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somebody lend me 100$

i need it RIGHT NOW

i'll pay it later promise

please i beg for...

i wanna sexxxx

hey Tord! i've never been this happy to see you!

can you lend me a 100$, seriously

i need it immediately, please

is there anyone to fix me up with any girls?

i'll buddy! i'll!

i know real nice one

so lend me 100$ immediately i'm despaired for it

is she hot?

she looks like Sakura

you know, i might gonna die by starvation of woman

ah shut it you lend me 100$ or what?

can i meet her right now?

fine wait for a second

hey tom what's the matter?

oh hey matilda have you met Tord?

I've heard about you lot

are you satisfied?

now send me money hurry! right

do you like spaghetti?

i have a boyfriend

Matilda, im sorry but could you lend me 100$ please?

i don't have any spare time

ah tom! it's so lucky you to be here!

can you choose one of my selfie to use for my profile fic?

let me see

from 1 to 5 which one looks the finest?

second one

all of you shut up or i'm gonna blow this place up

god edd, would you lend me 100$?

is here anyone want to play Overwatch with me?

you must be kidding me, come on!

tom, don't you think second one is too blurry?

uhh, then third one

i wanna sexxx

shut up you idiot!

wwell i guess i'd better play lol

not you too please!

tom don't you think the third one looks too chubby?

uhhh then fifth one

shut up!

heeeey anyone play lol with me

please i'm begging

hey tom isn't the first one fine?

yeah you'd better


play game with meeee

tom is fifth one look bad?

no no no


Tom come on!

lennddd me 100$

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