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OMG I'm not -- I am recording.

Ugh I just thought I wasn't recording because I didn't see the red thing

and I was like "UGH dang I'm done with this"

Hi you guys! What is up and welcome back to my channel.

Today I am going to be reviewing Public Goods

Which I'm super excited about.

If you are new here, Hi my name is Ashley

I'm an actress living in Los Angeles and I'm kind of on this eco-friendly/sustainable journey

where I'm trying to switch all of the things that I use to products that are better for the environment.


And not only that but I'm trying to focus on companies that actually do good by giving back in some way.

Companies supports their staff and the people that work for them

because I think that's super important.

to be putting my money where goodness is happening.

You know for example I maybe spend too much on Amazon and I shouldn't.

But its easy and convenient and I know that Amazon doesn't really support their workers

So I'm going to try to shift my money other places and this is kind of that thing.

I have been kind of stalking Public Goods it that a word to say.

I was like on their Instagram a lot and I keep seeing collabs.

I finally get to work with them and Im super excited about that.

Im going to do a little unboxing of some of the things I picked up at Public Goods.

If you are new here and you want to hang out with me I drop videos every Saturday.

Not every Saturday. Im trying my best yall.

Its really busy in LA.

Things are opening back up and theres been lots of auditions and work.

Im trying my best to do about a video a week.

And on Wednesdays I will share some shorts when I get those going.

Im getting back on TikTok finally. You guys can follow me. All my stuff is right here.

I am a little extra dolled up today.

My friend Jessica from Miss Moore Style which Im sure you guys have seen her on my channel.

She is coming over and we are going to shoot something in my front garden.

Which Im excited about.

Uh so I had to get dolled up and put makeup on, so that is why THIS is happening.

Okay lets get into whats inside this because that is really why you guys are here.

So the first thing that I got, I feel like Public Goods can kind of be comparable to Thrive Market, in a sense.

They have a lot more kitchenware or everyday use items then Thrive Market does.

Thrive Market I've only pretty much gotten food from.

But they do the same thing where they make their own food in house.

I picked up some Brown and Wild Rice for our high carb days.

We're doing carb cycling or trying our best to do carb cycling.

I picked this up because we like rice and it goes with everything.

I also grabbed a can of garbanzo beans.

These are low sodium and organic.

I'm going to try to make my own hummus. That is why I'm getting a bunch of different of garbanzo beans.

To figure out which ones are best for hummus so,

So I will have a recipe coming soon for this guy which I'm super excited about.

The next thing I got was sanitizing lavender wipes.

Honestly if you say 'Lavender' to me I'm probably going to get it.

I'm like targeted for this.

So I just got these because we are coming out of this needing to be clean time period

I'm still going to try my best. I'm going to keep these in my set bag.

so that I have them. Which is also my travel bag.

Just so if I need them when I go somewhere.

I also ended up getting wet wipes.

Because you know, our household uses wet wipes and I kind of

told them we cannot use them because they are bad for the environment.

But these are bamboo fiber.

Which also these lavender wipes are too. I should tell you guys that.

eco-friendly, compostable, cruelty-free, sulfate-free, paragon free and triclosan free.

Oh these are non-flushable. So I guess I won't be using them for what I thought I was going to be using them for.

Wet wipes... I don't have a baby but I will use these wet wipes for myself.

To...when I travel I will bring them with me. You know,

we have the sanitizer and now the cleaning things. That's totally fine with me.

I get a lot of disdain in my house because we don't keep napkins anymore.

I just gave in and bought a reuseable, not reusable I guess there compostable paper towel situation.

We bought one role that we have been slowly using.

Other that I just use wipes that we continue to throw in the washer.

for napkins we use a dish rag and wash them. I'm trying to do our best.

But my husband wants a napkin every now and then so I got Tree Free napkins.

Their tree free and made of bamboo and sugar cane. Thats what their made of bamboo and sugar cane.

My household will be happy that we have a couple of napkins and I'll feel better because we are saving the environment a little bit.

So the next thing I got was crystal deodorant spray.

I was at Sprouts with my Mom over Mothers Day weekend and

She's looking for aluminum free deodorant and I was trying to show her the ones that I really like,

I have another brand that I am trying right now and I have another brand that a friend gave to me.

which I haven't tried yet because I'm still trying to go through my old one.

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