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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How The Rich Avoid Taxes Legally | Rich Dad Poor Dad | Chapter 4

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show continuing with Rich Dad Poor Dad

by Robert Kiyosaki we're live on

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chapter 4

of Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki the

title of this chapter the history of

taxes hmm and the power of corporations

companies the history of taxes and the

power of corporations the power of taxes

connected to the power of companies or

corporations taxes and corporations is

what this chapter is about let's learn

about that that sounds like an

interesting topic he begins my Rich Dad

played the game smart he did it through

corporations the biggest secret of the

rich the biggest secret of the rich I

think we should probably really focus on

that statement because that's a big

statement corporations are the biggest

secret of the rich we should probably

learn about this he's telling us once

again another very important point that

if we want to be rich we need to

understand corporations and as you will

see later in the chapter we need to know

how to use corporations ourselves so he

talked about first the history of taxes

how do taxes start and he notes that you

know in the past there was no income tax

no income taxes none zero zero income

tax and that the income tax developed

with a kind of Robin Hood fantasy Robin

Hood fantasy you guys know Robin Hood

right and the Robin Hood fantasy is that

we'll take money from the rich and give

it to the poor steal from the rich give

to the poor

that's the Robin Hood fantasy and he

says that the Robin Hood fantasy is the

reason income taxes started and that the

Robin Hood fantasy did not work

it did not work in fact it backfired we

say it had a it hurt the people it was

supposed to help that in fact the Robin

Hood idea the income tax actually has

hurt the middle class the most and has

hurt the poor as well and not the rich

and he says this often happens in

history when we look at it that I'll try

to do this they'll try to tax the rich

steal from the rich but in the end

usually the rich are too smart and they

win and it's the middle class that

suffers so he gives a short very very

short summary of income tax in England

and the United States England 1870 for

the income Zak started and in America it

was 1913 a terrible day in American


so he says what happened is that in the

beginning they only taxed the very rich

this is how they sold the idea this is

how they got everyone to vote for it

this tactic is still used today all the

time our gets the rich people will pay

don't worry if we were going to pass

this law we're going to pass this tax it

will only hurt the rich everybody else

no problem that's how they always sell

the idea and make it popular but then

what happens every time what happens

every time is the rich figure out how to

go around the law they have lawyers they

can pay to get other laws passed so that

the law has changed a little bit they

have lots of managers and employees all

figuring out ways to avoid these laws so

what happens is these laws they say oh

it's going to hurt the rich but in fact

almost always it's the middle class and

the poor that end up paying that finally

pay they are the ones who always end up

paying the most and that is exactly what

happened with the income tax that it is


the middle class pays almost all of the

middl I mean almost all of the income

tax it's the middle class that it gets


and the poor as well the rich don't pay

much and they pay far less income tax

than the middle class now how is that

possible he says it's because the rich

know about corporations the rich know

about corporations that's how they avoid

legally much or most of the income taxes

and why in fact they pay much much much

less tax than middle-class and poor

people as a percent so he said his

comment on the next page is the rich

outsmarted the intellectuals right the

rich were smarter than the smart people

that were trying to steal from them so

he says so next he talks about

corporations how does this work exactly

and he says he's talking about he's

American so he's dumb at the United

States but this situation is similar in

most company and most countries rather

with income tax and the income tax rate

of so the first way they avoid it is the

income tax rate of a corporation is less

than the individual income tax rate so

it's the first secret of a company of a

corporation which is a certain kind of

company a corporation generally

certainly in the United States and in

many many countries a corporation has a

lower tax rate right a lower percentage

for their tax compared to a normal

individual person who's working a job

the second way and this is a big one the

second way that corporations pay less

tax is that their expenses are not taxed

we're gonna we'll talk a little more

specifically what would why this is

important and I'll explain it better in

a minute

then he just gives a few examples from

his own life he said he says for example

it's possible in real estate that to pay

no tax sometimes

so he says real estate especially in the

United States has a great a fantastic

tax advantage a great tax advantage next

he talks about he writes about his early

life in 1974 he was an employee working

for Xerox so he shows he gives a little

story about how did he become

financially free

he gives us a little more details now in

this next section he was working for

Xerox a big company and he was a

Salesman he was selling and he decided

he was tired of being an employee he

didn't want to be an employee anymore

and he also realized that as an employee

he was paying a big amount of tax income

tax Social Security tax so he was

getting tired of paying so much he was

watching a big big piece of his income

taken by the government every paycheck

every single paycheck so he decided to

