Practice English Speaking&Listening with: completely custom tank on Reef Builders channel : Hindi/Urdu commentary

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hi folks ! i'm Nadi Mian

and todays video is going to be amazing

because this video is not from me its by Jake adams from reef builders

thanks alot for allowing us to react on this video

i'm translating it for my viewers

thank you jake adams

and if you are here for english


swicth on the subtitels


i'm not good in english at all

todays video is by jake adams

he has his own blog website

known as reef builders

such a great youtuber he is

link to his channel in discription

lets watch his video

the tank he record


so make the palce of your dream even bigger

to fit this tank in there

lets get started

hmm ok

so here you are watching jake adams on your screen

jake adams is telling you about

this tank is up and running for al most 2 years now

and hsi friend joe is taking care of this tank

and this tank has

some of the very rare fish

and corals


here is the tank in front of you

you can actually see those exotic and rare fish

and rare corals also

so guys here is mr. Joe

he is the owner of unique corals

he is very famous in this industry

his videos are on how to channel also


this is a very very beautiful tank

this main setted up this tank and takes care of it for his client

everything on this tank

pluming , glass

rocks or anything realted on this aquarium

every thing is A class and even corals are rare

this tank is by elos

which is made up of very high class glass

its edges are very nicely polished clear

this glass is so clear taht

it looks like acrylic but its glass in real

jake is asking about the dimensions of the tank

joe replied that its 6 feet long 28 inches high and 28 inches wide

it makes about 300 gallons such a nice tank

reef builder asked about the light

whats this funky beautiful light

joe replied that its brand is acro optics

its fully programable

it has 3 panels

high lights on the left then medium light in center and the low light on the right

so sps can be placed on the high light area

lps on medium and very low light corals at the end

because his client wants to keep little bit of every thing not just sps

so he divide the tank into different zones

joe told that in this tank live rock wasn't used

instead of live rocks they used ceramic rocks

you can see

these were ceramic rocks

this was completely man made rock

with the time it became really nice

as you can see

so now we have saw tank and light

so please open the cabin and show us the sump

so the sump cabin is going to be opened

just look at this


o my God

what a high tech tank

very high tech aquaraium

this sump is by MRC company

the reactors are by avast company

its has carbon in it the water comes from the bottom and overflows on top

vactora m1 return pumps which are super silent

this skimmer is bubble king 250

the vase you are looking at is the waste collecter

all the skim of protien skimmer will go into that collector

this thank dont have a chiller

the fans are programed to be on when tank is hot

now you are looking at

he have put a UV sterelization system there

because he has so many fish

these days Uv sterelizers are not very often used

but because they have so many fish in there so it helps

to keep water quality premeier they used it

and i have never saw suach a

nice looking sterelizer

the white cylinders you are looking at are actually algae reactors

it has cheatomorpha kind of algae]


it has two pumps in there one is used as return

feeding the main tank above

and the other pump is feed all other equipment

e.g reators and uv sterelizer

it passe the water through all those equipments

and the tank you are going to see on the right side

this is just mind blowing

it has a slide system to take it out

nad what is this

this tank is for saltwater changes

people has very tiny tanks and even they

they ask how to never do water change

and see on this lushed

tank with super equipment still doing water changes

they are using neptune dos doser

the elements he is dosing is triton core 7

i will explain about triton in some other video

what is the care of this big tamk

he is telling that when you have this much fish

you have to work hard for better nuitrent export

and he has phosphate reactor in which he is running roaphos

also doing water changes

he is using rodi water

he is also doing icp testing on it\

icp testing is basically you take sample of your tank water

and you send it to icp lab

and then they post you results online i think

think they post as mail also

here jake realized that in this entier tank

no pump can be seen

he is telling that they hide the pumps under rocks

by some technique

the return pump is on this side

tunze wavemakers are buried under these rocks

and those are working

with this many fish still can't see any algae

the aquarium is very clean

jake is saying that the light is looking very natural

not very blue like joe's shirt

me too i like this kind of lighting i don't like blues

we knew the main areas of the tank

that there are sps, lps and softies in this tank

so tell us what are these

in this are these are chalice corals

and there are mushrooms behind

this is low light and super glow area

now jake is telling about some corals

this is hog fish

its quite rare

bob eye angel fish

such a rare fish

even the white is very rare( masked angel)

this is fairy wrasse fish and i don't know anything about it

now he is back to corals

about different corals if you wanna wacth this

link of the complete video is in discription

australian scolies

the way the corals are placed here

it dont have a lot of space to grow

usally they leave oprn space for corals to grow

he is telling that when you use leds and dc pumps

it reduces the heat in water and you will not need chiller

but if you are in an area where its 35 degree celcius or 45 degree celcius

then you defenitly needs a chiller

so guys this was todays video hope ypu really liked it

to make this video short i did cuttings at some places

if you want to see the full video link is in the discription

must subscribe him and

subscribe me also if you want

after watching this video

i have a message for you

if you want to be part of this hobby

and when you are palning a marine aquarium

if your mind and soul allows you then

make it as better as possible

make it appealing

then you will enjoy it

everyone has his own reefing style

some people want to spend a lot

some are miser like me

who even don't put skimmer on their tank

so this their own reefing style

but what ever you do ,you need to have sense of that

what can be pros and cons of itg

so folks best of luck for your builts

if you can make one like this it will be amaxing

this tank has some fish which xomes in pretty pany 100000s of rupies

and what else i can say

lets wrape up the video

peace out

The Description of completely custom tank on Reef Builders channel : Hindi/Urdu commentary