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He's here, he's watching us!

We are going to die!

Wolf Man!

Come! Hey look! Here's your dinner!

Come! Come!

Hey Laura, the keys!

Steps. Jump!

What do we do?

At shed!

Guys ...

... Only me.

Wish me luck.

The door will not withstand another onslaught.

Ramiro ... before he died ...

... What was the character?

I have guessed.

Why we have not tried this before?

Werewolves do not play with balls.

Well, this one did.

Hello Beautiful.

But that little thing!


But then? Was not this a wolf dog?

What was it?

A dog trying to be a man, I guess.

Oh, beautiful thing. Lucky...

Or the coffee maker or toaster.

And that as it may be?

No idea.

Wait ...


No risk for my life not working.

And asking a question?

Malfoy! er ... Draco!

Come here, come, Draco, come.

See Draco, pretty,

How did you get the sheet?

Is there?

Down there.

Then come, hang.

Come down.

I pass.


So your character is an object that we have at home?


The toaster brave!

Do not!

He also said he was not in the kitchen.

It would have been ironic that had elected a toaster.

Here it is!

Well, Feliciano, you spend a good day.

Which majo.

And what has been pleased when Draco recovered.

Guys, do you know that, technically, the full moon is in two days?

Oh yeah?

Well, what we are.

Is an object that is related to a brand?


The flexo Pixar.

Which it appears at the beginning of the movies.


Of course, what good!

You've cheated.

I saw it when I read my mind.

Because you're a very intelligent person and hence the metaphor of what to read my mind

These were years getting to know eh ...

You've passed me and ...

I know you have power.

... If the powers powers not there ... you have a lot of information ... Check out was this? ...

Yes, I tell you one thing:

as utiliceis to trap me in a game

pa field have not run.

Well, that tell Laura, who read me the character of mind.

Is not true.

And this is the end of the story I wanted to tell.

Make no mistake,

It is not the story of how the guys who came from the city beat the werewolf in the house of the hill.

It is, actually,

Ramiro the story of how Peter and Laura

They stole my Superbatidora.

Running out of season! But it has molado right?


But we know who the character Ramiro!

That seems to guess the character was more important than what happened in the season.

We there doing scripts and you Character, character, character!

I want to know the character. Is this? Is this? Is another?

As much as you like, we have created a channel just to play this game.

Here a meatball will appear, down here.

Oh my God, a meatball.

Before the next season, there will be things.

Do not miss it costs a lot then reunite again.

Pass over to the other channel and you count us what you think.

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