Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Walkure Romanze Re:tell Noel Marres Ascot 1/6 Complete Figure by Daikikougyou

Difficulty: 0

Hey, it's me, Hisui Bell! Great to see you guys again!

Walkure Romanze Re:tell Noel Marres Ascot!

What is she protecting with that? Lol!

She is the sixed character of the series!

What might she use it for... Hmm... ❤

That's not what I was talking about... xD

I mean for real!

I don't think that she is actually fighting.

Why do you think so?

She is a little bit too sexy for that I guess.

Let's spin her around!

What do you think?

She is very cute! Especially her crooked teeth!

She has Yaeba (crooked teeth)?

Yes, if you look closely.

Her armor is super detailed!

Actually the whole figurine is super detailed!

Just look at all the details!

Which parts do you think are the most detailed?

I'd say her feet and her hands.

The hands are like super detailed!

Also her hair!

Actually you can also take off her swim wear?


Bel. You always want to undress the figures...

That is what I heard at least.

But well, when we take it off YouTube might get a little bit angry

So we can't show you...

Nah! Let's just take it off!

Daikikougyou's special keep out seals!

It's pink!

Pink is an important color for such a figure, right?

Yes it is!

She is even pink at her belly bottom! That looks fantastic!

The details in her armor are just amazing!

I could have also said that when she still had her bikini on though. Lol!

We can't show you unfortunately but there are actually many more cute parts on her!

So please feel free to get her yourself and find out!

Her face and ears are also pink. Very adorable!

We presented to you the Walkure Romanze Re:tell Noel Marres Ascot figure!

Check her out!

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