Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Eli Zamora vs. Madeline Consoer - Ricky Martin's "Sólo Quiero Amarte" - The Voice Battles 2020

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Let the battle begin




Yeah, yeah


Aqu estoy

En mi soledad

Dentro de mi ser

Solo hay tristeza

Your heart is cold and lost the will to love

Like a broken arrow

Here I stand in the shadows

In the shadows

Come to me

Come to me

Can't you see that

Nobody wants to be lonely

Nobody wants to cry

Mi cuerpo pide tu cuerpo

Tu alma acariciar

Aunque intento yo no puedo encontrar

Si algun secreto

Se esconde en tu piel

Nobody wants to be lonely

So why


Why don't you let me love you?

I want to feel you need me

Ohh, yeah

Just like the air you're breathing

Ooh, I need you here in my life

Don't walk away, don't walk away

Regresame a mi no se vivir

No, no, no

Nobody wants to be lonely

Nobody wants to cry


Time is precious, and it's slipping away

And I've been waiting for you all of my life

Nobody wants to be lonely

So why-yyy-yyy

Don't you let me love


[ Cheers and applause ]


[ Cheers and applause continue ]

Alright, alright!

Blake: I don't even want to do this, 'cause it feels like

we're breaking up Donny and Marie right now.

You two, after "The Voice," should just be a duo

and take over the world.

Madeline -- something about her voice feels like a cliffhanger.

When she starts getting up there,

it makes me think she's not gonna make it,

but your voice always gets there.

It's on pitch, and it really drew me in.

And then, Eli, you didn't hit one single note wrong.

To be able to do that with as much movement

and stage presence, it's really incredible.

Maybe because what I'm talking about with Madeline's voice,

it was such a cliffhanger to me,

maybe I would go with Madeline.

Madeline, there's, like, a little more urgency

to your voice.

It's a powerful thing. It kind of pierces through.

But, Eli, that's not taking anything away from you,

because you have a lovely tone.

It's just really enjoyable to listen to.

I think, Madeline, I just felt a little more urgency from her.

Thank you so much. Thank you.

Gwen: Eli, you're so talented.

You have the stage presence.

And it was perfection the whole time.

Appreciate it.

Madeline, I know that you exercise,

and I was thinking about that, as well,

because there's some strength in you as a woman.

In this instance, I was leaning more toward Eli

just because it was so easy for him and effortless.

Daly: Thank you, coaches. Kelly. Thank you.

Oh, no. Tough decision here coming up for you. Give us some thoughts.

The reason why y'all did so well together

is because you really did work as a team.

You both came to the table

and you're like, "Look, I'm not used to doing this,"

and you were like, "Look, this is, like, my thing,

but I'm willing to share this with you

for the better of the performance."

That's so cool. I think that you both did an amazing job.

You made this incredibly difficult for me.


It's just a really difficult decision, y'all, 'cause you both

bring something completely different to the table.

Kelly. Yeah.

So sorry. I don't feel you're sorry, Carson.

I am. I am.

Kelly, who's the winner of this battle?

[ Inhales sharply ] Oh, man.

I really want both of you to know I genuinely,

like, in my heart of hearts, love both of you.


The winner...

Oh, my gosh.

Uh...the winner of this battle

is Madeline.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Daly: Madeline Consoer, congratulations.

Kelly: Madeline and Eli -- I was so torn.

Madeline seems like she's just

down for anything that I throw at her,

and I love having people like that on my team.

Thank you, Kelly!

I think the sky's the limit for Madeline

because she can kind of do any genre.

[ Exhales deeply ]

Oh, my gosh, Team Kelly, let's do it.

We're going to the knockouts.

Give it up one more time for Eli Zamora.

Eli: I'm disappointed.

This was definitely not the outcome I was hoping for,

but it was one of the best experiences of my life.

That's hard.

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