start a business and he as we talked

about before Robert Kiyosaki likes real

estate he started a real estate business

so what he did as he made money at his

job selling at Xerox he lived cheaply

and he used all of his extra money to

buy real estate and then rent it so he

would buy a house fix it then rent it to

someone then he got more money he would

buy another house fix it and rent it to

someone else and he just kept doing this

and he said in less than three years I

was making more money from my

real estate company then from Xerox than

from his job so it took him about three

years in three years he bought enough

real estate right he had a real estate

company charging rent renting to people

lots of different houses

maybe apartment buildings too and in

three years the money from his own

company his real estate company was more

than his paycheck at this point he was

financially free now he was young so he

since he still had a job he was still

working his job he went out and bought a

luxury he bought a Porsche a nice luxury

car and he he used the money from his

company he only used the money from his

company he did not use the money from

his paycheck everybody thought at his

job they thought he was using his

paycheck to buy the Porsche the nice car

but he didn't and here's what's kind of

interesting too is he bought it with his

company so it was a company car he made

it a company car so it was a business

expense which means the money he paid

for that car was subtracted from his

company income it means he didn't pay

taxes on that income on that amount of

money that the cost of the car it

reduced his income tax so that so he

buys himself a luxury car and he also

reduced his tax at the same time that's

the pout one of the big powers of

corporations that you get to spend the

money first

then you're taxed on what's left

afterwards as an individual an employee

you are taxed immediately and then you

buy things it makes a big difference

so then he then he has a little next

section he has a little summary he talks

about four areas that you must be good

at four skills four areas of knowledge

that you need to learn to be financially

free four areas where you need to learn

how to do them well to be kind of an

expert not a super expert but you need

to be good at these books be good at

these skills I'm sorry

number one accounting which is kind of

what he's teaching us about assets and

liabilities you don't need to be an

accountant okay it's not necessarily to

train as an accountant that's not

necessary but you need to have a basic

understanding of accounting assets

liabilities income expenses the things

he taught us in the last chapter that's

number one accounting so we've learned

that number two investing how to make

money with money number three

important skill understanding markets

understand supply and demand and number

four the law the law you need to

understand especially tax laws and

business laws financial laws because if

you understand them you can reduce your

taxes a lot ok next section this is the

where he starts to get more specific to

be more specific

now again you know he's talking about

American tax laws but many of these laws

are the same or similar in many many

many different countries so of course

that's why he says you need to

understand the law if they understand

the law in your own country because it

they're different even in America

they're even different in each state so

you have to understand that too

so here's the big advantage of a

corporation okay this is the really big


you pay your expenses before taxes you

pay your expenses before taxes a company

does a company pays expenses first tax

second employees earn they get their

money and it's taxed immediately then

they try to live on what's left so let's

give an example he gives a couple

examples here as a corporation for

example by owning your own corporation

your vacations can be board meetings in

Hawaii you can make a business trip to

Hawaii and then part of your trip to

Hawaii becomes a business trip which

reduces your attacks you can your car

payments and your insurance you can make

the car a company car the car insurance

can be a company insurance many of the

things you buy you buy a computer you

buy a cell phone you have internet

connection all of these can become

business expenses that reduce your taxes

and it's all legal some of your meals at

restaurants can become business meals

which again reduces your income your

taxes so let's use the computer as an

example to help you understand this

compare a company and an individual so

an individual an employee an employee

say just you right say you're an

employee and you have make ten thousand

dollars per year ten thousand per year

so you're you're broke make ten thousand

a year and you want to buy a computer so

you buy a computer for one thousand

dollars okay when you pay your taxes

your income taxes you are taxed on ten

thousand dollars your income your

official income is $10,000 and let's say

you have to pay 50 percent tax

so your tax will be five thousand

dollars great and then what's left

you'll have five thousand dollars left

then you'll buy your computer

now you have four thousand dollars left

for a company it's different for a

company first you can buy the computer

so let's say the company makes ten

thousand dollars a year the company

makes ten thousand dollars buys the

computer nine thousand and then is taxed

on what's left so the income that the

company is taxed on is nine thousand

dollars right they only report to the

government nine thousand not ten they

get to subtract what they spend first

and if they even if they have the same

exact tax rate which they don't usually

but even if they do now at half B forty

five hundred they would have five

hundred more dollars left after taxes

even though the income was the same the

computer cost the same but the company

would keep more money because the

company would pay less tax that's only a

