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- Hello guys, and welcome back to another challenge.

And today, neither of us are messin' about

because we've teamed up with Nerf

to bring to you a crazy challenge

with these brand-new Nerf Regulator Blasters.

Now as you can tell behind me,

we have a bunch of sticky notes set up.

Now earlier today we asked Martin to write

a bunch of food names on loads of sticky notes

for the challenge that we're going to be doing today.

Now we're each gonna be using our Nerf Blasters

to get the ingredients for a drink

that the other person will have to drink.

- No, you never told me about that.

- [Male] Now obviously, as you know guys,

all of these are face down so we don't know what they are.

However, this one is actually faced up

and you can clearly see that it's baked beans.

- That sounds absolutely horrible.

- It's out of the way, which means it's a lot harder to hit,

but it happens to be the worst one.

So if we hit that, the other person is in trouble.

I'm gonna be going for it.

- I don't mind baked beans really, Morgan.

- Every food we hit for the other person

will be blended together.

Now just before we get started with this challenge,

let me talk to you a little bit

about the new Nerf Regulator blasters

that are out right now.

Now the Nerf Regulator is here

and it has a new SwitchFire Tech.

It actually has three different modes.

Fully automatic, burst mode--

- And single fire mode.

- You've been doing your research.

- I've been reading the instructions.

- She's taking over.

She's taking over.

She knows her Nerf.

Now having all these different modes in one blaster

means you're gonna have a really,

really fun game play experience

with loads of different strategies.

So guys, what I'm asking you is if you have this blaster,

what mode would you pick?

And today, we're gonna be testing out

all the different modes in this challenge.

And guess what guys?

We're getting it started right now.

Mum, let's do it.

So guys, what we're gonna do right now is before we start,

we're gonna have a quick little practise.

This is the first time we've used these brand-new blasters.

Which mode are you gonna go for, mum?

- Single fire mode.

- And you know what?

I'm gonna go for fully automatic, okay?

Quick practise mom, whenever you're ready.

Whoa! (gun firing)

- [Mom] Whoa!

- Whoa!

So guys, now as you kinda get a feel of the power

we've got here, these blasters are insane.

So mum wants to go into full automatic mode.

All you have to do is click that switch down like that,

and blast away, mom.

Whoa! Whoa! (gun firing)



However mom, it's not gonna be quite as easy as that one.

The challenge begins because we're both only gonna have

one cartridge full of darts to shoot at this,

so whichever mode you pick, it's up to you.

But mom, just before we start,

I think we need to get a little bit more in the mood.

- Yes, Morgan.

Let's do it.

(rock music)

- [Morgan] So mom is fired up.

She's ready.

She's got her blaster, and she is going first.

Mom, you have 12 darts, one clip, whenever you're ready.

- I've got the single mode.

- [Morgan] Oh, I think I'm gonna go for

it's good strategy right there, but she's ready.

(gun fires)

Miss. - Oh.

- [Morgan] She's missed her first one, Martin.

She's missed the first one.

(gun fires)

- [Mom] Oh!

- [Morgan] It's another miss.

Another miss.

(gun fires)

Another miss!

(gun fires)

Another miss!

(gun fires)

Another miss!

(gun fires)

I think she got one.

- This is what you've got to blend.

For you, is a sausage!

A sausage!

- That is a terrible one.

- [Mom] Is it the spicy sausage?

- [Martin] Spicy sausage.

- [Mom] Yeah!

(gun fires)

- [Morgan] She's missed.

Oh, she got another.

- Please be something awful.


- Yes!

Cookies and sausage!

What a...

I'll tell you what, I'm actually happy

you got me those cookies.

I am happy, bro! (laughs)

(gun fires)

Oh, it's a miss.

(gun fires)

It's a miss!

- [Mom] There!

I got it, I got it, I got it!

I got it here!

- Mom says she got it.

It's the orange one right there.

- Orange?

The pink one, wasn't it?

It was that one.

- She got the pink one.


I don't want honey in a smoothie.

- Honey, sausage, and cookies.

(gun fires)

- Oh!

