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Peace be upon you all. This is your host, Faisal Alsaif.

Have you noticed that the video is vertical? I wanted to try this method.

We are used to watching horizontal videos, but 90% of my viewers watch my videos using phones.

If I want to show you a device using horizontal orientation, you won't see the real size of the device.

But if I make a vertical video, then the device's size might be shown better.

So I decided to make a vertical video about the Galaxy A80. If you like this idea, like this video and leave a comment.

This device comes with a whole front screen without a notch. We don't always use the front facing camera.

Hiding the front facing camera in the frame or on the back is a good thing.

Samsung decided to make the rear cameras flip.

But this resulted in a slightly heavy device. The device weighs 220g, which is not that heavy.

But it needs some gettings used to. The other thing is that you get a full front display.

It also doesn't have a headphone jack. The device is already thick, why Samsung didn't use a headphone jack?

It also doesn't have an SD card, but it has beautiful features. Let's first talk about the design.

The back of the device is made from glass, and the cameras are horizontal. The camera area is separated as the cameras themselves move away from the frame.

Behind the cameras, there is a Samsung logo. The frame is made from aluminum and the front from glass.

The thickness is 9.3mm and it weighs 220g.

The weight makes you think of older devices. The screen is 6.7", and it occupies the front of the device without a notch.

The screen is Super AMOLED with 2400x1080 resolution.

The aspect ratio is 20:9 with 393ppi.

The screen occupies 85.8% of the front of the device. The main feature beside the camera is the screen on this phone.

It has 3 rear cameras used also for front selfies.

The main camera is 48MP with an F/2.0 aperture.

The view degree is 80.

The second one is ultra wide 8MP with an F/2.2 aperture. The view angle is 123 similar to the human eye.

The third is depth sensor with an F/1.2 aperture.

It has LED flash and supports EIS.

The device supports normal and wide angle and the performance is satisfactory.

With the ultra wide lens, you will get more natural colors and better HDR.

It supports digital zoom up to 8x.

It supports Portrait, and its performance is good. It also automatically detect faces.

It also supports night mode, and honestly the performance was good.

Compared with other devices from this category, the experiment was satisfactory.

It supports AI mode, where it detects the scene and gives you the best settings for it.

It supports Pro mode, slo-mo with 720p@480fps.

Finally, the device supports AR and you can make your own emoji using AR.

When you want to take a selfie video, this will be the outcome.

This video is taken using the 48MP lens.

You won't be able to use the ultra wide lens in video in selfie mode, but if you flip it back, then you can use it.

The depth camera will work on both modes, though.

Let me flip the cameras and see what happens.

This is the angle when using the rear cameras. This video is taken with the 48MP lens.

The audio you hear is also recorded on the device.

Let me shift to the 8MP Ultra wide 123 degrees lens.

This is the amount of content you can see using this ultra wide lens.

But you can benefit from it when use it in a regular way. Let me show you how it looks like.

This is the event card. These are for previous events I attended.

Let me change the camera. This is the regular lens.

Do you see the difference?

If you want to change the lens, you will have to stop the video and restart it again with the ultra wide lens.

You can't change lenses if you're shooting a video. The video must stop first.

The CPU is the Qualcomm 730 with 8 cores. It is from the mid-range category.

The CPU is built on 8nm. The GPU is the Adreno 618.

When testing the CPU on Geekbench, it scored 1996 points for single core and 5409 points for multicore.

We tested PUBG, and it automatically started with high settings. The performance was smooth.

The device supports Samsung's Game Launcher feature.

It supports recording and taking snaps while playing a game.

This feature is also available on Note and S Series.

The RAM is 8GB and the onboard storage is 128GB.

The phone doesn't support an SD card.

The device, though, supports 2 SIM cards.

Samsung's One UI is great.

We're used to its shortcuts now.

There is a problem, though. The screen is big and it is hard to use it with one hand.

I noticed this while using the camera. If I want to flip it and my hand touches the screen, it won't register it.

The idea is different. The screen is great to watch content on.

But where I would I find a content for such aspect ratio.

The colors of the device are great. It looks like it comes with 3 different colors. But these colors are the most suitable.

The device runs Android 9 with One UI from Samsung.

The One UI experience is still really great.

The UI is smooth and easy and simple to use.

It supports Bluetooth 5 and dual band WiFi: 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

It also supports NFC which means it will work with Mada Pay.

It comes with a USB-C port but there is no headphone jack.

It has an in-display fingerprint sensor, but it is not as smooth as a regular fingerprint sensor.

But it will do its job. It also supports the Knox feature.

It comes with a single speaker with Dolby Atmos support, but in order for it to work, you must use a headphone that supports it.

The battery is 3700mAh.

And it supports quick charging with 15w.

The fast charger comes in the box.

The phone comes with black, ghost white and angel gold.

But I didn't get the angel gold color.

The box contains a white cover, fast wall adapter, USB-C port, and USB-C headphone.

The device also supports WiFi calling if it is supported with your carrier.

It also supports LTE Advance. It gives the best phone quality, but it also depends on your carrier.

The price of the device is 2299 SAR. Other currencies available on the screen.

What do I like about this device? The cameras can be used for rear and front shooting. The performance is also good.

According to Samsung, the camera hardware is very good.

Dropping the device won't affect the camera mechanism.

When the device drops, the camera retracts so it won't be affected.

Also, the screen is huge, and it doesn't have a notch, which is comforting for eyes.

Cons: shifting between camera modes is not very responsive. Let's hope this will be fixed with a software update.

And the shift between rear and front cameras is slightly delayed.

But it is due the camera mechanism.

It is also slightly heavy, which is strange for this category. But you will get used to it along with the big screen.

At the end, it is up to you.

After knowing the price, it is not really from the mid-range category price.

A series start with budget prices, mid-range and now we've started to enter premium prices.

A100's price is expected to be 2800 SAR.

A series isn't just a budget or mid-range series.

It is a complete series full of options.

Samsung changed their method in this series.

We've seen something different from Samsung as they are still trying to innovate.

Samsung have decided to follow 4 years ago method.

They want to release lots of models and styles of devices.

They stopped this method a few years ago and focused on G, A and S series.

But now, they want to flood the market with lots of devices from different categories.

As they now have a Chinese competitor who release lots of devices for consumers.

Resulting in more market share. Huawei has done this.

Samsung in 2019 have released lots of innovations, beautiful devices and cool stuff.

Is this the best device from the A series?

Yes, it has innovation. It has a camera mechanism not available on any other device.

Especially, when you change from rear to front. We've missed this from Samsung.

Many other companies do similar tech.

This is the end of this video. What do you think of vertical videos?

If you maximize the video, you'll be able to see the difference.

Participate in the poll regarding vertical videos.

Glory and praise be to Allah. I witness there is no God but Allah. I ask Allah for forgiveness and I repent to Him. See you later.

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