very simple example of just one expense

but imagine all of these other expenses

travel expenses you know computer

cellphone some of your meals on and on

and on and on and on makes a big big

difference suddenly the company even if

the tax rate was the same the same

percentage the company will pay much

less because the company spends the

money first and then is taxed on the

smaller amount that's left after the

employee must immediately pay the tax

and then use what's left to buy things

it mean you may not realize it but that

is a big big big difference it will make

a huge difference and this is why the

actual tax rate for companies for

corporations is actually much much much

less it's much less even than what you

see in the law it might say 50 percent

but they're not telling you that that's

after the expenses so the tax rate on

their actual full income is much less

than for a normal person an employee

this is why corporations are so


and so that's the end of the chapter and

basically he says you need to learn

about this and you should create your

own company that's what he's saying you

need to create your own company create

your own corporation so when you do

let's say you do real estate don't do it

as an individual you need to create a

company and a real estate company and

then you do it then you go out and you

buy real estate and rent real estate you

have a real estate business and of

course you want eventually you want to

hire accountants and experts to help you

with these taxes some tax the tax law

can be very complicated but overall it

will reduce your taxes by a lot it will

you'll have more actual income at the

end of the year if you create a

corporation and then if you're just an

individual and this is true I've seen

this in my own life for sure that it's

all legal on a percent legal the

government encourages this the

government encourages it fact let's

listen to a really quick here's Robert

Kiyosaki talking a little more about

this this is a interview with Robert


I just play a few seconds and then we'll

talk a little more about it we go

employees pay about 50% in tax so when

you say to a kid go to school and get a

job they're gonna pay a 50% of what they

are into the government not that smart

if S stands for smart like doctors and

lawyers and accountants self-employed

they really get screwed 60% so all your

a students out there congratulations


now laws this was covered in a student's

work for B students and being students

pay twenty percent

why because B's okay so he's saying none

of course he's again he's using kind of

a American example but the idea is true

in most countries that these quadrants

these little you know these little

squares he's showing on the video ones

employee one's called self-employed like

lawyers and doctors that's on the left

side they pay the highest taxes fifty

percent 60 percent of their income as

taxes which is super high and now he's

using American numbers he's adding me

there many different taxes there's so

many different taxes it's these the

federal which means the national

governments income tax the state

governments income tax Social Security

tax unemployment Medicare which is a

kind of medical you know medical care

medical insurance type tax I mean when

you add them all up it ends up being

about fifty percent for let's say the

average middle-class employee now on the

other side he said BB students meaning

business business he's not my business

business owners corporations pay only

about 20 percent of their total income

gets paid to taxes that's a big

difference once paying 50 percent of

their you know their full income in

taxes is fifty to sixty percent and then

with the corporation's the business

owners investors they're only paying

twenty percent now these numbers will

change they can change quite a lot

depending on the details depending on

the locations all of these things but

the general idea is that normal people

you probably employees pay much much

higher taxes than corporations and busy

owners that's true I can tell you this

is absolutely true because I have I know

I know my own taxes and I know it's

absolutely 100% true so chapter four

then to finish chapter four the point

being if you want to be rich you need to

learn about corporations and how to

create your own corporation now it's

actually not so difficult again I only

know the United States I may be some

countries it's more difficult possibly

but in America it's really easy you just

file some paperwork and you pay a little

bit of money a few hundred dollars maybe

and then you have a corporation that's

all it's not that complicated now of

course there are different kinds of

corporations you can create some of them

can be quite complicated if it's a large

complicated one but they're usually at

least like I said in the United States I

know for sure that it's fairly simple to

form a corporation and it will save you

a huge amount of money over several

years you know over your whole life

that's worth doing alright now it's time

for questions and comments

I'll give our live viewers a few minutes

to type their questions and comments now

so viewers go ahead now's the time type

in your questions or comments about

Chapter four

Rich Dad Poor Dad the power of


I'll make a comment about this - you

know it's really common to see I don't

on line you can see it even just when

you talk to people complaining of how

corporations those evil corporations are

right because people kind of do

understand that these corporations are

making tons of money especially the

really really really big ones the

billion-dollar corporations and we know

they're doing lots of bad stuff and we

know they and we just kind of know it's

they're not really paying their fair

amount by fair amount I mean they're

making more but paying less but guess

what that's the world that's how it


so what Kiyosaki saying is be smart be

smart use this use the laws to your

advantage do what the rich do the rich

