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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Weapon That BROKE the Internet: The Gjallarhorn - Destiny 2

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Some Footage in this video is from players around the community, their links will be

in the description of this video, as well as all music too!

Alright, this is the video I know a lot of you have been waiting for, the weapon that

quite literally broke the internet!

The weapon that was apart of Taco Bell ads, apart of every single players loadout if you

were lucky enough, and the weapon that caused reactions like no other, so lets talk about

why this weapon garnered this much love, why this weapon was the gold standard of exotics,

and why this weapon still has everyone talking to this day!

Strap yourself in, maybe hit like and subscribe, and brace yourself, for this nordic powerhouse

of a weapon, the Gjallarhorn!

Well there really isnt any context to this one, this weapon is ground zero, but I will

try my best.

The Gjallarhorn was forged from the armor of titans in the battle of the Twilight Gap

by Felix Crux, it was a weapon that definitely paid homage to the war horn in Norse mythology

that was used to mark the start of Ragnarok.

That has some serious oomf to it already, but it goes further too!

Put yourself in the footsteps of the developers at the start of Destiny, you are creating

ideas for your weapon type exotics on a pretty new and risky concept of a first person shooter

RPG kind of MMO cross breed.

This is something that really hadnt been done before to my knowledge and Bungie being

Bungie, had a lot to deliver, especially in the weapon department to compete with other

games before it like Borderlands and its unique and crazy weapons!

You would need to come up with something very powerful to keep the player base at large

excited to chase it, but little did we know how powerful it would be!

Day 1 of Destiny released September 9th, 2014 to millions of players and the first thing

to note here is that the game was just so different than it is now.

Difficulty spikes were wild, running and hiding from strike bosses was a common thing, there

were no healing rifts, barricades, anything of that sort, I mean hell if you wanted to

even glide or double jump you had to level up your subclass to that point!

Heres a good example of how difficult things were and this is us with a pretty good setup

for these areas too!

We were so unaware compared to now, so many of us had played the beta and thought about

glimmer being the most important currency, thats how different things were.

If you were lucky to even get a legendary engram, it may have even turned into a blue

engram and if it didnt, guess what!

You had to upgrade that weapon too with resources that you couldnt buy from a vendor and

grinding that weapon to get the perks upgraded!

Exotics were truly exotic too!

Not to say they arent now because theyre still all unique and serve purposes in there

own right, I just mean how RARE it was to see somebody with one, the feeling wasnt

why dont you have this exoticit was insteadOh, you have THAT exotic?!”

then players would check your loadout in awe of a new discovery.

There was no collections page, no way to really track how many exotics were out there, just

word of mouth and discovery, keeping that wonder of what there is to find alive and


So, lets circle back to Gjallarhorn, a random, but extremely rare exotic, heavy ammo

rocket launcher, which held 7 shots total and players were NOT jumping in the air for

it at first!


How could they not?

Well, it comes back to that lack of awareness and thinking of the game differently.

Most of us saw something like the Suros Regime or Hawkmoon, or Red Death to be the best picks

sinceYou were always going to need your primarywithout thinking of the power of

the heavy exotic for Bosses and stronger enemies.

Plus, remember that grind to upgrade your weapons?

Heavies were going to need a hot minute to upgrade since Motes of Light were not yet

able to upgrade your weapons, so that meant shooting lots of rockets to get one step further

on the Gjallarhorn.

Who is Xur?

Well aside from the lore, Xur is every Destiny players best friend and Xur was a complete


No advertising, no word about him, just a mysterious and odd looking vendor who sells



He sells exotics!?

How much glimmer was he going to need from us?

None actually, Xur would require players to exchange a currency as strange as him, a Strange

coin, lots of them for a weapon and these coins were at a premium!

Think about it like this, a week's worth of grinding may give you anywhere between 10-20

strange coins, so, that meant decision making when it came to Xur, were you going to buy

an armor exotic for your class for 13 strange coins?

Or save up 21 strange coins for that Red Death?

An exotic that would heal you on critical hit kills and had tons of ammo, would slay

lots of enemies inside of strikes and Crucible?

Yes you were!

So on week 1, most players who had saved up the coins bought this weapon!

Have fun in crucible everyone!

Week 2 rolls around and players are loving there red death, feeling well invested on

the strange coins and trying to save up enough to buy another primary weapon from Xur on

Friday, September 19th, 2014! Xur was selling A Helm of Inmost Light for Titans, Sun Bracers

for Warlocks, and Lucky Raspberry for Hunters, along with this Heavy ammo Rocket Launcher

that cost 17 strange coins, why would I ever want to buy a rocket launcher, when my primary

was what I used all the time, so yes, myself, and LOTS of people in the community, skipped

out on buying that stoooopid rocket launcher, what was it gonna do anyways?

