I was him because this is...

this really is eternal pin, I think.

Question is, if I can take advantage of it? I feel like it's very likely I can.

I wanted to play c5, just to bury it.

His bishop as well with let's say bc, c4 but then he can go c5,

king d5 which would have been a bit of a bummer.

Okay king d2, I suppose.

I should warn you that if g5, I may capture him. Yeah I may do that.

Not proud of it but I think I'm going to do it.

Let's say bishop g3, I don't see a plan so I should just capture.

If knight g4, king e2 so doesn't win anything.

Oh! No okay.

I thought for a moment there I allowed knight g4, king e2, knight h2

but then I have bishop f4 and if he goes e5 immediately

then I should not go f3 as I originally planned

because of knight h2 but I go king e1 first and he still has knight g2.

Damn it. So I have to go to g3 just super ugly

but beggars can't be choosers.

But this game turned very interesting. He disconnected, why does he do that?

Some serious Dalai drama now.

No come on don't just disconnect, he's just teasing me.

He's back, he was just teasing.

What were you doing? Sorry, bad connection here.

Yeah, no kidding. It's okay though.

Just keep missing stuff. Okay I mean I just had bishop g2 which is...

which is just luck to be honest,

it's just pure luck that I have bishop g2 here.

And that there was not a draw on the spot

or maybe even worse like if I moved the g5 bishop

and he had bishop a6 first then I would lose both c4 and a2

and maybe I would have to fight very hard for a draw

but now I believe I still have a winning chances.

Yeah sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.

e4 I guess I'm going to give a check. I don't think e4 was the best chance.

Now this bishop is hopefully going to come alive.

King e3 I suppose.


Yeah hes losing the threat now. Bishop f5.

Yeah I guess I should give

hmm it's not that easy. Bishop c7.

Not king d2 because knight a3 so king f4 instead.

Bishop e4.

Yeah and those two pawns are a bit too much.

Good game though. He had a number of tactical tricks there

and frankly was more due to luck than anything else

that I managed to escape it with a still superior position

and win so good fight. Definitely good fight.

Okay let's try this one,

Jonathan Garcia.

A Spaniard.

Okay, what do I want to try?

Still haven't really gotten good game with

or interesting game this particular line so I'm going to try again.

Everybody just takes on d5. Why are you doing this?

I want to see e5. I want to see something interesting.

Now I'm just fine. c5 is coming. I just got a good game.

But he hasn't done anything wrong. It's just a little bit dull.

Now got a little trick, if rook b7 then I would have had...

Actually this was probably not the most brilliant idea.

Okay, I was just so focused on this trick with

with bishop g4, rook b7 that I would have had knight a5

but he went wrong pretty quickly so now I'm just pawn up

with very little compensation.

Obviously, do it in the opposite colour bishops,

he's going to be able to fight for a long time.

It's going to be an uphill battle that's for sure.

He's doing fine. 1,500. I've definitely seen 1,500s

or much better players play magnitudes worse than this. Hes doing fine.

e6 always a good idea to occupy some squares.

Hes setting a little trap.

Hes hoping for queen c2 then he would have went rook d8.

b1 is not hanging because the bishop is protecting it.

He would've won the queen.

Should have been noted thatsorry.

I changed everything on the previous move with rook d8, rook d8,

rook d1 instead of rook d3. I would've taken.

Queen c4 would've been a double attack against e4 and a2.

I'm just saying that because normally I wouldn't play,

just play rook d8 facilitating the exchange of all four rooks.

Unless there was some tactical finesse to it.

He's fighting well.

This is the best plan just trying to soften my light squares

but it's not going to be enough. You should have taken e6 though.

Then I would've had to play fe.

Queen e6 doesn't look too great and yeah this unfortunately loses the rook.

And that bishop on g7 has been very happy now for a long time.

And again I suppose hes playing to mates which is okay.

Its not going to take that long. Just push those pawns.

My technique isn't great but who cares? Not as if I'm going to spoil this.

And that's mate.

Okay sir, good fight. 52 moves, that wasn't bad.

Let's see. Going to do a few more, not quite done yet

but well see just how many.

Okay let's try this one. It's a very

TheDillingerEscapePlan is thatis that the band?

Was that a wartime strategy or what?

Maybe somebody in the chat can educate me.

This is a really dumb gambit but who cares?

Basically giving up a pawn for some tempe.

He's playing so fast. Has he seen all of this before?

Looks too dumb for that to be the case but who knows?

There's theory in everything these days.

Queen e7 is maybe over subtle.

Well see. Oh queen e2. That doesn't seem very good because now knight c6.

I'm getting time.

Queen e3, knight h6 could be very nasty.

Threatening both knight f5 and g4 in case he goes c3.

And if he does play c3 now, I'll probably play knight f6,

maybe something else. At least I'm pretty happy.

Huh that's an interesting move. Very interesting.

Knight e4. Knight e5, queen a5, queen a4, knight c2,

king d1, queen e4, bishop e4, knight a1, knight c7,

king d8, knight a8, knight f6.