are smart right the rich don't just when

they pass laws trying to steal money

from the rich the rich don't just

surrender they don't just do nothing

no they plan they strategize they work

they get together with each other and

they find a way around it corporations

are one of the big ways so he's saying

if you want to be rich you need to use

these laws to your advantage you need to

understand these general tax laws these

general strategies this general idea and

use it for yourself instead of it being

used against you

hi Manuel always with the good question

so let's talk about this got a question

what's wrong with most people even if

they're making a good living from their

own business they still look at other

people who are rich like soccer players

or actors and make themselves unhappy

well they're fools they're idiots

I don't know why they do it envy you

know jealousy and envy is a powerful

thing you've never you will you will

always be miserable if you if you do

this right because there will always be

someone richer than you always even the

person at the very top I think it's Jeff

Bezos right now the Amazon owner is at

the top he won't be at the top forever

somebody that will pass him eventually

as the richest man in the world you know

Bill Gates used to be the richest man in

the world now he's not so the point is

if if you think you're going to be happy

by beating everybody else being richer

than them or if you make yourself

unhappy because some other people have

more than you you're always going to be

unhappy you'll always be unhappy

you'll never be at the top you'll never

be the richest person I'm pretty sure

that the people listening to this

podcast probably none of you will ever

be the richest person in the world since

there can only be one the odds are the

chances are I'm right none of you none

of us will ever be number one at the top

therefore there will always be someone

above you with more money it's

ridiculous it's ridiculous to get

jealous about that it's stupid come on

who cares what a bunch of soccer players

think about those soccer players they

have a short career they can only play

soccer professionally at that level for

what 10 years most of them maybe a few

lucky ones

until their what 35 or something if I

know like for example in American

football there may be a couple maybe I

mean like one or two professional

players that make it to 40 very very few

survive and can continue playing until

40 and then they're out they have no

choice that are done okay so they most

of them I think I saw for the NFL the

American professional football league

the average the average length of career

playing at that level is only I think

it's three or four years so if used a

few superstars maybe they can play you

know a ten years or something twelve or

very few but most only last three or

four years so okay they're making a

million dollars a year but they only

play three or four years three or four

million dollars then they're supposed to

survive on that money for 10 20 30 40

years well if they're spending lots of

money which a lot of them do that money

can be gone very fast and then they're

back to being poor again so there's no

reason to envy these people and of

course a few of them do make tons of

money you know like Messi or Ronaldo

Neymar those big guys but so who so what

who cares well why would you focus on

them you don't know anything about them

they might be completely unhappy or they

the other hand they might be super happy

what's wrong with that what's why is

that a problem they're really good

players they worked very hard to be good

we guarantee to be those top players

they have to work very hard so if

they're happy and rich so what good for

them good for them

okay and Egypt work smart and you'll get

lots of money well not just Egypt it's

kind of everywhere

Mohamed says but this is the idea this

is what Robert Kiyosaki is trying to say

okay you probably just you just gave a

summary of his whole book one of the key

ideas that Robert Kiyosaki saying is

that it's you have to work hard you have

to learn a lot but working smarter is

more important than working harder if

you can do both that's how you become

rich just working hard only only working

harder is not enough working hard is

good okay I'm not saying that laziness

is not good working hard is very good

but you have to work hard in a smart way

okay work hard in a smart way is what

he's saying you have to understand the

laws you have to understand the the

markets you have to understand these

business skills you have to understand

these accounting ideas you have to

understand these investing ideas and you

learn them you got to read about them

and you learn them also by practicing

and doing so that when you work hard

you're working hard in a smart way that

helps you build assets you're right so

this is like he says some two people

they're both working hard making

$100,000 a year they're both making the

same income $100,000 they're hard

workers both of them one of them uses

the their extra money just to buy their

own house to buy a nice car to buy nice

clothes the other one uses their extra

money to buy assets they create a real

estate business for example this one's

working smarter they're both working

hard but that one's working smarter and

the smart one will be the one who

becomes rich and by rich we mean

financially free financially free that's


it just means you don't have to work for

someone else you're not a wage slave

anymore that's what we mean when we say

rich doesn't mean you're a billionaire

maybe you'd be a billionaire it's not

really about a specific amount of money

it's about freedom it's about freedom so

work smart absolutely

um trying to figure out what Sonia

you're saying when I have a plan like

that how can i satisfy them to work with

me for the purpose of corporate I'll

come back

Sonia if you could Sonia if you could

explain your question a little more I'll

be happy to answer it can you be happy

