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In these modern times, we know that you can live without your cell phone, because

you use it for virtually any thing.

From sending tasks, communicate all the time, or just post something on any

your social networks, your smartphone it has become a tool in your

daily life, but you wondered what So you're taking advantage of your cell?

Then we'll show 7 home tricks very simple that will make your phone a

apparatus more useful than it already was ... if you want to find out what ... I invite

that you stay to see the next video ... are you ready?

Let's start! : D

7. Create a lamp with cell and water bottle.

For those cases where you leave your light home quick and easy way out

of that trouble is turning the flash on your phone, many of them already bring the option

without installing any application ... and place under a water bottle .. light bounce

through further expanding water .. and achieving light that illuminates much better.

: D 6. Amplify music.

If you're in a meeting, listening to music on your phone and need more volume

to dance no better trick this ... with a cardboard tube and a pair of glasses can

make improvised speakers ... now If you want even simpler, only

you can use a container such as a glass or a plate so that the sound waves collide

with the walls thereof and is amplified wave so you can hear much better

your favourite music…!

5. Make holograms ..

By using any soft plastic, can form a triangle, and by placing

Above the screen of your phone, which It will cause a fairly hologram effect


I am sure that with this trick impress to all.

4. Lengthen the life of your cell cleaning connector input, injecting air with

a syringe; dust is very harmful to these devices and with time and use, much

This dust it is getting into the connections our phone causing failures

it is why with this trick you can keep clean connections, increasing

prolonged the life of your cell phone.

3. Improve the quality of photos using the lens of a lazer pointer.

If you like photography and enjoy being taking the best pictures all the time,

This trick will help you take enough photos professionals who you think if you try

and you presume me your picture in my Instagram ....

2. to double the duration of your battery, using airplane mode is very easy

the battery of your phone will arrive last several hours longer than usual,

because when in this mode, consuming less than that being in use so

normal since disconnects all connections active than could have our phone.

And as a curiosity ... If you charge this mode, it will take much less time

Upload a tip handy when you already It makes you late and you is not loaded yet.

1. Phone with black light ... This trick is very simple and effective, only

must have ready two markers (one blue and another black) and some tape


Just put some tape over the lens from your camera phone, then paint it

with blue marker.

Then you must repeat the process, but painting it purple.

The sum of these colors creates the effect of the Blacklight pretty cool.

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