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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Sport & Dirt Bike Basics : Choosing the Right Motorcycle for Sport & Dirt Biking

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Hi my name is Chris Kelley and Im speaking on behalf of Expert Village. I am a stunt

man currently working out in the Hollywood area and Im going to give you some tips

today. Its a great day for a ride. Youve been looking around, shopping around on the

internet, you want to get a bike, you want to get into motorcycling, but you have the

question, “which bike do I want?” “which bike is going to be best for me?” andwhats

going to fit my needs?”. Are you looking to ride on the street? Are you looking to

ride in the dirt? So you choose a bike like this, this is a considered more of a sport

bike, in the sport bike class. What we have here is a basic street legal motorcycle, why

would you want to choose something like this? This is a more racier type of machine, if

youre looking to be able to maneuver, corner, accelerate and basically feel the power of

the machine, this is what youre looking for compared to say more of a laid back Harley

style cruiser, which are great bikes and this is just a different type right here. If youre

looking to get out in the dirt and do a little tearing up the desert mountains out here,

youre not going to be able to do that on a street machine, so youre going to need

something with a little more suspension, such as this. This bike here is a full on race

ready motocross set up bike. This bike is not legal for the street, but if you want

to get into motocross racing, or desert riding or even woods trail riding and hare scrambles,

this is a good bike that you can start with. Like I said, it has more of a suspension and

a capacity to handle the rougher rigors of bumps and jumps.

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