too ok Sonia's saying can you explain

how we can work in a smart way well yeah

as I what I just said you've got to buy

assets you got to create a creative

business create some kind of business

now they're they're kind of two kinds of

businesses their guns and businesses my

friend there's two businesses

I would I I think it's just my idea

they're sort of I would say kind of a

real estate type investing type of

business and then what I would call like

a entrepreneur business where you're

selling products or a service or

services the reason I I mean they're

both businesses but the reason I sort of

separate them is they're very different

they're kind of I think different kind

of people enjoy these you know I like

the the business the product the

business type brought with products and

services entrepreneur type thing that's

what I like I've been talking a lot

about that but I have to be careful

because just because I like it doesn't

mean it's best for everyone and I

realize that it's a lot of people don't

like that it's not it doesn't fit for

them and for those people maybe Real

Estate's better real estate is just you

know you're buying houses or apartments

or buildings and you're renting them to

people that's it pretty simple you need

to learn the walls you have to learn the

skills of course there's lots to learn

still but that's basically how you do it

so you do one of those two things and

when either one of these you do it with

the corporation you create a corporation

a company and the company buys the real

estate and rents it or the company sells

the product or services you don't do it

as an individual now in the very

beginning when you're starting small

you've got it just may be a couple

hundred dollars everything's super tiny

it doesn't really matter you

have to be a company when I started

effortless English it was basically just

me it was not a corporation but after

just a couple months as soon as I got

enough income I changed to a corporation

but in the very beginning I didn't just

cuz I didn't want to spend the money I'd

you know I said it costs money to create

a company so if you don't have that in

the beginning just start the business

and start making money first then the

business the income from the business

can pay for the legal cost of the

paperwork to change it into a company a


okay um Ozma's asking I'm learning that

no we're actually not asking to sing I

learn English to improve my skills to

get the best job what's good improve

your skills for sure okay

all right this is the long comment but

I'll see if I can read through it okay

big long comment hi AJ I really want to

learn basic stuff about accounting law

taxes just the basics good it's not easy

to study on my own because there are

thousands of books there are that's the

good news

lots of stuff to read and I don't know

which of them are helpful so I'm

thinking about joining some short

courses less than six months from school

or private center then I'll read more

books what do you think about that just

be careful I'm a bigger fan of

independent learning I know you know if

you because you can learn so much faster

from reading yourself than taking a

course and then you have to be careful

is the person who's giving the course do

they really know what they're doing or

not I don't know I just a lot of times

the courses I just feel like they waste

so much time you know in six months you

could read so many books about these

topics that you might in by the in six

months you might know the same amount as

the teacher or certainly enough so you

know do what you want to do but I highly

encourage you just to pick some books

and read them don't don't worry about

which one's the right one which one's

the wrong one

read a few of them and then you'll find

you know you'll find which one fits you

better you'll find which book you know

explains better some some writers just

fit you better right so sometimes you

might get a book about accounting and

you're like oh this is so confusing I

don't understand it so then you get

another book written by someone else and

it's much better like the Robert

Kiyosaki stuff about accounting is

really good it's very very very very

simple so that's one reason I like him

but you know you of course decide for

yourself but I would encourage you even

if you take the classes don't be passive

still actively find things and read

yourself and then use the class to ask

questions but that you know the Advanta

bout a teacher is you can ask questions

or just make sure you find a really good

teacher that helps too

yeah Carroll is exactly right about this

this is the other problem so this is why

the middle class suffers so much people

who don't work in France are protected

so protected they sometimes get money

from the government for doing nothing

Yeah right America too and that means

they're not motivated to go to work

right because they're paying for them

but the less people who work then the

people who are working right the the

actual workers have to pay even more

taxes because more and more people just

take money from the government for free

which means the middle class has to pay

more and more because the rich will

avoid most of these taxes so who

actually pays it's the middle class it's

the normal people just work in their

normal jobs get higher and higher and

higher and higher taxes they got to work

harder and harder and harder for less

and less and less the rich avoid the

taxes many of the of the poor just get

free stuff and they're lazy so the

middle class is being attacked ok these

you know the income tax is basically an

attack on the middle class now the good

news or bad news it depends on how you

look at it is this won't go forever

because you know France I know in many

other countries

they have a huge amount of debt the

United States to this party the poor are

having is going to end and when it ends

those people are really gonna suffer

they are gonna suffer a lot because all

