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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: New Revealing Footage of Hugh Mungus VS Zarna Debate

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[Hila Kleiner 4 Life] WHAT UP PIIMPS?!

[Ethan] Alright, so now with the hat, but more intensely. So it's like:


[Hila] Ok.


What up, big pimps?! (both giggle)

[Ethan] Good job!

How's it feel to be a PIMP!?

[Hila] it's tough

[Ethan] This isn't actually really an H3 report.

I just wanted to see how Hila handles being a living meme.

Today however, we do have something fascinating.

Captivating to talk about.

Some of you guys may have seen us talking about this already on our podcast.

But, I thought that this was juicy enough to dig in deeper on.

Many of you still remember our beloved father:

Hugh Mungus. (Holy angelic sounds commence)

The greatest man alive, who stood up to being attacked publicly and said "No, I will not be silenced.

My name is Hugh Mungus."


[Rudy] Noo I did not. [Zarna] Ya you did!

[Ethan] A lot of questions remained about what actually happened in that city council meeting, that led to that confrontation.

And, to be Frank, I had my doubts too about what happened there.

Did Hugh Mungus do something rude to provoke her to act so aggressively?

And I have to tell you:

all is finally clear.

The footage from that city council meeting, right before Zarna accused Hugh Mungus of sexually harassing her.


[Ethan] We have the footage, we know exactly what happened, and it is fascinating!

It illuminates all, and in my mind it completely shows who's at fault here.

[Hila] It's like when you wish that you could go back in time, but you never have that option.

[Ethan] Yeah.

[Hila] Now we do.

[Ethan] That's right!

It's like, man, I wish I was in Hitler's bunker on his final moments to see him say:

[Impersonating Hitler choking] "Logan Paul for life!"

[Ethan] Right before he blew his brains out.

I wish I could go back, and see that.

And like you said so accurately, we have--

[Hila] I wasn't talking about Hitler.

[Ethan] We have that capability.

This is such a rare beautiful moment, and I can't wait to share it with you guys.

So with that being said--

[Hila] Logal Paul for life.

[Rudy] My name is Rudy J- Pantoja, Jr.

I live in the North End; grew up in the North End.

We moved here...


Grew up on 109th in Aurora.

I am totally for a safe learning, healthy environment in the North End.

I have a pearl precinct.

[Ethan] So for those of you guys that don't know what they're talking about:

They proposed to build a new police station in the north part of Seattle, it was going to cost a ton of money.

Rudy here, came to the city council.

He took time out of his day to be a great citizen that participates in our democracy.

Who among us can say we do that?

[Hila] Nobody!

[Ethan] None!

Nobody but Rudy.

He came down to the city council, and he says "I support this new police station."

Which is a completely defensible position to have, either if you disagree with him or not, the guy came down,

he's participating in his local governance,

he's doing a thing that he's passionate about, and he's taking his time to come out here.

Nothing worth criticizing about.

[Rudy] I believe it's a positive move in our public safety north of the ship canal.

I have plenty of people that's supportive of all different backgrounds of the north end.

[Woman in crowd] Where are they?

[Rudy] I'm here. I'm here.

[Moderator] No- no interrupting the other speakers, please.

[Ethan] So here begins the harassment by Zarna, and her crew of cult outragers.

[Hila] She came with a whole group.

That's crazy.

[Ethan] I mean, Rudy came here by himself to voice his opinion.

And Zarna, and her cronies came and, from the beginning, are harassing him.

He says "I have a lot of support."

"Where are they?"

It's like wait--

[Hila] They have a life.

[Ethan] Yeah, it's a Monday dude,

I'm the only one who actually put aside my work, and came down here on my free time.

From the beginning, you can see how they approach it, and Rudy approach it.

They're rude, they're disruptive, it's unproductive.

You're gonna see what happens more.

[Rudy] I want to say this: I want to thank the north precinct for getting my heroin addicted daughter off the street, and...

[Rudy clears his throat]

availing her an opportunity to get well.

[Man in the crowd] Is she white?

[Ethan] Let's break this down you guys.

So, Rudy had a daughter who was addicted to heroin,

and the North Precinct of Seattle helped get her off the street, and get her the help she needed.

Rudy appreciates them, and he's there to show support for them.

Again, you might disagree...

but it's a defensible position.

[Hila] Yeah, of course.

[Ethan] But here's their response to his heartwarming story and support.

[Rudy] --availing her an opportunity to get well--

[Man in crowd] Is she white?

[Ethan] I just find that so gross.

Like, what, like I just don't understand.

Like it doesn't count when the police help white people?

[Hila] It's just like a really gross conversation to even have.

[Ethan] I guess their position, which again, is defensible,

is that minorities don't get the same attention as white people, in their minds,

or white people get treated better by the police.

But the way that they approach this, is so rude and counterproductive.

They asked him yeah, the police helped you, but is she white?

But here, this is the best part:

[Rudy] She's Latino.

[A small arguments breaks out]

[Moderator] Hey-- no!

[Rudy] Hey, hey, hey, hey.

[Moderator] Or-- hey.

[Rudy] She is a hispanic.

Latino Chicano, were proud of our heritage.

[Ethan] She's Latino!

She's not even white you fucking loser!

Like, what the fuck he just got completely disarmed.

"Is she white?"

