Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) & Silk Peel Follow Up

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I'm just going to wipe off

my face

all my moisturizer

this morning

so there is a bare

naked face

for this video. hi everyone and welcome back

today I'm going to do a follow-up on the

I P L and silk peel video that I posted a couple weeks ago

it spent several weeks since i had that procedure probably

say about three weeks

I have a little bit of footage that i'm gonna insert a little bit later on

from a day or two after the procedure

see could see full bloom what my face looks like

and I will wrap up by telling you

I my thoughts about this and

moving forward so just as a reminder for what I

did I had I an

a start off with a silk peel which was

it's like a microdermabrasion

treatment and that happened all over my face and what that does is it came to


sloughs off the top layer of skin

any its enhances the look and texture of your skin

I really do feel like it did that the

second procedure I had was a spot treatment

with a IPL intense pulse light laser

and I had a little spot I here treated

and primarily some broken capillaries around my nose

so I'm gonna start by inserting

the footage that I took and I don't recall now without looking at the


it was probably a day or two after

the procedure was done and everything on my face that was touched

is pretty apparent so it is the day after

and I didn't anticipate filming anymore

but this spot here has really changed quite a bit

and I wanted to share that with you so

I'm gonna go ahead and get in a little closer I also have a lot of redness here

where she zapped those capillaries let me go ahead and zoom in

this spot really got a lot darker and I think that's fairly typical

I after I P L that on

areas that you treat it will bring

pigmentation to the surface and make it darker

and then that will either slough off

or recede

and be even lighter than before so it's one of those things where you look a little worse

before a little better

I hope and it

looks like it might have a little bit blistering but I have quite a bit of

redness here

where I had all those broken capillaries so I'm going to zoom in

and let you see how my face looks today so this is the

area that I had treated with the I P L it was a pretty dark

spot on my face there

that was really very quite difficult to even cover with

foundation or concealer

I noticed it quite a bit I'm sure not everybody else did

but it did really bother me quite a bit and the other areas I had done

where these here around my nose

and I still have quite a bit of redness there

now but I primarily had

wanted to see if I could improve the way the broken capillaries look

around my nose let me get little tighter for that

so I to think that right here this

area is improved a little bit I'm not sure here

or on the sides of my nose are vastly improved

she did say it might take more than one treatment

so I'll have to decide if that's something

I what to do or not so I would say

after the treatment the next day

this spot here

really bloomed

it got some darker areas

on it and that's part of the process that turns

dark and then eventually that either

sloughs off or fades away

I'm not really sure which it was it always felt like skin it never felt like

a scrab

but it became very discolored

it probably wasn't terribly noticeable with

makeup on a coworker

who has had I P L done before noticed right away that that's what I

had done but no one else mentioned it if they noticed

they didn't say anything so I do think it was a little bit noticeable and

I had filmed a couple videos during that time so you might

actually be able to tell which ones those are

but you know life goes on you know its just

part of the healing process that took about

almost exactly one week for that to go full circle from

treatment day to you the spots coming out

to them sloughing and fading off and then they were gone

so that took about a week

these areas here around my nose took

considerably longer and when she treated those areas

she did increase the intensity of the light

and I could tell it was much stronger and I think that may have mentioned

in my first video that

you know I could smell something burning and she said oh that's the little hairs

on your face a lot of people notice that

it's kind of a byproduct of having the treatment

I actually think that I got burned

a little bit because I ended up developing some blisters

a pretty big one over here a

smaller one over here it took quite a long time to heal

and I ended up

at some point I was starting to get worried about them

because it was over a week

and I started putting a little Neosporin on them at night

and that really helped turn them around very quickly

so once those blisters healed then some of the redness has subsided I would

say the redness has decreased by about 50 percent

so I'm hoping that the general redness I see around my nose will continue to


so when I go back to you see her I will ask her about that

a little bit more and get more information about that because

I don't know if that's typical or not typical

and how many treatments she think it might take to

totally eradicate the capillaries

or even if it's possible so

probably the next burning question you all have


what are my plans moving forward for

additional treatments and additional options so

first off I'm gonna talk about about the botox that I mentioned

at this point and probably not going to proceed with the botox

I might later on I just

I need to think about it a little bit longer and I want to see

in I can improve

those fine lines with

some retin A treatment I think I feel slightly more comfortable with

that avenue first

and as far as the silk peel

I really liked that I really thought

it made my skin

look it really I felt it really had

good impact on the texture of my skin it wasn't

invasive at all it wasn't painful at all

just a little strange feeling like you know that

cat extra scratchy tongue vacuuming you at the same time

so I didn't mind that procedure as much

and I felt like I that there

there could be additional benefits there and when I look at before and

after pictures are people who've had that

you know several treatments over course months

their results are pretty dramatic and so I'm willing to

commit to doing that

for the next couple of months

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