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hello and welcome back to my channel today I'm

going to show you how to make 5 DIY

emoji projects if you're new to my

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DIY emoji lip balm to get started I'm

going to recycle one of these eyeshadows

containers i started by popping up a

little plastic piece that the eyeshadow sat on

once i had the plastic piece removed

then I just thoroughly washed and cleaned

out the eyeshadow container i painted

the outside of the eyeshadow container

with some yellow acrylic paint and it

did require about five coats to

full cover it

here is mine after it was painted

with a pencil i drew on the emoji face

that I wanted and then with some Sharpie

markers i colored it

no to make the lip balm for this in a

microwave safe container i'm going to

add 1 Tablespoon of beeswax and 1

tablespoon of coconut oil

I'm gonna melt that in the microwave on

15 second increment once it was melted

down to give some tint I'm just going to

use some lipstick from an old lipstick that

i had - I dropped that into the beeswax and

coconut oil and mix it up

I poured my lip balm mixture into the eyeshadow case and

let that sit for about 15 to 20 minutes

and here is mine once the lip balm had

set and that is how you make these easy

DIY emoji lip balms

the second Emoji project will be these emoji light-up

pillows perfect room decor what I'm

going to use is I'm just going to

recycle and old yellow t-shirt that I

had - I placed a plate in the middle of

the t-shirt and traced around it

the next thing i did was i just cut out

the circle making sure when i was done i

had the front side and the back side of

the t-shirt in the circle

I used a lid that was a little smaller

than the original circle and i traced around that

place the two circles back

together and begin hot gluing in small

sections on the line that was just made

make sure to leave one little section unglued

now turn the circle inside out

with a pencil i drew on the emoji face

that I wanted and I'm going to use some

Sharpie markers to color it in so i took

a piece of cardboard and place that in

the middle so the markers wouldn't leak

through then i just colored in the face

I'm going to stuff my pillow with some poly fil fiber

to make the pillow light up i'm going

to use some of these floral LED lights

the lights come on a thin wire and what

I did was I just stuff those into the pillow

leave a little bit of the battery pack

out then seal the rest of the pillow by

folding a bit of the top and bottom and

gluing to give it a nice finished look

hot glue the battery pack to the back of

the pillow these late shouldn't get hot

but never leave the pillow unattended

when the lights are on

just twist the battery pack on the back

to make the lights go on and off and

that is how you make these easy DIY

emoji light up pillows

the next project will be a DIY Orbeez

emoji room decor idea. For this one you

will need one of these glass bowls i drew

on an emoji face and then with Sharpie

markers i colored it in

I'm going to use an empty and clean Play Doh container to go

in the middle you just want something

that is about the same size as the bowl

and fits in the middle hot glue the bottom

of the play-doh container and place it

inside the glass bowl

I'm going to use this bottle of all yellow Orbeez I found

these on Amazon i will leave a link down

below I put the lid back on the Play

Doh container so when I filled the bowl

the Orbeez we go into the bowl and not

into the play-doh container

once the bowl is full of Orbeez add a

little bit of water

remove the play-doh lid and then add

your pens or pencils or even your makeup brushes.

the 4th craft project will be DIY Emoji Phone Case

for this one just

had to the link down below and print out

this printable cut out each letter and

the emoji face leaving a little border

I'm going to cover them with clear packaging

tape and then cut off the excess and the border

here were mine once they were all taped and cut out

I'm going to use a clear phone case I

place the letters and the emoji on the

phone and then I put the phone case back on

and that is how you make this DIY Emoji phone case

the 5th project will be DIY mini Emoji slime

that you can

turn into a keychain to make the slime i'm

going to start with some clear Elmers

glue. I'm just going to add a little bit of the

Elmer's glue to a bowl

to give it some color I'm going to use some yellow acrylic paint

i just added the yellow acrylic

paint to the glue and mixed that together

I'm going to use liquid starch if you don't

have liquid starch or you can't find it

you can use tide laundry detergent I

just slowly added a little bit to the

paint and glue mixture until it formed slime

and here is what my slime looked like

i'm going to use one of these little

bead containers or lip balm containers i

just took a little piece of the slime and

put that in the container.

I drew on a face that I wanted and then with some

Sharpie markers I colored that in

to color in the eye white i'm just going

to use some white acrylic paint

and i just used a sharpie marker to fill

in the middle of the eye and here's what

it looks like at this point now the next

step is optional but I'm going to turn

this into a key chain so what I used was a

paperclip and I just unfolded it and

then with a pair of cutters i just cut

off a little bit of the top

place a bead of hot glue in the middle of the

container on the back part making sure

not to glue the container shut then

place the paper clip in the hot glue

and set aside and let it cool down

now i'm going to use a jump ring and a key

chain. Place the jump ring around the paper

clip and then close the jump ring and

that is how you make these DIY miniature

slime emojis that you can turn into

keychains i hope you guys enjoyed these

five DIY emoji projects i would love it

if you gave this video a thumbs up leave

me a comment and let me know which one

was your favorite

what is your favorite emoji? until next

time I hope you guys all have an amazing day

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