Practice English Speaking&Listening with: YourTube View Fuel - Tip 3

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Hey everybody, I am Micheal Bloxton with, you are watching the yourtube mastery video

series, where we go through some great tips and what we are going through right now is

"View Fuel" which is acronym that we developed to identify the top key 8 things that you

need in every video, to give you the best opportunity to get a lot of views to be popular

and possibly go viral. So I am covering right now the E in view, E is for Engage one of

the simplest things you can do to engage your audience is, have a cool background, if you

could do something cool, we are shooting this in the studio. but if you can do something

cool with the background or different view, sunset or something neat, then that can get

them engaged, then the rule of thumb is you want to have your viewers engaged inside 30seconds,

so you looked at our intro video we had our intro clip and then we did that five, four,

three, two, one with the intermittent interaction between Nick and I that keeps engaged, keeps

them curious to wanting to learn more now throughout the video the other rule of thumb

is you wanna have a every fifteen to thirty seconds you wanna have some other visual change,

now the techniques to use that is very simple were using two completely separate angles

now within those two angles we have different options, we can zoom and pane through the

video we can also add a different effects like black and white or sepia tone or different

things like that to keep the viewer engaged and interested in hearing your messages as

they go through your video so we've given some simple techniques to keep your viewer

engaged in first 30seconds and then every 15 to 30seconds you wanna reengage them visually

as you go through. The next piece in view is the W which is a very good piece and Nick

and I enjoy that piece probably more than any other in doing all these videos that we

do. So check that out click on annotation I will see you over there, take care.

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