this free money is going to stop and

when it stops what will they do they're

gonna suffer tremendously because

they're so used to not working and being

lazy and just being everyone just give

just giving stuff to them you know it

doesn't last forever

look if you want to find out what's

gonna happen it's gonna be Venezuela

look at Venezuela okay now Venezuela it

happened very fast because they went

home they went basically full communist

so they everything happened much faster

in Europe and the United States

first of all Europe and the United

States are much richer countries so this


could go longer the second thing is is

that European United States did not go a

hundred percent communist they went sort

of socialist right partially communist

although it's getting worse and worse

but it's so it's kind of a slow version

of Venezuela over a longer time you know

America controls the world banking

system so we especially it's been very

slow but it's but it's at its the same

path that Venezuela is following now if

you see what's happening there the poor

are bailed they're there they're

starving they're there trying to get out

of the country they're suffering like

crazy massive crime violence that's

terrible I mean it's sad but and on the

other hand is not sad because they

deserve it they voted for that there

they were idiots

okay catch you loose man recommend

strategies techniques about English

teaching as a teacher okay here's an

English question

okay could you please speak okay this is

an English question I'll answer it

though mother ah

ask could you please speak about your

recommended strategies techniques

methods about English teaching as a

teacher you know my quick answer for

anybody who's a teacher let's get the

book by Blaine Rae

Blaine Rae RA why he has an excellent

book for teachers teacher training it's

called TPR storytelling TPR storytelling

by Blaine Rae great book it's too that's

too big of a question for me to answer

right now so just get the book it's a

great book he's a very very very good

teacher trainer

okay well here's another Wow super long

150 persons as far as I know the fault

rado is oh so over 50% of businesses

fail yep they do I think it's maybe

varies by country but yes most

businesses I think it's more than 50% of

new businesses fail in a year maybe

something like that I can't remember the

statistics but it's not a good one but

it's very dangerous to start a business

and give up your professional job just

to have a free life without a boss but

any of us can face serious problems the

big problem is that private business

will be working more or less okay yeah

okay here's the thing

exactly but you don't do that as I've

said as I said before you don't just you

know people get scared of starting a

business because they they have this

idea I will quit my job and then I'll

have a little bit of money and I'll

start the business and then I will pray

that it survives and if it doesn't

survive then I'll have no money at all

and then I'll starve well that's crazy

way to do it that is foolish that's a

big foolish risk that's not what you do

not what you do okay what you do is you

just what Robert Kiyosaki we just read

about it in this chapter he had a job he

was so salesman at Xerox he was making

decent money and he was also living

cheaply so he took all his extra money

and he started he created his real

estate business and he started buying

real estate and renting it while still

working his job at the same time and he

slowly grew his business built it up

bigger bigger until it took him three

years three years later his business was

making more money than his job then he

quit his job

see that's the smart way to do it no

risk zero risk really might lose some of

your money but there's really no risk

right if the business had failed he

still had his job so nobody

deal no problem at all that's what you

do when I started effortless English I I

was living super cheaply and in this

very super super cheap so I only needed

a part-time job I was working a

part-time job I started effortless

English at the same time I did not

immediately quit my job I kept my job I

worked my job

half time part-time job and then my free

time I created lessons I created a

website I built my business my business

I actually for me it was very fast so in

a few months my business was was making

more than my income at my job I quit my

job so it's really not that big of risk

actually I don't think it's a big risk

at all I think it's a very very tiny

risk if you're smart about it

almost zero risk actually and again as

you cut your expenses that more cheaply

you live when you get down to that

baseline your risks become again super

small if you're living in a tiny tiny

tiny apartment and you're only let's say

your expenses are only $500 per month

everything food apartment everything

here's super super super super cheaply

living you don't have to be afraid of

much why because you can go get any job

you could quit your nice job you could

quit your expensive job and try a

business and then if it fails what do

you do starve to death no you just go

get another job it's not that big a deal

and because your expenses are low maybe

you need a job fast right I got a good

job so don't starve to death so you just

you run and you quickly you just get a

job at a convenience store you get a job

at a fast food you just anything you

just find some cheap job just to survive

and then while you have that cheap job

to survive then you can be looking for a

nicer job if you want to so that's the

risk it's not that big a risk I don't

know like this this idea that you're

going to you know your business will

fail and then you're gonna die is crazy

and I mean the truth is - like Carol

said in a lot of countries

many many many countries they have

different kinds of welfare so even if

you lose your job and you have no money

you still won't starve because the

government will give you some money for

