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Hi I'm Bob Schmidt with HomeRemodelWorkshop.

So you finally found that toilet that you want to use in your new bathroom.

You go to the supply house to pick it up and it comes in two boxes.

You have to put it together. Let's get these open and let's get to work.

This is the hardware that you'll find in your typical two piece toilet box.

Put the rubber washers on the bolts provided, insert the bolts

into the mounting holes inside the tank. Put the flat side of the tank gasket

flush to the bottom of the tank with the tapered side facing away from the tank.

Here's a tip from experience, Take your tank gasket

and apply a thin layer of pipe joint compound. This will help your gaskets seep

properly in the opening up the bowl

giving you a good seal. Align the bolt holes and gently place the tank on

the bowl.

Put the washers and nuts onto the tank bolts finger tighten

until the bolts are extended about evenly.

Using your wrench tighten the bolts each a little at a time until they are all snug being


not to over tighten because you could crack the tank

or bowl flange. A way to check your tightening

is to pull gently side to side and back and forth on your tank,

making sure that there is not excessive movement. If necessary

tighten a little more and check again. Attach the toilet seat,

the tapered side of the nuts go up. Snap down the covers.

Many toilet and tank combinations do not include the toilet seat.

It must be purchased separately. After the toilet is completely installed

put on the flange bolt covers, this is the part of the system that bolts your

toilet to the floor.

There is a "this side up" side to the cap washer.

The cover will only snap-on if the washer is right side up.

So there you go

the toilet is all assembled ready to be put in place make sure you always read all

your instruction manuals

and you should have a fine time. Oh,

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