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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Marble Nails Tutorial | Marmurkowe Paznokcie Krok Po Kroku Produktami Eclair

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Today I have something for fans of marble nail art.

In this tutorial,

I will show you special product line,

thanks to which you will achieve beautiful marbles

in different colors. I invite you today

to the marbled tutorial,

this time using eclair products. Hi, I'm Aniela,

welcome to another tutorial on NGNails channel.

I start by applying a thin layer

of acid-free primer

Then I put on smart base

in classic nude shade

I slightly build the nail with a base

to strengthen the plate and even out its surface.

Of course, I cure each nail separately

so that the base does not flood the skins

Next, I put the marble base

on the ring and middle finger,

which is the base for products from the marble line

intended to create the so-called marbled

After curing, I wipe the sticky, dispersion layer

of the product with a dry, lint-free swab

Then I reach for products from the marble line,

I start with black paint.

I bite off its excess and apply

a small amount to the nail.

I repeat the procedure

using paints in brown, purple and pink.

Then, using the eclair no 2 brush

and the cleaner,

gently rub the products to create

a marble nail art. Watch out for excess of

celaner on the brush.

I put dark granatt mission imposible

and delicate color

so soft from the Laura Coco Reiss

collection on the other nails.

After curing the colors, I proceed to applying tops.

For styling, I'll use a matt and glossy top.

I put the matt top

on the decoration first and then on the dark navy blue.

Remember that dark hybrid colors

stain the top brush and the product,

this can be seen

on the transparent brush,

after applying the shiny top I will show you what to do

with a dirty brush.

I put a shiny top on other nails.

When the client puts her hand to the lamp,

you can clean the brush so that it does not

get the product dirty. Just use a dust-free swab

for this. The styling is ready!

Let me know how you like this manicure proposal

and if you have already used

eclair marble products.

For more inspiration, I invite you

to my instagram. Thank you very much

for your attention and for hearing in the next video. 🙋🏻‍♀️

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