food so the risks people in their mind

they make the risk really big but the

risks and the fears become bigger bigger

bigger and they make that zero and they

start imagining all these terrible

things but if you're just a little bit

smart the risks are actually very small

and therefore the fears should be small

yeah I'm Barney no you don't need to

apologize it's a good comment

mm-hmm okay this is a good comment cuz

it's a good point I want to bring up

because this is something that stops a

lot of people waleed I have a good idea

for a business that's about 5% of it but

I can't find an investor how can I get

an investor don't look if you have no

experience you're not going to get an

investor if you have to ask me that

question you're probably not gonna get

one it means you don't know what you're

doing just to be honest I've said this

before but a good idea is worth about

nothing okay maybe a dollar okay a good

idea people a lot of people before they

start a business they think it's the

idea I've got this genius idea well it's

not the idea okay it's it's doing it

it's how you do it it's every single day

doing it and in the business skills of

doing it that's what's important right

you don't need a good idea you don't

need some genius idea Robert Kiyosaki

didn't have a genius idea what was his

big idea I'll buy a houses and I'll rent

them to people that's not very genius

that's not some crazy cool creative idea

like it's not new lots and lots and lots

of people do that okay that's probably

one of the most common businesses for

thousands and thousands of years own a

building and rent it to people so

there's you don't need a super cool idea

it's doing it it's knowing how to do

that to make money right those business

skills he talked about working hard and

working smart so my advice to you Walid

is forget that business idea if you need

investors then it's a bad idea so move

on do something else do something you

can start yourself without an investor

something smaller

something much cheaper something you can

do while while you work another job at

the same time so it's a low risk maybe

it would be real estate I mean that's I

think again that's why I think that's

one of the reasons Robert Kiyosaki

really talks about real estate a lot

because I think it's because so it's

it's a kind of business and kind of

investing that a lot of just regular

people can do Wow you know while still

working a job well still being an

employee you know this is something that

lots and lots and lots and lots and lots

of people do is they become landlords

right they do real estate businesses now

I personally don't because I don't

really like it but but it's a lot a lot

a lot of people do it and I think

actually for kind of most normal people

who are used to work in a job

real estate might be the better kind of

business my kind of business scares

people I can I can tell by the comments

that this kind of entrepreneur business

scares people so if you're scared of it

maybe real estate would be better for

you or maybe even like stock investing

or something investing in stocks and

that kind of thing so you know remember

you don't have to start a business you

know I just because I talked about it

that's only one kind of asset remember

Robert Kiyosaki in the early chapters

talked about other kinds of assets other

kinds of access at assets include real

estate stocks and bonds and then

remember he also mentioned intellectual

property that's a kind of asset right

and we gave the example of writing a

book a book that you publish that's an

asset because that book can sell for

your whole life to people people might

buy that book for your whole life every

time someone buys that book you get a

little money that's also an asset so see

you're not you don't have to start a

company that is entrepreneur an

entrepreneurial company that's the

adjective entrepreneurial okay you don't

have to do that kind of

company you can do real estate you can

use stocks and bonds you could do

intellectual property especially if

you're a kind of a creative person that

might be the best way to do it so you

have a range of things you can do and

also as he mentioned in this chapter you

can and probably should continue working

your job we have an idiom in English

American English we say don't quit your

day job don't quit your day job daytime

job write it me and if this exact idea

someone says I've got this idea for a

company and sometimes people say it is a

joke don't quit your day job it means

it's a bad idea but it's actually good

advice don't quit your job until your

business or your assets are giving you

enough money to live then you certainly

can quit your job but but the idea of

quitting your job first and then

starting a business and hoping man that

of course that's scary of course that's

more scary it is a big it's a bigger

risk Bari was right about that it is a

bigger risk for that bad approach so if

you know some people and here's the

other thing there's not one right or

wrong answer okay some people are not

scared of that risk some people are

excited about it they just want to jump

in and do it hey if that's you just go

for it just do it okay but anyone who's

scared of risk keep your job don't quit

your day job and this and sophiana

is basically summing up this all that

matters to succeed is how create well

how much of a creative thinker you are

and of course the way you think out of

the box that's a lot of it it's

problem-solving absolutely correct about

that because a lot of people - they

think they want to start a business or

real estate or whatever and then they

they start and then they they they

encounter they come against their first

problem oh maybe there's some laws that

though there's much laws and paperwork I

have to deal with or there's some

difficulty and then they just quit they

just stop they hit the first problem and

then they just stop and quit you can't

do that you got to get creative how do I

