Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Crostata Italiana de mermelada (TE ENCANTARÁ)Mermelada de fresas ?

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Good morning friends, everyone have a blessed day I am so grateful to

each one of you for the support that I they are giving thanks from the heart

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in his day in Italy father's day is celebrated in March but I know that many

parts of the world especially in Latin America today is Father's Day

congratulations on your day. Today I bring you the recipe for the jam tasting cros is

a very rich Italian dessert I hope you like below I leave the list

of the ingredients as the first thing I break the eggs in a large bowl

I add 100 grams of sugar to the eggs I kill the eggs with the sugar to

get everything incorporated very well

I add a pinch of salt


I pour 80 ml of seed oil vegetables

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I continue to scratch the peel of a lemon biological

I put it in the mix

I add 8 grams of chemical yeast to desserts

continue to mix

I add 300 grams of wheat flour little at a time

helped with a fork I make so that flour is well incorporated

at a certain point the mixture becomes very dense then I remove the fork and

I start to knead with my hands i


I drop some flour on the counter work to prevent the dough from sticking

you don't need to knead so much just the time for the dough to compact well

with the help of a spatula clean the work desk it is important to work

always on a clean surface this dough is called pasta frolla and in the

base of the Italian crostata when the pasta rolls it doesn't stick to

our hands will be ready the dough frolla can be made with butter or

with oil I made it with oil and the I can use immediately if the

make with butter you have to leave it stand 30 minutes in the fridge

I cut a small part to reserve for later

I place the dough on top of the wax paper for oven

and with the help of a roller I start roll out the dough in a circular way

I grease my mold this that I am using has 26 centimeters of

diameter but the cold pasta and I have it in the

mold making so that the dough is in

contact with the mold and the paper by on top I gently remove the paper

I add the fruit jam I am using strawberry

This jam was made by my father-in-law and not present

you can use the flavor that most they like it

distributed the jam but not the led to the edge left a few

centimeters of free frola pasta

I stretch out the piece of pasta that was tucked aside

short strips

the thickness of the strips is to your liking

I put the strips vertically and horizontal across the entire surface of the


the strips do not have to be aligned perfectly this will give you a shape

very pretty rustic I turn the oven on 180 degrees

centigrade and I let it get to temperature

when the oven is ready I introduce the prostate

I leave 30 to 35 minutes depends on the oven

my crostata spent half an hour in it oven when you see the surface

is gilding the prostate will be ready

I let it cool a little

perfect to enjoy

bon appetit to all who are eating right now

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see you in a next video bye

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