And it's all over.

Honey, sausage, and cookies.

I'm not gonna lie, I'm really not happy.

Okay, guys.

The king is here, I've got my blaster,

and I'm gonna blast whatever's left here

and get mom some bad ones.

Guys, smash a line right now.

Subscribe if you're new.

Let's do this.

I'm not stopping until I get them baked beans.

(gun fires)


- [Mom] Oh!

(gun fires)

- Oh!

(gun fires)


- [Mom] Did you get it?

- Yes! (yelling)

Got the baked beans!

I got the wild card!

Okay, now the fun starts.

(gun fires)


(gasps) Did I hit?

- [Martin] Miss, miss, miss.

- Oh. - [Mom] Oh.

(gun fires)

- I think I hit.


- [Mom] What is it?

- Mom, it's dog food.

- [Mom] You're absolutely joking.

- No.

Oh, I'm only joking.

It was mango.

It was mango.

(gun fires)

- [Male] Yes.

- Oh my God!

- [Mom] You're cheating somehow.

- Oh, for goodness sake.


(gun fires)

Ah, it's a miss.

(gun fires)

- [Martin] That was a hit.

- [Mom] Oh not another one.

- Jam!



Martin, bro.

Every one I've got that wasn't the wild card,

has been really nice.

(gun fires)


- [Martin] That was bang on.

Bang in middle.

- [Mom] Oh no. (laughs)

- Last time it was jam.




(gun fires)

Oh, it was over.

(gun fires)

Oh, both of them missed.

So there we go guys.

That was my round one.

So far, my drink has gotten honey, sausage, and cookies,

while so far, hers has got ham,

beans, honey, jam, and mango.

It's time to move onto round two.

Okay round two, mom.

Whenever you're ready, take it away.

(gun fires)

Oh, she's missed.

Oh, okay.

I think she nailed the orange one.

- What are we going to get for you?

We're gonna get you some yoghourt.

- Yoghourt!


Oh my gosh, I love yoghourt!

(gun fires)

Two misses.

Oh, okay I think she got it on the last one.

- [Mom] I say, I got that one.

- I think she got it there, yeah

- A gummy snake.

- (laughs) Oh, baby!

- I've got a few darts yet though, Morgan.

- [Morgan] Oh, go for it.

(gun fires)

- [Mom] Yes!

- [Morgan] Okay.

- [Mom] Yes.

- [Morgan] Okay.

- Salt!

- [Morgan] Salt!

- Salt!

- Okay, you finally got one that I don't actually like!

(gun fires)

- [Mom] Oh!

- [Morgan] And there you go, mom.

- Oh look, it's flashing, I'm out.

- [Morgan] Okay, so my drink is done mom,

and what am I gonna be drinking?

- Oh, you've got salt, honey, a gummy snake--

- [Morgan] Hey!

- A spicy sausage.

- [Morgan] Ah!

- Did I say yoghourt, or yoghourt?

- [Morgan] Yo-yogurt.

- Yoghourt, cookies.

- Oh, there we go.

Guys, can we make mom's drink even worse?

I think we can for Team Morgz, let's do it.

Okay guys, we're starting this one off with a bang.

(gun fires)

- [Martin] Miss.

- [Morgan] Was that a miss?


Well I tell you what, why don't we just get it

in this round, then?

(gun fires)


I think I could see what it says.

- [Mom] I'm very scared.

Oh, what is it?

What is it?

- Vinegar.

- [Mom] No.

- It's vinegar.

Oh my goodness!

I'd say that has to be the second worst one, is it Martin?

- [Martin] Must be.

- It is.

(gun fires)


- [Mom] I'm very unready.

What is it! What is it!

What is it!

- [Martin] Must be something nasty.

- [Mom] Chocolate?


- Raw eggs.

- [Mom] Oh no.

Oh no.

Let me see it.

I don't believe you.

Let me see it.

Oh no.

(gun fires)

- [Morgan] Did I hit?

- [Martin] I didn't see that hit.

- Oh!

(gun fires)

Ay! Baby!