Yeah I don't have to do that. I can go knight...

Oh he can take on c4 okay then I go knight f6.

So I mean when I was talking about was knight d4. Knight d5.

Queen e5 then he can take on c4 rather than

What? Is this a mistake?

I must have done something wrong here. I don't believe you just give me...

give me a piece for no reason.

Now he's losing more material. Castlesmate with knight f3.

Otherwise, c2 is hanging. All sorts of carnage.

Yeah that was weird.

To be fair, I don't think his position was great at that point anyways.

Anyway just giving up a piece which was really weird.

Let me just see.

Okay let's try this one, Joris01, young Dutchman. I think he beat...

If I'm not completely mistaken, he may have beaten...

was it Luke was the first? Maybe it was Fes at an earlier banter blitz.

I think I tuned in just to watch him beat one of those guys.

Hes clearly a fairly good player.

But Joris, you got to make a move. You got to be ready.

That's task number one.

So he's playingwell these young guys are playing with trendy stuff.

That's what all the experts play against the Trompowsky.

e6 I'm kind of happy to see though. Because now I get a fairly easy game.

When I get the chance, I'll go f4. Why not?

I'm not sure he should have been so eager to castle there

to be honest because my attack will probably kind of play itself and also...

cd, it's a little bit dubious positionally. ed is always nice.

My grip on e5 will get even better.

He should go knight e8, I think.

But I just have to settle for something like bishop e7

and yeah it's just a normal game.

Maybe knight e5 was a bit over optimistic.

Rook e8, I don't understand at all.

Don't see how that can lead to anything good.

h6, maybe his idea was knight d7 and then he discovered bishop h7,

winning on the spot but this is also not very good.

I shouldn't have taken on f6. But I was hoping for knight d7 in order to

to get the chance to go for this.

Really, really want to play

want to play rook f7 now.

Queen f7, bishop h7, king f8, rook f1, bishop f6 I think,

bishop g6 is pretty good. Maybe he can just take on h7, queen f7.

Yeah I mean I have a pretty much winning position,

after queen h4 and its really...

would really be senseless to risk it all.

Just to play it for the audience.

I never cared about the audience anyway. That's not me.

Apologise, again. Technical difficulty.

So I'm deciding whether to go

with rook f7 I see really no reason to.

Yeah I'm wasting a lot of time.

It's not like it's going to be an issue anytime soon.

The thematic move there in all of these positions is obviously rook f6

but I haven't been able to make it work quite yet.

It's probably going to go queen g5 but I don't think it helps, queen f3 back.

None of his problems are solved.

h4. Queen g3. f5 that fails ef but if king h8,

I would have finally gone

for rook f6.

Yeah sorry Joris, I don't think this was your best effort.


I am a bit lucky though getting white

against all of these very strong players.

So we got ourselves another game, Baruda.

Norwegian, love to see so many Norwegians on today.

It's very encouraging.

And it looks like he's playing a solid opening.

But c5 may have taken him bit by surprise, maybe not.

But he's got himself a Queens Gambit, tempo up,

which by all accounts is not bad.

May not fit everybody's definition of great but what does?

Maybe bishop f5 wasn't so great. Just trying to prevent bishop e5 naturally.

Steady might have gotten a really nice grip over this e5 square.

Bishopg7. These guys in positions.

Hes trying to be tricky. You don't always have to trade.

No dude, you got to take back. You got to take back the knight.

What are you doing? You cannot just put the knight on e5

and then not take back. I would have won a pawn

but now you just gave me a knight for nothing.

And that is not a luxury you can afford yourself against me.

Now it's going to be an uphill battle.

So hes lost a pawn now, grab one more.

Takes on f6, I will just take back.

I will castle and very soon I think cash in the pawns.

Rook d2. Doubling rooks is not necessarily a bad idea.

Oh so dumb. My point with e3 was queen e3, bishop g5.

But it's pretty selfless.

Exchanges are not going to help you sir. You're still a bishop down.

There will be no salvation in this game.

But you're going to last a number of moves so if that was the goal

then good for you.

Yeah now the pawn is queening. Mate is going to be coming quite swiftly.

And there it is. Okay thanks for the game.

I'm going to do two more games and then I'm leaving.

Okay let's try this one 3 minutes. NITe90, Nikola Tesla.

He's being revived, in Poland no less. It's being used.

So... let's see.

I'll try and play my old favourite line against that Taimanov

whatever you want to call it.

Think queen e1 was recommended. I never really got the point

but as I had one game early on in the banter today

which I talked about how that position sort of looked similar to this one.

So now I guess people who saw that gamewill get the point.

Should I go queen e3? Maybe. Doesn't look so bad.

There must be some point to all this right?

Hoping that I'm going to get a nice grip on d6...

and if he does play b5, I shall go

knight b6, take on c8 and play a4.

b4 I don't trust, I have to say. Most of all queen g3 is a double attack

which I could have done before a3, a4 sorry.

And why didn't I not play

play queen g3 immediately? Did I think that a4 was better to include? No.

I just did not see it yet. But I got another chance so lucky.

