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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to Make Tiramisu | Gennaro Contaldo | Italian Special

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Hi lovely people! Here I am in Italy. Let me show you how to do the best - the best - tiramisu.

First of all I need to do the egg. White goes in one side, look at that, easy!

Okay and then transfer the other one.

Or if you do it this way, let's move the jug so you can see better.

That egg, you can see inside...Then grab it.

Easy, everybody can do that!

Okay, then you need 125g of sugar, I'm just gonna put half inside.

Now comes the best. Stay there, don't move!

Whisk it. Everybody can do it, so easy! Look, the lovely yolk of it.

450g of a mascarpone, mascarpone is soft cheese.

Okay, slowly, slowly, slowly, because you don't want it too hard.

Because if it's too hard it's not good, you can't really spread it.

What you do here, you just get inside. Get inside! No, you don't, I do.

Okay, just let's put this one on the side to see how creamy it is.

You do this! Ah! Better not.

But it's nice.

300ml of cream, put it all inside. So easy!

So easy, I enjoy doing all of this.

Then again slowly, you try to mix it. It's going to become nice and soft.

Come on, gadget! Look at this, this is beautiful.

Sorry...! So good.

Let's go back to the egg. I like to put a little squeeze of lemons, to lighten it.

Also, for flavouring. Just a drop.

And...just whisk. Come on, gadget! Come on!

Too weak, I'm supposed to be 25 years younger.

Stand there, it's much better like that.

Let's have a look.

...No, I won't try. I won't try!

Then, put them inside, this is the way to do it.

Don't just mix, fold it in. Just fold it.

You can see I turned the spoon, folded everything in.

Yeah, I'm happy. Okay, leave them on the side for just couple of minutes.

Get some nice coffee, we just made it. Then we've got the rest here.

Put the rest of the sugar in, let's put it back from that.

100ml of Vin Santo, and you can do some other liquors, like sherry will do.

Marcel will do, sweet wine will do. i'm using a very good Vin Santo.

Everybody's gonna make this one, please do make it. Be adventurous, don't be afraid.

Oh my gosh, it's so good! I'm gonna put a just little bit more in, for me. 125!

Nice bowl. I start doing it. First of all you need to put in some mascarpone cream.

Just make sure you're spreading nicely.

Then you get some savoiardi, just put inside two or three at a time.

Turn it, each one. And if you break it, doesn't matter.

Just start to put them in. One...two... It''s gonna be good! Three.

Then you start again with the mascarpone. The way it spreads is so nice.

I think this is the best tiramisu ever made.

Okay, again, you start it again. We mop the biscuit. If you don't have a savoiardi biscuit, sponge will do it.

You know, if you know how to make sponge, Victoria sponge is fantastic!

Also maybe if you have any panettone left, you can do it.

Again, just add one let it soak right through, but don't leave it for too long.

Because if you leave it for too long, that will break it.


I need more coffee now.

That's good. Let's put the rest of the sugar, because I put more sugar inside here.

Yeah? Yeah, yeah, I can, you know. say a bit more - no, no, caution.

You put here 1 tablespoon in here, and 2 tablespoons, yeah, yeah, 3 tablespoons...

You see the coffee is not hot, because it need to mix with the cream, but it is warm, it's coffee you can drink.

And then again you start it. One, and another one, and another one.

Now they're gonna go on the other side. Basically it's an espresso martini, one side here.

The different is, this is much better!

Now... [laughs] I love it. I just, I love it!

You can see what I'm doing, slowly you cover everything.

Okay, I've got a little bit left as you can see. Let's have a look if I can make another one.

Little coffee cup, mascarpone inside.

Getting a biscuit, again have a coffee.

Get some mascarpone cream. Okay, repeat the process.

One...two...just a little bit on the side, three. It's like an ice cream!

I love it. I just love it!

Let's just clean them on the side...everything.

I've got some fantastic chocolate with hazelnuts inside, really nice. Use it if you want to use it.

But you can use any chocolate, or use cocoa powder.

So I grate it, look. Come on....

Now is the small one.

Let's put this on one side.

Now, I don't want to tidy it up, just depresses me, so...

Look at that, come on little baby!

To be or not to be? To eat or not to eat?

To leave it for my friends or not to leave a for my friends?

To make sure it tastes this good...what a pity!

Mmh! That was too big!

Oh my god.

Look at this, come on. When the spoon goes inside, breaks it up.

Mmh... Honestly it's really good. I surprised myself.

Arrivederci! Holy **** this is good.

You have to taste it. Yeah come here and open up your boo-boo.

I enjoyed this tiramisu

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