- [Mom] I really want you to miss.

(gun fires)

- [Morgan] Oh!

- [Martin] Yeah, that hit.

- [Mom] No!

Oh Martin, you shouldn't have told him.

- Oh, it's apple.

I'm not gonna lie.

- [Mom] Apple.

- Apple's not too bad.

Apple's not too bad.

(gun fires)

(gasps) Hit! Hit!

Hit! Hit!

Hit! Hit!

Two, one.

- [Mom] No!

No, no, no, no!

- Oh my goodness!

- [Mom] I've seriously been set up.

- Oh, that's it.

That's it guys.

We're out.

But I tell you what.

I think Team Morgz has came out a lot better

than Team Mum, after that.

Okay guys, so as you can see,

we're here in the kitchen right now.

I'm gonna do my drink first because personally,

I think mine will be a lot better than mom's

for obvious reasons.

We've got all the ingredients ready.

We've got the blender ready.

We're gonna load them all up right now.

Guys, let's do it.

That drink is looking pretty damn horrible.

- [Mom] The sausage is just like, stuck there, isn't it?

- Now we're gonna fill this up

with a little bit of water so it actually blends.

But yeah, guys I'm not really happy with this,

but you know, I'm not really sad either.

Let's do it.

(dramatic music)

Okay guys, the drink is done.

It's ready.

I can confirm that it just reeks of sausage.

That's all it smells of.

I thought I was gonna be okay with it.

I'm not.

I'm really, really, really scared.

All I'm saying is, if this is what mine smells like,

imagine what yours is?


- [Mom] Can I just stick my finger in just to see?

- Oh God.

Oh my God. My God.


Oh my God.


- [Mom] Oh, I've just put my finger in it,

and that was the most disgusting thing ever.

- Oh, okay.

Your turn.

Guys, it's mom's turn now.

Oh my goodness.

Realistically, have you ever seen something more disgusting?


Oh my God. (laughs)

Let's go.

(dramatic music)

Try smelling it.

Is it good?

See if it smells good.


I'll do the honours.

Thick, it is thick indeed.

The time is now.

It all comes down to this.

This is what you get for not being a good blaster of Nerf.

Are you ready, mum?

- Nobody wants to see this, Morgan.

- Yes we do.

Trust me, we all want to see it.

- Nobody, nobody wants to see this.

- [Morgan] Even Team Mum want to see it.

- No they don't.

Oh God, this is so hard.

It's just so hard.

(dramatic music)

I don't think I can do it.


I've had so many horrible things

you've made me eat and drink.


- [Morgan] That poor dog.

- Oh, I think I'm gonna be sick on Izzy.

Take Izzy off me.

I think I'm gonna be sick on her.


Ooh, Izzy, go down.

- [Morgan] Oh mom--

- I've never, ever.

- [Morgan] One of the things you've got to do

since you were the loser, but you have to have two sips

instead of one.

- No.

(dramatic music)

- [Morgan] Oh, she's going, she's gone.

She's gone, she's gone.

Yeah, she's done for.

- [Mom] Only have a sip.

- Oh.


- [Morgan] This one's better than mine.

Quick, that one's better!

Get it down you quick!

- Oh.


- Sink, sink, sink.

- [Morgan] Which one was worse?

First or second?

- Oh, they're both as bad as (mumbling).


- I've never tasted anything like that.


- [Mom] I have, actually.

- Okay guys, well that is the end of this crazy

Nerf Regulator challenge.

Honestly, I cannot believe what me and my mom

have just drank, and Martin.

And I just can't believe this video.

It's just been absolutely crazy.

Once again, a huge shout out to Nerf

for sponsoring this video.

We had so much fun using the new Nerf Regulator.

It was really, really fun, wasn't it, mom?

- [Mom] It was fun--

- Except for the drink.

- [Mom] That game was brilliant.

- And then it went downhill from there.

- [Mom] It went very downhill.

- Well guys, thank you all so much for watching.

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and as always, I be Morg, she's been mum,

and you guys have been awesome,

and we'll see you in my next video.

Peace out!

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