King e7 yeah. Starting to wonder whether

I should actually take a pawn quite yet. Okay can't resist such a nice pawn.

Yeah speaking of nice pawns,

I also like the looks of that one on a6

so I'm just going to capture it or not just let it slip.

Assuming the queen exchange cannot be too bad.

I can actually just take...

on c5. It's really arrogant way of playing. Bishop b7.

Yeah again, I'm not sure if this was the best way.

I just liked it for the sheer arrogance of it, just take on g2, I don't care.

He does have some threats though. Let's say, rook goes to g6 and then...

I have to be a bit careful. Watching out for things like...

rook to g5. Watching out for things like knight to g4

but I don't think it's too terrible a threat yet.

Oh now I saw line. So the line I was thinking of was

so I guess I should just go f3.

The line I was thinking of was a5, knight g4, f3.

(Magnus says something)

Okay let me just try to force it.

e5 coming.

He has to do this but theshould be fairly hopeless.

He does get the rook on

Hes too many pawns down, at least that's what I think.

c4 going for another one. Yeah I'm just going to take on h4.

Oh I'm short of time. Damn it.

Oh shit.

Play fast now.

Oh damn it! Good game, first draw of the banter blitz.

Didn't have enough time to mate him.

That was a bit disappointing.

Anyway, as it says, can't win them all.

Okay so last game of the day.

Going to do 5 minutes because this one was a bit too stressful

for my fragile nervous system.

Okay let's try this one.

ViciousSeal, I don't think I've played ViciousSeal before.

I've played baby seal but not the vicious older brother.

So here we go last game of the day.

I feel like I'm getting way too many white games,

is that a bug in the system or is that just the way it is

when you play banter blitz that they give you extra whites? Who knows?

Knight e3, what is he thinking now?

Doesn't he know whether he wants to go for the Kings Indian or the Grünfeld,

its hard to say.

Okay h4, that's what everybody does right?

So who am Iwho am I to do anything else?


I guess the idea is that

this is somehow a better version for white than normal Grünfeld?

The question is how am I going to...

how am I going to exploit this? Naturally, I have no idea.


Normally you castle because here this is considered

to give me further pleasant play.

That's why I played rook b1 in order to go d5 after knight c6.

The rook is not hanging anymore on the a file.

Oh sorry on a1. Yeah now we got...

we got a normal line except for the fact that I don't have to

don't have to play bishop. I haven't spent the tempo on

on bishop e2 which I normally would.

Castling? Not sure quite how to justify though.

Ah why not?

What I probably will do after bishop c3 is queen to a4 that is my current plan.

Then he might go to b6 and I suppose I should try something

along the lines of bishop to c6.

Convincing? Nah. Wouldn't say so. Most definitely not.

Interesting? No, not that interesting but it's what we got to work with.

This on the other hand, fairly happy to see.

Now I got a number of options. I could go bishop e3, if he takes

then f7 is also hanging in some lines.

And yeah wasn't too hard to talk myself into that one.

If he could just castle, he would obviously be fine

but he does have to spend some time preparing castles.

Yeah b6 and now bishop c6 looks really good to me.

Why did it look good? I have no idea. He could've just gone rook c8.

Yeah I'm too tired for this people, unfortunately.

I don't know why but haven't really been at my best today.

Mmmm I guess there will be more chances

and it's been a fun ride anyway so it's okay.


I guess this is not bad. f6, I will simply

I will simply move.

e4 preparing rook b3.

Yeah hes just toast here. Too many...

central pawns and too weak a king.

So even though material is somewhat reduced.

He has very little chance to survive this one.

d6 feels good. He has to go back to e8.

Then queen g5 looks very good.

Oh rook h7. Sort of

this prolongs the game to have another one.

Do I have a better move?

Rook b3, again rook d8. And queen d6 is coming.

I'm looking at lines with rook d1, rook g8, e5, queen d6.

I'm not finding them to convincing to be honest.

Why can't I find a knockout blow here?

Why am I so weak at dynamics in chess sometimes?

Okay, I'm going to play something. It's really dumb but what can you do?

Hes got some fighting chances.

Position isobjectively winning but...

it's not quite over yet.

He can fight since my pawns are menacing

and give me a very, very strong advantage but it's not.

They're not going to queen. At least not if he plays more or less precisely.

He doesn't have a threat so just going to go rook f5.

d7, rook f1. And I wasn't actually intending to take on f6

because then I would have the e7 square for the king

but now that he moves to g7. Then I just take on e7 is next.

That's going to be over.

He should have tried the king f8 back but then I can go...

I think f7, rook e6, rook g5, game over.

Okay. I think that's it. That was a long session.

I was a bit tired today, sorry about that.

So the games, nor the banter weren't as good as they could have been.

I'm sure we'll get another chance.

To everybody who played, thanks so much to everybody who tuned in

and to all of those who didn't get the chance,

sure there will be more and keep up the good work.

And you'll get your chance, I hope.

Thank you.

The Description of Banter Blitz with World Champion Magnus Carlsen (3)