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...flying very quickly to Earth

According to our Gode laboratory's prediction, it will hit earth exactly 30 days from now

Therefore, the conclusion we got to.. is that you, Cheolsu Kim, take the black hole generator with manned spaceship

and destroy the asteroid yourself.

Wh what..huh?!!! The earth has broken into pieces!! My home town, my star!!

[Sound of alarm].. Puff puffpuff

[Sound of door opening] You're still having those kind of dreams? It's time you forget about them now

Those people were the selfish people who tried to sacrifice you for their own lives

Th..that is true..but thinking that I'm the only human left in space makes me have these nightmares everyday

Huh?? You're the only human left? That's not true lol

Huh? I'm not the only one left?

Here, have a look at this space population map that has been updated today

-There are two people right? -Oh is really true..!?

Do any chance know where this person is?!

Hang on a sec..

Hmm..The human is in the satellite near where the earth was before it got destructed.. How on earth did this person survive?

I know this is too big of a favour But can you please bring this person here?

Nope.(flat refusal)

Come on;;;; Hang on a minute!! Can you at least answer after you think about it


Nope.(flat refusal)

Agh seriously..Why why not? I once tried to destruct your spaceship thinking that your spaceship was a asteroid

and you guys were kind enough to save me even at that time!

We're going on a holiday in 200 years but you're asking us to turn the spaceship

just for a human that wouldn't even taste that good??? If you really want to save this person, go save this person yourself with the supplementary spaceship

Supplementary spaceship?? Is there such thing??

Since this is a supplementary spaceship that's attached to the main spaceship, it's slow and doesn't have a self-warp function but the navigation performance is class

so don't worry about getting lost lol

Thanks a lot! I'll be on my way then!

I don't know who you are.. But please just be alive until I get there.. I'll try to go as fast as I can!

[Sound of staring the spaceship] Gosh.. I know he said it'll be slow but this is too slo....


I never believed that there are such things as aliens.. But now I'm on a spaceship made by aliens..

[Sound of machine] After 300 metres, turn left

Huh??? What is this!? An AI navigation robot???

Yeah that's right. What are you looking at? Never seen a navigation before?(scabrously) What are you looking at? Keep your eyes on the road???

-Right...Now turn left -Turn left..?(Aren't we in space??)

Heyhey~ turn gently(sensitively)

Oh..I'm sorry. Can you perhaps tell me how long it would take to get to earth?

If we go in this speed.. It will take us 847 hours

847 hours..? Then.. that means that it would take us more than a month!?

[Time passed] Snore snore...

[Knock knock knock] There's someone in here(toilet)~

[Knock knock knock] Agh... I said there's someone in here pooing~~(annoyed)

[Alarm sound] Ah..What's happening garbage?!?!?!? Hey navigation! Navigation!! Wake up!!!

Huh what Why??

Woah...Hey, there's a space garbage flying towards us!!!

I can see that!!! How can you tell me this now !!! (Are you sure you're a navigation!?!?)

- Where should I go!? -First, go down for now!!

Down(suddenly going down!!!)

Puff puff.. Woah we almost died there.. (Can an AI even die..?)

Hey, aren't you a robot??? What kind of robot falls asleep?!

Get rid of that biased thought that robots aren't suppose to sleep!! (Are segregating robots?)

??Huh??... This is absolute nonsense.

Huh..? What's this though..?

That's a rescue requesting transmitter-receiver. You can contact spaceships that are requesting to be rescued

Oh really? Let's turn it on the?

[Sound of button] Subscribe subscribe RedTomato subscribe subscribe RedTomato subscribe

[Sound of button} [email protected]$$%%%bdas!%%%[email protected]#!^^^^kjpk^@ak

[Sound of button] sdfiosdfmiosdfnosdfnioosefff

[Sound of button] Anybody there? Anyone, please help!!!!

Huh?? That's a sound of a human..! I..I'm here! I'm listening!

- There's someone alive apart from me?! Thank you God, thank you - I'm coming to save you right now

..but how are you still alive when the earth broke into pieces?!

- I'm the space station administrator.. - The space station...! That's right.. that's the place where humans can survive even through the earth destruction

- ..But how did you..? - Oh..that's a long story, I'll tell you the story when I meet you!