Like blow up people or something?

PFFFF top of the leaderboard for me baybeeee!

We just..

Ugh.. yeah we skipped out on the weapon that would come to break the internet!

The Gjallarhorn, in Xur's inventory, for an easy find and a whole year of destruction,

was skipped out on, by ALMOST EVERYONE!

I dont even have time to explain why I dont have time to explain this hiccup by

everyone in the community!

Xur wouldnt sell it again for a very very long time, which we will touch on later, but

for those who were lucky enough to obtain it, this rocket launcher would go on to conquer

a whole year of content!

Destiny at launch had this wonder to it, with all these exotics and no way to track them

like we previously stated, but what it also had was a Master Rahool and a Loot Cave.

So, heres the thing about the drops in Destiny and I can really feel this strongly

because I have been playing it again recently, exotics in Destiny 1 did not drop often at

all and take into account that theThree of coina booster for exotic drop chance

also wasnt there in year 1.

So, players had to find a way to get engrams to drop pretty often from activities.

One day, players who were exploring the cosmodrome stumbled across a cave in the Skywatch area.

Im sure this started out as akill hive enemies bountybut quickly grew in sheer

glory as enemies just kept on spawning.

Spawning and dropping precious engrams for all to enjoy, especially that person who went

AFK while everyone else did all the work, yeah shout out to them!

This little cave would fill to the brim with rare engrams, common engrams and a chance

for legendary engrams!

Trust me, a video about the infamous loot cave will be made one day, but for now, this

cave gave us all hope in getting an exotic.

What would my legendary engram turn into, could it be a new scout rifle, a hand cannon,

an auto rifle to slay in PVP, or an exotic?

Oh, I cant wai…..

Oh you, you are joking righhhhhhhhht?!?

Master Rahool became a meme for this reason alone, your legendary drops turning blue,

your blues becoming legendary and your chances of getting an exotic diminishing right in

front of you!

So, why even tell you these storieswell it will put the reaction clips Im about

to show you into perspective.

The Gjallarhorn really did have that impact for these reasons!

I lend a question to you, how/ if you did get the Gjallarhorn, what was your reaction

and what activity did it drop from?

Mine was from a nightfall in april and I ran around my house naked after, not joking!

I think we could all come together on Gjallarhorn drop stories!

Its no joke when people talk about power

with Gjallarhorn.

We can say now that theres exotics that stand tall over it, but I dont really think

thats true because in Destiny 2 right now, we have bosses with less health, buffs and

debuffs that work in tandem to wreck bosses, and new bugs with armor 2.0 wrecking bosses

in World Record times!

Back then, you had bullet sponges, maybe a weapons of light bubble, and no mods on armor

to buff your abilities really.

So, when I show you how fast bosses get roasted, you just have to believe me that this was


Lets talk about one boss that was nearly impossible to beat without Gjallarhorn, Skolas

in the prison of elders.

Week 1 of Prison of Elders, Skolas was arc burn and that meant you and your fireteam

were getting to the boss and immediately losing against him.

Like almost no chance when you had todismantle mines yesssss, or diein such little time

while still trying to kill this guy when almost everything in the room was shooting arc at


Nope. just wasnt happeningbut solar week, oh boyjust ughjust look at solar


If it was solar burn, Gjallarhorn was strapped and ready to go!

If it wasnt solar burn, Gjallarhorn was strapped and ready to go!

Thats the thing, this weapon just really never stopped and add in this consumable from

Banshee-44 called Heavy ammo synthesis, which would refill your heavy completely if you

were out of it and it made wrecking these bosses that were once bullet sponges, so much


Omnigul was really the first boss farm that you could do since you could kill her before

the boss arena and she would drop loot and you could keep dying and doing it again!

This weapon was so glorious, Bungie even included it in there year 1 recap of Destiny in its

own section!

This weapon made the game at a normal difficulty level for a lot of players and was the power

fantasy most end game players wanted!

Heres the other thing, with great power comes great responsibility right, well Gjallarhorn

did do one negative thing.

Aside from being the only weapon used in the heavy if you had it drop, you also were left

out of a lot of activities if you didnt have it drop for you!

Think of Destiny LFG or Looking for Guardian sites like the wild west back then.

Nobody was used to this type of game that required online looter cooperation on console

and would need up to 6 players for some activities, so gatekeeping was very very real.

Must have 365 Gjallarhorn was commonplace for lots of posts and this kind of gave LFG

a bad reputation for a lot of players, even if its a lot better now than before, there

was nothing like seeing some of these posts, my favorite being one that asked for a good

credit score and good 401k to raid; they were just looking out for us after all!

