Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Playing Bullet Pudding (GAME)

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(rooster crows)



(wheel clacking)

- Welcome to Good Mythical Mor.

- I'm Rhett.

This is my Ten Word Story.


- Just

- Ate

- Your

- Little

- Lunch

- So

- Get

- Over

- Yourself

(background laughter)


- We just ate your little lunch so get over yourself.


- How you like them stories?

- It was little.

You shouldn't be that mad.

Hey, let's play a game guys.

- Hey, let's play a game called Bullet Pudding.

Um, so this is an actual game from Regency era Britain.

I love that Regency era.

- That was my favorite era.

- You know the Regency.

- Mhmm

- Hey

- Alright, bring it in.

- Howdy

- That's why I always stay at the Hyatt.

- I was told maybe bring it up here.

Let's smush it on up, and then okay.

Here's how the game play works according to these notes.

A bullet is placed on top of a mound of flour.

Here's a mound of flour.

Anybody got a bullet?

Oh, I keep a fake bullet in my shirt pocket.

- This is a fake bullet, so no one's eating a real bullet.

- It's my lucky fake bullet.

Uh, players take turns scooping out the flour with a cup.

We have some cups here.

Let's pass those around.

- You can get that.

And then you want to give it to me.

- Here let me place it on top, Link.

- Okay, okay.

- Let the steady hand man.

- The cups are how we're gonna play the game!

- Okay whoever causes the bullet to drop

must fish it out with their teeth.


Be ginger.

Oh, that's cool.

- Wait it's actually a lot more stable than I thought.

I thought there was a chance it was gonna break through.

- I thought it was gonna like go through.

- This feels like a mafia initiation.


- I know it really does.

- Okay, um, I guess this is like Jenga so

- Where do you put the stuff when you're done with it?

- You eat it.

- Yeah (laughs)

- You eat the flour (loudly inhales)

- Uh, I'll go first, we'll go counter-clockwise.

- We'll put it in a bucket. - Alright

- We'll put the flour in that bucket.

- Ooh, a bucket.

- Uh, yes, I saw something a lot like this

at Michael Bay's Christmas party.


- That's my favorite

- But, but you didn't have cups.

- No cups, yeah.

- No cups.

- We didn't use our hands.

- Yeah

- Look at that.

- Aw, you're gonna take forever going at that pace.

- We did


- Alright go ahead Jordan.

- Do do do do

- Ooh, nicely done.

- Thank you.

- Christine.


- This is soothing.

- Nice, that's really really good.

- I can't get any more.

- Really good, really good.

I'm gonna get close. - Oooh

- Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.

- [Link] What are you doing?

- [Emily] It's kind of like a tiny avalanche.

- [Rhett] I'm trying to make it interesting.

- Where'd we

- Where can, bring that, bring that right around here.

- Yeah, let's dump, oops.


I hit the edge.

Dumping our flour down there.

- Alright.

- So glad I live in a time when Smash Brothers exists.


- Okay so, I like what you did Rhett.

I'm a do that, too.

- [Rhett] Mmmmm

- [Emily] Oh my god

- [Rhett] Oh oh, what

- What does it look like now?

Is it a little tiny mountain?



- It's a cute flour mountain.

- Yeah

- Okay

- This would be more fun with actual pudding I feel like.

- Yeah

- Upping the game

- That's true.


- Oh, living dangerously!

- Daddy get's a big scoop!


- Woo, alright, I'm gonna go in real close.

- Who cares.

- Take some risks here.

- Did you guys rather

- Oh, look at them dirty little bullet.



- I wasn't getting near that bullet, chief.


- Did you guys when you played hide and go seek

and you were hiding like pee your pants

because you were so nervous? - No never.

- Okay me neither.


- Are you just trying to tell us you recently peed

in your pants? - I feel very nervous

right now, I have to pee.

- It looks like my strategy is coming back to bite me.

- Bite ya in the bullet.

- Cause I guess none of this we can scoop?

- Whoa, hey, hey, hey, hey.

- [Emily] Oh god

- Oh boy, oh boy.

- Nice, nice, nice.

- I think I might be safe.

I might be safe.

- I think a baker invented this game.

- Now, I mean, you can't just be

- A very like nervous baker. (laughs)

- You can't do that.

- No.

- I don't think you can scoop the previous pile.

- Yeah yeah, you gotta scoop from the

- You don't think?

- I don't think. (laughs)

- I don't think.

- I think this is gonna end with Link hitting the table

and the bullet falling.

That's my prediction.

- What if someone sneezed.

- [Rhett] Oh, come on.

That's such a small scoop.


- [Jordan] Little scoop

- Itty bitty baby scooping.

- You and the Irish accents today.

It's very fun.

- Scooping dooping (gibberish)

- Scoopity doopity

- Alright, Jordan.

- As long as you went with that word.

- Oopity scoopity



- Yes, I'm so glad it was not me.

- So I gotta get it with my teeth?

- You gotta get that with your mouth.

- Alright.

- Aw, man.

- Fish it out with your teeth.


- Yeah


- [Emily] So epic!

- Thank you, thank you, thank you.

- Now I have to fish it out of the

- It fell in the trash, you can't see it on camera.


- Get in there.

- Aw, man.

- Okay, now let's go make something with this flour.

- Don't do it Jordan!


- [Jordan] I'm already doing it.

- Just come out here and give a PSA for not

putting your face in flour.


Maybe directly to D.

Just like PSA for not putting your face in flour

because that's clearly what you did.

- Hey kids, don't put your face in flour

and you know maybe don't do what I did.

Listen to your mom and go back to grad school.


- You are definitely, definitely going to be a meme.

- Yeah, oh yeah. (laughs)

Oh right, exactly.

- Just make a lot of, give them a lot of options.

Like different faces.

- Yeah, oh, yeah sure.

When bae says she's going to Red Lobster.


This is a mood.

- [Rhett] Hey pin freaks.

We got some Mythical pins for you at

Also, I'm sorry for calling freaks, I went too far.

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