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>> Crazy Nate: Weve seen this scene from Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark in so

many movies like Boss Baby, Ready Player One, so dont you think its about time that

we look at the original source?

That's right its time for everything you missed in Steven Spielberg's Raiders of the

Lost Ark.

(intro music plays)

Find these hidden easter eggs somewhere in this video, be the first one to comment where

they are, and Ill buy your tickets to the movies.

The movie starts out with the paramount mountain fading into the normal mountain in real life,

but its not just a play on the Paramount logo, Steven Spielberg's last name means play

mountain so it's also a reference to his last name.

George Lucas is the one who came up with the story Raiders of the Lost Ark, and being good

friends with Steven Spielberg, George let Steven tell the story.

>> George Lucas: and he let me shoot second camera, I think he was doing it just to be

nice to me.

>> Crazy Nate: And as much as George tried to fight it, it seems Harrison Ford is Georges

repeat actor that he likes to use in all his movies.

One movie character hes probably most known for is being Han Solo.

Hes not the only thing tied to Star Wars though.

>> Laura Dern: Run!


>> Crazy Nate: When Indys escaping the native tribe if you look at the numbers on

the plane it looks like 3-CPO, however it actually says OB-CPO.

OB is a reference to Obi One Kenobi, and CPO is a reference to to C3PO.

But when the engine starts that sound you here.

That's a blaster from Star Wars.

>> Han Solo: Yes, I bet you have.

>> Crazy Nate: However if you explore the well of souls carefully you will see C-3PO

along with R2 D2 is in the hieroglyphics obviously giving a shout out to George Lucas whos

famous for Star Wars.When they're walking with the Ark of the Covenant through the cannon

and he's gonna blast a rocket through it.

This film location is literally the same location where the Jawas kidnapped R2D2 in Star Wars.

Chewbacka was also modeled after George Lucasdog, and Indiana Jones was named after his

dog as well.

That's right his dog's name was Indiana.

The movie was also made back in the day before the idea of green screens, so you can't just

do this.

So it took a lot more creativity to figure out how to pull off a lot of these scenes.

>> Indiana Jones: Snakes, why did it have to be snakes?

>> Crazy Nate: Part of this success was Harrison doing his own stunts.

>> Stagehand: Have you ever done anything like this? dragging behind a car?

>> Harrison Ford: Dragging behind a car, dragging behind a car?


I'm sure it's not dangerous, if it was dangerous they would of waited till we got more of the

movie done.

>> Crazy Nate: but then for some of the more risky stunts, he had a stunt double.

In this scene when he went under the truck, that was his stunt double Terry Leonard, and

there actually wasnt enough clearance between the truck and the ground.

>> Co-Pilot Roger: We have clearance Clarence.

>> Pilot Clarence: Rodger roger.

>> Crazy Nate: to not crush his head, so they had to dig a ditch parallel to the road and

if the driver swerved or came out of the track there wouldn't of been enough clearance between

his head and and it would of been a fatal situation.

This stunt was also a tribute to a similar stunt done in the movie Legend of the Loan


Terry Leonard was the stunt man that also recreated the same type of stunt only with

a stagecoach and it almost ended for him in that movie.

One stunt that Harrison did that could of ended his career was in the battle against

Goliath here by the nazi airplane.

When they were fighting the plane ran over one of Harrison's legs and damaged his ACL

behind his kneecap.

Honestly he was lucky he didnt lose a leg in that situation, or even worse.

Yes this was a fake plane that they made for the movie, however it's based on real life

planes were attempted to be used in world war 2, and it's still very very heavy.

Terry, Harrisons stunt double also had his fare share of stunts, obviously the more

dangerous stunts.

Sometimes he was even on the receiving end of Harrisons punches.

Another stunt that almost ended very bad was when a soldier gets thrown out the window

of the truck, and he almost fell off the support and went under the truck.

Another stunt double, or more like double death was Pat Roach.

This guy.

He was actually killed twice by Indiana Jones in the movie.

In fact, in the entire series of Indiana Jones, he kills this guy at least once in every single


Its kinda like a tradition.

>> Indiana Jones: Look, I'm gonna blow up the Ark Rene.

>> XXX: You're gonna give mercenaries a bad name.

>> Crazy Nate: Another thing that they played off in the cutting room was when this guy

Paul Reeman looks like he just ate a fly, they actually cut the scene right before the

fly flew out of his mouth to make it look like a little inside joke.

Another problem they had making this movie was the city that they filmed in.

It had over 300 TV antennas on the roof tops, and they had to manually take down every single

one of them, since the movie was supposed to have taken place in 1936 long before TV

antennas were around they had to go, and they couldnt just be digitally erased, because

that wasn't an option back then.

So this kind of thing really makes you appreciate this five second scene.

In case you're new to easter eggs, theres a famous soundbite called the Welhelm scream,

if you don't know what that is you're gonna have to check out some of my older videos,

because we gotta get going today.

The scream has been used in hundreds of movies, and in this car chase we hear the scream when

he's jumping to the car.

>> Satipo: Poison still fresh three days.

>> Crazy Nate: Famous line, this guy might look familiar though.

Its not the last time we see him with legs all over his back.

If you remember he was also Dr. Octopus in the Spider-man movie.

Also at some point in real life, everyone that was working on the movie got sick from

food poisoning, except of course Steven Spielberg.

>> Steven Spielberg: I didn't get sick because I insisted on canned food from the UK that

I just literally opened my cans and sometimes cold, had breakfast lunch and dinner from

canned food, but all the rest of the crew who ate at the restaurants or at the hotels,

they all got sick.

