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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ขยี้ยับ Year2 [EP35]・Budder!!

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Wu, do you want a red envelope? (Envelope is a monetary gift, given on Chinese New Year)

Do you want it?



Youre closing your eyes~

Do you wanna sleep or wanna eat?

Eh? What do you want?

Youre eating now

Eat up


Enjoy eating

When Music bought bright red lipsticks for her buddy and budder with out knowing that her budder was PTom, CEO of a group

Kha-yi Yab Year 2 Ep. 35Budder!!”

English subtitles by 19.01c

Edited by BNK47.5

Why did you just wake up?’

I already took a shower and washed my hair

I just got a kalimba, right?

So, I...just start to practice it

I was like it is...

It is a bit hard

Yeah, my eyebrows are gone

I didnt wear makeup yet

I really want to sleep

I should have put on my makeup

But Im...


I should have put on cushion foundation...

And concealer...

Also my eyebrows...

Yeah, I should put on makeup...Thats a lot of work

I dont want to...Im lazy!

Wuwam (Her hamster) is sleeping

I want to sleep too!

Why Wuwam can sleep but I cant...

Who is a member that you like in CGM48?’

I like PRina...Yas!

I really miss...CGM48s Shihinen

Like, when I was doing something

I always thought about PRina

Like, if PRina was here, she would...


WhatsAre you two really an imagine couple?’ (A show in The Ska X BNK48 channel)

I didnt watch it yet

Because we just shoot it, right?

I already watched PNamneung and PNoeys episode

When I prepared myself

It was!

I felt like...

Those questions...meant to tease me

Are you two really an imagine couple?

Were NOT!!

Because I dont know the answer!~

That buddy game was so fun!

Im not sure if I can tell you guys this or not...

But It was hilarious

I can tell you, right?

So, there are buddy and budder, right?

Buddy is a person that you got their names

And budder is a person that got your name

So, in the final day...

I bought something for my buddy and budder

My buddy was PAR

And she loves to put on a red lipstick

So I bought her a lipstick

It was quite red though

Like women would love it

Because I asked a staff in the shop

They saidThis color always sold out, this is really nice

But I didnt know who is my buddy

This person was like...

Gave my things that women would like

Like Murakami...things like that

This person must be a woman

Because majority of our group are women

So I bought 2 lipsticks

And Kru (Teacher) Ae announced

Everyone, give a gift to your buddy

I was...holding my gift and locked on my target

So I walked to PAR

She saidThank you

I didnt know it was yousomething like that!

Hey! I got you a gift too!”

And I received her gift

Then I walked away and saw PRose

She saidHey, Music is here!”

And I saw, like she gonna give me something

I asked myselfMy budder is PRose?”

Then someone walked past PRose

And she nudged that person

“‘Here! Music is here!”

That person took something from Kru Rose

And handed it to me...

This is yours

That person is...

PTom!! (CEO of a group)

I was...


And my hand was holding a lipstick

A lipstick that I was gonna give to my budder

That was...

Take a lipstick back, or give himsituation



But I didnt receive any useful things

Where did I got

A 50 billion confidence percent

That my budder is a woman!!?


This one...“

I bought it for my budder!!”

And PTom received it


And PRose who was standing next to him...

She patted PTom shoulder

(Patt Patt)

Ill use it


So, today Im a salesman

I dont know when they going to announce 3rd generation members?

If you want to know

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Please come and join BNK48

Thats all for today...

I need to put on my makeup~

Whats wrong with my tongue! Whats wrong!!


Thank you for watching!

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