..Ok, so when abouts will you be arriving..? We're running out of food and I think something

went wrong when the earth was destructing.. The oxygen concentration is going down

I think.. it will take me about a month to get there..

A m..month...?!:'( I should've listened to that weird person then..


.. Before the destruction of earth, there was strange person who flew here on a spaceship

He said that the earth will be destructed and tried to come in the space station saying that I should trust him..

Huh?? There was someone else who also knew that the earth will be destructed!?

[Cracking noise coming over from the receiver] Arghh!!!!

Hey!! What's going on?!

The space station is collapsing. :'( I think I'm going to die here..

Hey.. I'll try to come as fast as I can so don't give up!!!

Thinking about it, I don't even know your name yet.. I'm Cheolsu Kim..

I'm Yeonghui Kim..

[Day 1] I originally wanted to be an astronomer but I chose to be a astronaut because I wanted to experience space myself

Wow really?? Me too. I wanted to experience space myself so I applied for the space station administrator position as well

But..If I knew that I would be left alone like this I would've just stayed on eart..

[Day 2] Do you like pork cutlets? Pork cutlets are my favourite..

No, I'm not a big fan of pork cutlets

- Oh, ok.. - Why are you even talking about favourite foods in this situation??

We're in a hopeless situation right now so I'm trying to refresh her mood talking about normal things..

You're just a robot. Why are you trying to join in in a human's conversation!?

[Day 4] Haha lol. So what happened?! What happened next?!

Hahaha it's went just as you're expecting right now

Hahaha that's so funny You're a really funny person

[Day 4] Yeonghui, are you up..?

[Can only hear static] Huh..? What's happening.. Hello? Can you hear me?

It's because of the space wave interference.. The connection will be dodgy for about ten days from now

No..this can't be true.. She said that there's not much oxygen left last time I talked to her..

Are there no other ways that we can get there faster than the way we're taking now?? If we go like this, we won't be able to save her..

Hmm.. The route we're taking is the fastest root among all the safe roads..

But there's a worm hole on out right over there

If we go through there, we will be able to arrive not only in one month but in only ten minutes

However, since the worn hole is a place where the space time is twisted, going through there has too many variables

We could die with just one small mistake.. [Sound of pressing the button]

Let's go through the worn hole!!!!

Puff puff.. We have arrive at our destination. Ending navigation now.

Finally I have arrived... Space station...!

I should save Yeonghui quickly...

...??The earth is remaining completely fine!?! (I'm sure that I saw is destructing..?!)

[Cheolsu travelling to the past through the worm hole]

- What is this..?!

- Warning to the UFO coming towards the space station.

If you come more closer the defence system will operate. Keep distance!

This voice is Yeonghui's???

Yeonghui I'm Cheolsu.. I'm finally here!!

- .?? How do you know my name..?(Who are you!) - Oh..oh that's right, she doesn't know me yet

Yeonghui, this might sound crazy to you.. but an asteroid will be hitting earth soon and everyone is going to die

Move to this spaceship quickly before even you get in danger..

What is this crazy man talking about Hey.. I don't know what's your intention on approaching the space station

but I'm warning you once again.. If you come closer..!

- A crazy person..? - Before the destruction of earth, there was strange person who flew here on a spaceship

He said that the earth will be destructed and tried to come in the space station saying that I should trust him..

No way.. was that person me!?!?

Yeonghui, you have to trust me or else you'll die too!!!

??How can I trust a person that I don't even know??lol

Oh... Things have to change this time

Yes.. I know that you don't know me but I know you very well

Your dream was to become an astronomer but you become a space station administrator because you wanted to experience space yourself..

Oh and you dislike pork cutlets and like sushi right?

Also, when you were in kindergarten you made big wings like a bird and jumped off from the rooftop

and hurt your leg real bad haha These are all the things that you told me yourself

[Sound of door opening]

... I must've said a lot of things while I was dying..

I know believe that you are from the future, and that there is an asteroid coming to crash the earth

and that you have came here to save me

so let's leave this place before it gets more dangerous

Yeonghui...! Take a seat here

Guide us through the fastest route to the main spaceship!

Guiding to the main spaceship through the fastest route with the best view.

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