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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 組織頭目抓一個女人來威脅特種部隊,妄圖趁機逃跑,結果被擊斃在國境線!

Difficulty: 0

SIr, welcome.

Colonel, how's it going now?

Gret keeps hidden here.

All civilians are here.

As well as some refugees.

I need to tell you,

in this case,

we can't attack and put them under arrest as usual.


we've sealed all exits off secretly.

So, he can't escape for sure.

Thanks, got it.

We'd do it now, get him alive before he escapes.



Gert wants to escape.

How could it be possible?

Sir, you're right/

He's planning to run away.

Colonel, my job is,

wipe him out.

To vanish their units completely.


Both demolition men and scouts are there.

Got it.


here's on you.

Let me know ASAP if something goes wrong.

Commandos and snippers,

go after them with me.


enemies are 5km away, ahead of you.

Got it.

Zhangxu, Minlu

Calling 101

We got captives and bombs on the spot.

Now, we're detonating, leave your order.

You'd keep all men in the block safe.

Roger that.

Take time.

Sir, we'd burst into the block.

Negative, we're doing a thing abroad.

We'd ask for the air-support from the colonel.

Calling 101.

Got it.

Is that ok?


But something goes wrong now.

Given captives' saying,

once Gert escaped,

he also took some captives away.


Gert got some captives on his hands.

Leave that quest alone.

We'd burst into to wipe enemies out to save captives.

Got it.


Hanchan, Zhaoke,

you stay with Yangcan,

others, go with me.

We'd take this,

to ambush them.

Got it.

It's the newly-released armed drone.


So, is that amazing?

You keep going, I'll cover you.

I'm under the Chinese special forces' attack.

Come on, come to support me.

Gert, what's your location now?

The third boss of Heiri Gang, Peterson.

I'm not in No.3 plot in the border of H.

Got it.

I'll send guys there.

Boss, are you sure you wanna come to save him?

You thought will I do that?

Without him,

you're our boss.

So, he can't take my place.

My fault, please.

You're right.

Even Gert can take Shanmao's place.

Why will I take his pace to be our leader?

Now, I'm the most powerful in this unit.

Piece of a cake to be a leader.

Why did you point me by your gun?

You're my fellow for years.

You'd know me well.

I don't want anyone to see me through.

Boss, I'm joking.

Please, don't kill me.

No more jokes.

You'll be a dead man if you dare to do it.

Keep it in your mind.

Now, you'd take guys there,

to No.3 plot in the border of H.

Hang on, I don't finish my words.

It's not for saving Gert there,

You'd be out of stand-off before they falter.

Are you clear?

Got it, boss.

Let me warm your ardour.

Keep moving.

Don't move.

Don't come here.

If you go steps further,

we're gonna dead guys.

Don't shoot, bombs there.

Yangcan, get him back.

Hanchen, Zhaoke, come with me.


in my ten, enemies are coming.

Go with me.

Sir, are you ok?

Fine, he moves forward, gets him alive.

Got it.

He's behind the haystack, loop him around.

Watching out.





The Description of 組織頭目抓一個女人來威脅特種部隊,妄圖趁機逃跑,結果被擊斃在國境線!