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Hello Hero! Welcome to this Solo Magicka

Templar PvP & PvE built. Before i go into all the details...

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This is what it looks like

when it's easy to play PvP.

A Magicka Templar running Pirate skeleton (Monster set).

Can wear any two other sets or

run around naked in Cyrodiil and

still survive a lot! I wouldn't recommend it

but this is the way to go if you have

problems staying alive. besides that I

run 5 Shackle Breaker

I run 5 Rattlecage

this is craftable, this is farmable in Vault of Madness.

The first boss drops rings (Gem of Madness)

and necklace in named items. The 4th Boss

Titan called Omen, drops 1H sword and

the Shield and Resto staff you need to

be lucky and find that somewhere in there.

But if you have this setup you

will be sitting on 34k max Magicka 29k max Health and

15k max Stamina. With 3 stat Glyphs

on all the armor pieces.

Spell damage, Spell damage and magicka Recovery on the jewelry.

With this setup 3.2 K spell damage

A lot of resistance!

As you can see 21k spell resistance

Physical resistance at almost 17 K unbuffed.

If we just buff up.

You will see those numbers rise a lot!

30K spell resistance 25k physical resistance

and still 47.9 - 48% Crit.

I'm a vampire. I recommend that both for

moving around faster, when you sneak.

But also a bit more recovery.

I'm an Argonian. That's perfect for this build.

More resources when we drink a Potion.

Also more healing so for PvP

at least, that's the way to go.

If you play mostly PvE

High Elf might be better for you.

But still this works beautifully, I will do a

DPS parse at the end. So you can see, you can easily

Get past 25k DPS in PvE

with full PvP setup, without changing anything!

If you are a bit more confident and you

think you can survive. I recommend you

switch out the pirate skeleton set.

For the one piece of the new Balorgh set.

Which gives you weapon a spell damage and one

piece of Molag Kena. Almost 3.6K spell damage

and if you want that to go

even higher

you can dual wield but the damage

difference is not that big. And your move

ability while having a sword board is

higher and you can block a lot more.

So I recommend staying like this Sword and Board.

In PvP and for PvE switch

out and use Dual Wield. Potions and food:

Clockwork Citrus Filet and if you like even more Max Stamina.

l actually like that so then

you could go with a 3 stat food.

And then switch the Mundus so you get

recovery from that.

It's also a lot cheaper in PvE you can drink whatever potion you like.

3 Stat is very good

and in PvP I recommend this essence of

imoveability getting immunity to

knock back, major expedition and stamina restored.

Because you are an Argonian

you will also get health and magic when

you drink it.

That's one beauty of that race 4.6k health magic and stamina.

That's a lot and you run like the wind.

Skill wise when in PvP

Puncturing sweep - Explosive charge

Total darkness - Radiant glory - Inner light.

and the new Psijic Ulti on the front bar.

Mostly because or just because you get a

minor protection so you take 8%

less damage. On the back bar:

Healing springs - Cleansing ritual -Extended ritual if you only play PvP.

Honour the Dead

Blazing spear this is a very nice skill

in PvP even though it doesn't stun anymore.

If it hits a lot of targets

and you will get a lot of kills that way.

Last but not least Channel Focus and

Solar Prison Ulti. This is not because it does

a lot of damage, it's actually because of

the Major Maime that reduces

enemy damage done by 30%

and it persists for 6 seconds

after they leave the Nova.

this is very good if you are defending a castle and

they try and storm the gate.

Throw this this down right in the middle and

everybody coming in will be doing 30%

less damage for at least 6 seconds so

that's big help.

I hope you enjoyed this? I will of course make a video at some

point where I run around playing this

built in in PvP it's self explanatory. In PvE you only switch the skills

and they're gonna look like this

Puncturing Sweep - Reflective light - Honour the Dead

Radiant glory - Inner light - Shooting Star Ulti.

Back bar: Blockade of storms -

Ritual of retribution - Blazing spear - Channel Focus - Inner Light

And thunders rage Ulti

hope you enjoyed it.

if you have any questions please comment

below the video and I will try and

answer those as soon as possible.

Thank you for watching. See you soon!

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