>> Crazy Nate: I've heard many times that originally Jones was gonna have a giant battle

with this Arab swordsman, but because he was sick from the food poisoning he just asked

if he could shoot the guy instead.

However, I couldnt confirm that this was actually what took place.

In fact I found they did film the fight scene and even had some cheesy punch lines about

the swordsman cutting the meat like some sort of a meat butcher.

Regardless of the real reason why they cut the scene and just made him shoot the bad

guy, none the less, it was probably one of the funniest parts in the whole movie.

Probably one of the most famous scenes that the movie was known for was the idol theft

scene with the boulder in the beginning of the movie.

The idle's actually based on a fertility goddess.

But what if I told you all those movies weren't actually copying Indiana Jones, and they're

actually copying something else.

Something much older than Indiana Jones.

Well, when George and Steven were just kids growing up there was a famous comic series

called Uncle Scrooge, and in one of the stories called the seven cities of gold, Uncle Scrooge

and his lads went on an adventure in a lost temple, and they found this big fat idol,

and if you grabbed the idol though it would of triggered a giant rock that would fall

and destroy everything.

Sound familiar right?

Well this is because Steven and George grew up reading these comics, and they were inspired

by them, and that's where they got the idea for this famous scene.

Indiana Jones also seems that he doesn't know how to fly, but in real life Harrison Ford

is actually a real pilot, and he's a pretty good pilot, even though he had that one mess

up where he almost landed on a bunch of parked planes.

>> Indiana Jones: There's a big snake in the plane Jock!

>> Crazy Nate: Hes also not really afraid of snakes in real life.

In fact in the Well of Souls he actually helped position thousands of snakes for the best


A lot of those snakes werent actually real though, and a lot of the ones that were real

wernt actually snakes.

Even though they dont have arms.

Here's the thing, if they blink they arent a snake.

Theyre actually called glass lizards, and that's right, they're a lizard.

So next time you get creeped out about a snake, you might be getting creeped out over a lizard,

just look at his little eyeballs.

Another thing about the snakes that were in this snake pit is They used fire to keep the

snakes away from them, but in reality, the snakes were actually drawn to the fire to

stay warm.

And probably the best easter egg in the whole movie is..


>> Rex: It's a what?!

What is it?

>> Steven Spielberg: OK, it was the best part, you left me at the best part.

>> Crazy Nate: Now, even though a lot of the snakes were fake, thousands were real, and

that cobra, it was real.

and obviously we already know it wasn't a green screen so how did they get it done?

The way they did this scene without risking death to Harrison Ford was by having a glass

window between them, and if you look closely you can actually see reflections on that glass.

At one point the cobra even spit venom on the glass.

There's also rumors that one of the pythons on the set got bit by a cobra and died.


>> Seaman: There!

>> Crazy Nate: So at some point in the movie, Indiana Jones snuck onto the submarine to

go with the Ark when the Germans took it from the ship.

But a lot of people are left wondering how he made it all the way back without the submarine

doing what they do best, and that's go under water.

They actually filmed a scene where he was holding onto the periscope the entire time,

but that got cut.

Probably another solution is the fact that the submarine wasn't a real submarine though.

It was actually a prop made for a different movie called Das boot, and they just borrowed

it for this movie.

The submarine pen though that they were docked at was real, and it's from World War 2 and

it's located in La Rochelle France and it was used by the Nazis.

In the sake of no easter egg hunter being left behind, I'm going to spell this out here.

The girl here has the words on her eye lids that say love you, its like one of those

puzzles we played with growing up where you have to guess what it means, the message is

literally written on her eyes, so it's sayingI Love You.”

Dennis Muren is a master in visual effects, and worked on many films like Star Wars and

Jurassic Park.

He got to have a sneak cameo as the Nazi spy on the airplane reading Life magazine.

Yes, that was a real life magazine back in the times.

Frank Marshall was the producer for Raiders of the Lost Ark, and he was the pilot of the

airplane that exploded on the runway.

Rumor has it, it's because they were short a stuntman, because they were sick with food


It's also like 130 degrees out, so maybe he just didn't want to leave the hotel.

But I don't know, I wasn't there.

And the flying wing mechanic is Glenn Randall Jr. who also does stunts for a lot of movies

like The Mask of Zorro, or more recently in that time he was the man behind the helmet

in this scene for return of the Jedi.

In the end of the movie when they open up the ark of the covenant it seems that the

idea to close your eyes seems pretty convenient for the plot.

>> Indiana Jones: Marian, don't look at it, shut your eyes, Marian, don't look at it no

matter what happens.

>> Crazy Nate: but the Ark is actually from the Bible.

And since Mr. Jones is a researcher its safe to say he obviously researched the bible.

In the Bible there's a story where some people looked inside the Ark, and 1 Samuel 6:19 it

says God zapped about 70 people dead like the bugs in bugs life just for looking inside

the ark.

>> Bug: No Harry!


Don't look at the light!

>> Harry: I can't help it!

It's so beautiful.

>> Crazy Nate: So Indy knew to keep your eyes closed if you want to live.

Kind of reminds me of another movie that just came out where you have to keep your eyes

closed if you want to live.

The sound they used though for opening the lid of the ark was actually the back of a

toilet lid.

One way to add more effects in the end was by strapping light bulbs to all the soldiers

to make it look like they were being struck down by a spirit.

If you watch in slow motion you can actually see them hanging off their chest, and for

the creepy ghost, they just had a model under water with a little bit of light showing and

then they just layered it kinda like how Disney layers their cartoons with multiple planes.

If you havent already seen my video Everything You Missed in Ready Player One, go check it

out, Indiana Jones's whip is actually in the movie.

True fact.

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