Like, expecting him to be like "Yeah, she's white. You got me let's close the whole thing off."

She's Latino you fucking losers.

Is that going to stop them from interrupting him and being aggressive?


[Moderator] Your time is up, sir.

[Rudy] I-- I want to say this right now: I respect you when you speak.

[Someone in crowd] REEEEE, REEEEEE!

[Moderator] Hey, excuse me--

[Someone in crowd] REEEE!

[Moderator] There has been several interruptions.

I'm going to allow him a couple more seconds to wrap up his comments.

I need you to wrap up your comments, though because I'm trying to stay on time.

[Ethan] So you know there's a meme going around. of like this right like this "REEEEE!"

Like this thing.

I'm here-- I'm here to tell you guys all that it's real.

There was an actual outrage squeal.

What do you call that? "The squeal of outrage?" [Autistic Screeching]

This is-- and look at Rudy's-- the shock on his face.

[Rudy] --respect you when you speak.

[Someone in crowd] REEEEEE, REEEEEE!

[Moderator] Hey, excuse me.

[Someone in crowd] REEEEEE!

[Moderator] There has been several interruptions. [Rudy] (-you when you speak.)

[Someone in crowd] REEEEEE, REEEEEE!

[Hila] What is that?!

[Ethan] Look at his face! (Followed by long incoherent giggling)

He doesn't know if he should laugh, or fucking run.

[Ethan imitating crowd member] REEEEEE!

What kind of-- who does that?

If I can't argue with you--

Here's the logic: if I can't argue with you,

if I can't disrupt you,

if the point that I make, that is outrageous to begin with "Is she white?"

is immediately disputed, then this is my ultimate counter point.




[Ethan Klein Cough©x2

[Rudy] --speak--

[Someone in crowd] REEEE, REEEEEE!

[Moderator] Hey, excuse me.

[Someone in crowd] REEEE!

[Both laugh]

[Ethan] "Here's what I want--

Here's what I'm going to do:

I need people to take us seriously and listen to our argument.

Here, this is what I'm gonna do:



Sounds like she's dying.

Oh my God you guys.

[Hila] They basically copied you.

They're coughing to express...

[Ethan Klein Higher Pitched Cough©]

I invented that!

Yo, I need to file some copyright disputes.

I need to DMCA this video.

There has been several-

interruptions, I'm going to allow him a couple more seconds to wrap up his comments

I need you to wrap up your comments, though because I'm trying to see on time

My- My- what I have to say doesn't matter. [Triggered Bystander] "It's true!

Because I would just like bullying him the whole time

he's trying to speak and is talking about his daughter that was on the street because of

Heroin yeah like he's not talking about

I don't know he's not in there with an American flag and a Budweiser like I love the police

He's like my daughter was addicted to drugs and they helped her it was a great such a great opportunity to interrupt and insult someone

Because I live it really seriously, what matters it is-

is what everybody else has to say we support this precinct we think it's important investment for

public safety in the North End.

Thank you. Thank you.

[Ethan] What happened off screen is

I can only imagine, I can only imagine what what horrors Rudy has befallen right now.

[Hila] It's just like group of bullies.

[Ethan] They are. They're really horrible vicious bullies that pretend like they're doing some great service for the good,

but I honestly think they're just being...

They're just being assholes under the guise of being a good person.

Because they love the power they love the outrage I don't think they care about social justice and change.

They just like being outraged.

I truly believe that anyone who actually cares about being productive and changing Society will have a

Fruitful debate because that's how you change the hearts and minds of people not by

violently vomiting

That's what he's trying to do. He's actually trying to make some change that he thinks is for the best. Yeah

Next up you may recognize her you may know her you may love her

This is the girl my friends who started it all and she's triggered even before

Humongous said my name is humongous.

My name is Zana Joshi.

I am here to support black lives matter.

["Whoo"s by people off screen]

I'm here to speak to block the bunker

The fact that there is even a proposal

To give, what is, a corrupt murderous

institutionalized gang

160 million Dollars is outrageous!

Her position is 160 million dollars is a lot of money

Let's give it to people who need it more again is a very great defensible position

you know would help convey that..?

Not being a outraged Puke vomiting interrupting

psychopathic bully.

It is not that they are just a few bad apples

Because all of the other apples around them speak for them and protect them!

You don't need to yell when there's a mic and fun.

There's a mic... There's a mic the point of the mic is to amplify your voice

That means they are all bad apples!

["yay"s from people off screen]

These cops are the front line of defense for fossil fuel companies,

for banks, for corporations, and for the developers that evict people and make them homeless..!

This money needs to go for people who need housing, the people who need food, to people who need-

Rest my case


[dying goat sounds]

[coughs and gags]

Please vote to my resolution. Thank you




You're hurting my ears...

What am I do-? Well..? I'm that's how I make my point. I'm sorry if me being a provocative


persuasive argumenter hurts your ears


You can't hang..? You can't debate?


You can't debate me, Hila..? You know what's wrong

All right, so I think what the full context of what happened that day...

Hugh Mungus is completely vindicated.

He was shouted at, he was rudely dismissed, and

bullied essentially from the very beginning. Look, there's a lot to learn from this, okay?

But of all the lessons, I think the most important one is that when you're trying to be persuasive...

What what are you worried about..?


The Description of New Revealing Footage of Hugh Mungus VS Zarna Debate