Gjallarhorn was the best and worst kind of power and finding that balance was tough,

especially if you werent lucky enough to get your hands on one!

But there was one day where lord Xur would come through!

I am going to make this section a shorter one, but I wanted to talk about the day that

the Gjallarhorn broke the internet!

The day was August 14th, 2015 and our tentacle faced beautiful cloaked vendor, came in HOT

& SPICY with the drops!


Look, you knew this was coming!

Gjallarhorn was announced to be nerfed July 17th, 2015wow, so Gjallarhorn nerf was

announced on my birthday, cool, and to nobodies surprise this happened with the explanation

being honestly justified, stating: “If Destiny had a nuke it would be theBallerhorn.”

We definitely intended to have a high damage Heavy Weapon that was ideal for PvE destruction.

What we did not intend, and what we unfortunately saw, was pick up Raid and Nightfall groups

gating participation based on whether or not players had this weapon.

Gjallarhorn was so strong that for many people it has become the only answer to getting through

tough encounters, and therefore they were less willing to spend time with other players

that didnt have it.

We strive for Destiny to be a place where a single weapon or strategy does not dictate

how, or with whom, you spend your time.

In the new world Gjallarhorn is still worthy of its legacy as an exotic Heavy Weapon, but

we hope it promotes inclusive behavior rather than exclusivity.

Changes, Reduce damage of Wolfpack Rounds”.

This chart will show you just how much it was used by players and what was pretty cool

about how they went about the nerf was giving clear reasoning and giving the playerbase

time to enjoy it, also by giving it to Xur that weekend in August.

The Gjallarhorn wouldnt even be able to be infused during the Taken King, so players

had to stick to year 1 activities to use their nerfed ballerhorn or just not use it at all!

Year 3 of Destiny, Rise of Iron comes in like this!

Gjallarhorn is back baybeeee!

An awesome quest after you have finished the campaign of Rise of Iron and collected 5 Siva

Nanites, hopefully you made it up the summit to grab one of them!

You were given a quest to locate the wolf head statues, then you were to jump into the

PVP map Bannerfall and defend it with the turrets that were there in a really tough


This mission also gave us insight into the creator of the Gjallarhorn, Mr. Felix Crux

which to be honest was a good way to tie the weapons legacy together and give players more

appreciation for the lore behind the weapon!

To cap this quest off, Bungie put players in Cruxs workshop while our ghost scanned

the blueprints and formed the weapon!

After this was scanned, you got the GJALLARHORN BACK and took down everything in the mission!

Heavy ammo crates galore and sweet sweet victory was had!

Gjallarhorn was nerfed, but that still didn't stop it from being one of the best exotics

by the end of Destiny, thats how powerful this weapon really was, not even a nerf could

stop it!

I was so pleased by how Bungie handled this weapon and its return, I ask a question to

you, what was your favorite moment with the Gjallarhorn?

(yr1 & 3) Well, this is where we come together to talk about Gjallarhorn in todays game and

if it should or shouldnt return.

Other than that one easter egg with the spider, Gjallarhorn is not back in Destiny 2.

I spent a lot of time thinking about this while doing my playthrough of Destiny 1, but

I want to start with the question for you, should it return the same as it was in Destiny

1 year 3?

Now, I will say my piece.

I actually dont think it should come back and here are my reasons why.

Starting with the points I made in my remakes and remasters video, if Gjallarhorn were to

return, what is something new that can be added?

Not much considering the perk was already great.

Now, are rockets even in a great spot in Destiny 2?

No, rockets arent the same powerhouse as they were in Destiny 1.

Finally, if Bungie were to bring it back, lets say in a secret mission form, you

would use it, but you probably wouldnt use it for a long time!

Think about Bad Jujus return in the season of Opulence.

A cool mission, but a weapon that isnt the same as before due to the games philosophy

being very different.

Gjallarhorn is such a great weapon and I want to remember it that way, but we always remember

things we miss in the most positive of lights without considering the moment of the game

we are in.

We have so many amazing exotics that are in the now and more to come in the future, personally

I want to see even more creativity be fleshed out and new exotic stories to one day tell,

I will always love the Gjallarhorn for the memories that it made and inspiring me to

keep having those memories in Destiny!

I want to thank all of you for watching and supporting!

If you did enjoy, a like would be greatly appreciated as well as a subscription.

I will be streaming destiny 2 and Destiny 1 a lot on Twitch as we push for partner,

so the link to that channel will be at the top of the description, anyways guys, enjoy

the bloopers and

I will


you next time!

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