Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Scentroid Indoor Air Quality Monitor | AQSafe Continuous IAQ System

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Our industry has been focused on ambient air quality

Driving the accuracy and the number of pollutants we can monitor for years

but indoor air quality is where we spend most of our time and

Indoor air quality is usually much worse than outdoor air quality

This is Ardevan Bakhtari, president of Scentroid and today

I'm excited to announce the introduction of our newest product the AQSafe

Things like hospitals...

data centres...


And factories, have a much worse indoor air quality that we can find in any ambient air quality

where we're gonna make things different is to introduce AQSafe where we can monitor many different pollutants at

Ppb (Parts per billion) level detection. So here is our AQSafe.

It will do every minute, a complete reading of the sensors. We're also monitoring particulate PM

1, 2.5, and 10 as well as temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure

so all those parameters are being measured every minute and sent to our cloud software, SIMS.

SIMS will analyze the data and provide you with many useful

Information such as the maximum pollutants that are reached... They can provide you with alarm levels and it will do many other data

analytics to determine events and

pollutions that are key in your indoor air quality

the AQSafe

Will bring a vast amount of information about indoor air quality for many industries that have not before had

continuous monitoring.

This will revolutionize the future of sensory technology.

The Description of Scentroid Indoor Air Quality Monitor | AQSafe Continuous IAQ System