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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: We need to talk about 'Wild Jade' [ME]

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hi everyone in this video I want to talk

about expressing the different parts of

yourself in particular when talk about

the repressed parts that you hold down

there's a part of me that I'm pretty

sure you've never seen on the videos and

I don't think you've seen it because

this aspect of my character is under

pretty much full-time lookin key guards

pinning it down and watching it all the

time from being expressed and this part

of me is wild adventurous state when I

was younger a teenager this was an

aspect of my personality or role of my

personality which I expressed very

freely and you could say it was at the

forefront of how I interacted with the

world especially socially and as I got

older that part of me is step by step

being squashed down pushed down and not

allowed to let itself out the reasons

are many but wild adventurous staid such

a risk-taker she does crazy things she

could get arrested she could get killed

doing that she could be hurt or

embarrassed because she does so it's

crazy and wild things and often is

embarrassed so over the years I pushed

that part of me down to the point where

very rarely see it anymore so it sounds

good right because I'm not doing crazy

wild things anymore but there is a cost

to pay for that as well because with

pushing that part of me down I've also

lost the fearlessness of that wild part

of me and I have also lost a lot of fun

they used to be part of my life because

of all the things that I used to do and


so without don't want to be too specific

but I don't want to be vague as well so

I'll talk to you about some of the kinds

of behaviors that I mean when I talk

about wild Jade

so the different expressions of it one


a sense of adventure in nature kinds of

places so for example I have climbed one

of the peaks at Machu Picchu and had one

of the best days of my life there was it

was hard to do but it was just brilliant

feeling I have nearly drowned trying to

find turtles in Thailand when I was on

my own

someone told me Turtles were up there so

I rambled off and then jumped in the

water where those all sharp corals

scratching up my legs and I I nearly

died because of that I've done loads of

rambles in Thailand in Foresti kind of

places and also in Nepal where you know

if if a wise person came up to you and

said maybe you shouldn't do that there's

likely to be a lot of snakes here you'd

list them but anyway I did all those I

did all those things and a lot of the

time after I'd be thinking oh it's great

that I survived that because it was a

close call or something really bad could

happen if you're just exploring

somewhere without any maps and no one's

there you know you could get hurt or

injured from doing those kinds of things

but like I said always survive them an

aspect of that part of me as well as all

the travel that I've done in my life and

I have taken so many trips to travel

with random people that I don't know

stay with them from the beginning I'll

just they invite me I just go blah blah

blah and that is something that I'm very

worried about now because I have

headaches most of those experiences were

on the whole good but I had enough

experiences where they weren't and

they're on the bad side of things that

now I'm very wary about the just going

and traveling with with people and

staying with them thing whereas before

you used to love him go anywhere anytime

someone asked if I liked the place I'd

be off but yeah because some bad

experience is that part of me is not I'm

not really that comfortable doing that

anymore at least at the moment

so there are some examples of the more

positive expression of wild Jade the

more challenging expression of wild Jade

comes out in party situations when I am

intoxicated / intoxicated on life

because it doesn't have to be like off

my face or something it can be just

getting high from the atmosphere and

dancing I'll just get so into it that

there is a it's like going into a state

and I know it's happening where I start

performing and love and enjoy being the

center of attention now I'm an introvert

so it's like going to the complete

opposite side of me and I batteries

running out I'm going to carry on so

I'll do all this like performing to

people doing like crazy stuff but

hopefully in a way that looks good or

cool or definitely in a way that will be

remembered for sure for good or bad it

will be remembered and I have such fun

and I really really enjoy it but always

after the next day or the two days after

it's like embarrassment like oh god what

does I do again and I find that aspect

of myself so unpredictable because I

never know what's going to happen it

will just like switch into it and then

I'm there I'm performing as well Jade

the I said Li shut it down shut it down

more so as I said a bit earlier the you

know of grown older so I can't do things

exactly the same way as I did before but

the way I'm looking at now it doesn't

have to mean that I shut off that part

of myself because I've lost things from

shutting it off for example the

fearlessness the adventure the fun and

also being the center of attention if

I'm quite honest I do like that whenever

I do get into the state although it's

not in my daily life for sure it's good

to have it sometimes

so the work for me now oh it shouldn't

be work it should be spontaneous is to

try and let that part of myself out more

yes it's unpredictable no I don't know

what will happen but the good side of

that is the fearlessness that can come

from it by letting that express again so

that's all I'm going to say about it

it's about recovering parts of the self

that have been held down not allowed to

be let out for a long time that's what

I'm going to do I was want to try and

hopefully have more fun and more more

adventures in my life she's for watching


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