go around this problem how do I solve it

do I just work hard

solve this problem do I work is there

some smarter solution to this problem

you got to get creative then and

overcome can also of course read and do

research and find out how other people

did it okay there are thousands that

millions probably of other people who

have done all of these things and

succeeded some of them have written

books so you can learn from all of them

if they did it you can do it

okay Ahmed's is asking what is the first

step you need to do to get into the

world of business you just you just need

to well you need a if you're talking

about a business like an entrepreneur

business you've got a I think a good way

to think about is you have to solve a

problem or you have to add some value to

other people do something they want or

need all right so just you just identify

something and then you do it so it's

very general you just you just start

that's all

ah excellent question

y'all soir I'm sorry about the

pronunciation can you tell me the pros

and cons of partnerships mmm mostly

comes I don't recommend it I don't

recommend partnerships honestly

especially someone who's new starting

business I recommend you do it yourself

own it all own it all yourself some

people will break this but that's my

personal advice and I know yes there

have been successful partnerships of

course but there are a lot of extra

problems come when you own a business

with someone else because it's very

unlikely that you will agree on

everything and it's highly likely that

you're going to have some big

disagreements about some very important

things a lot of people start

partnerships yeah let's do this

okay they start a partnership but they

don't really understand each other

enough and they don't understand how

each other thinks and how each other

works what I have found with most

partnerships is that one person is

almost always much more motivated than

the other one so one person ends up

doing much much much more work than the

other and yet oftentimes the ownership

is 50/50 I'll give you an example from

music The Beatles okay The Beatles had

an equal partnership for musicians John

Paul George and Ringo four of them each

got 25% John and Paul did most of the

work they created 95 percent of the hit

songs they wrote probably 90 95 percent

of the songs maybe 90 George wrote some

good ones I mean those two guys no way

were they only 50% of the Beatles

creatively and even as a business

financially right those guys were

probably 90%

together John and Paul George did

contribute some he wrote like you know

really may at the end of the Beatles in

the beginning he did almost nothing but

the last few years George wrote a few

good songs but nothing like John and

Paul and Ringo did nothing at all he's

just a drummer was he a great drummer

not even a great drummer his drumming

skills were okay

I liked Ringo but yeah we have to be

clear right if you like the Beatles yeah

he was a nice guy but he didn't write

any songs he was not a good singer they

wrote the John and Paul would write they

would write a song for him to sing just

cuz he was their friend but he really

was not a very good singer and he was

just a so-so drummer and yet he was an

equal partner he still got 25% he got

the same percent as Paul McCartney he

got the same percent as John Lennon I

imagine later maybe John and Paul

thought wow we're getting a bad deal man

we're doing all the work we created all

the this we wrote all the great songs we

were like the two geniuses and we got

the same percent as the other two guys

now the other two guys got a great deal

so if you're planning to start a

business and you're really motivated you

know you're gonna work hard you're gonna

work smart it's dangerous to do a

partnership in the beginning because

it's quite likely you will do 90% of the

work but only get half of the payment so

I'm speaking from experience by the way

be careful I've tried this after every

single site ride to do a few

partnerships and honestly I wasn't

really satisfied with any of them some

of them a little better than others you

know one I can think of it was quite bad

but overall I just don't recommend it

there do it yourself do it yourself and

then hire people

hey cool excellent great here's a great


straight example perfect Francois I work

in government in Brazil as a job and I

began a tattoo business in my house


see this is being creative and look it's

in his house so he's keeping his

expenses low right he didn't go rent

some super expensive office somewhere

and increase all his expenses no he kept

his expenses exactly the same he still

has his safe income from his government


he didn't just quit his job and pray

that the business would work so no he so

if the business fails then well he still

has his job no problem still has food

his family can still eat and has a place

to live and if his business makes money

well now that's extra money for him

which he can he can put that back into

the business to grow it or he could buy

other assets either way it's adding to

his financial freedom and if the

business expands and grows and grows and

grows and eventually becomes very

successful he could quit his job and he

could just do the business only I mean

it's all good possibilities that's

perfect I mean there's an example I

would never even think of that cuz I

don't I don't have tattoos but there you

go see I mean you've got to be creative

and I'm guessing probably he know

probably almost certainly he likes

tattoos maybe tattoos were a hobby of

his you know maybe was a tattoo artist

as a hobbyist I don't know but I'm just

guessing right this so it's all it's

often good to do something that you are

interested in I'm not interested in

tattoos so I wouldn't do that but he is

so it's great thing to do that's why I

can't tell you some people ask me what

business is good to start I don't know

what's good for you I mean I was an

English teacher before I taught English

for over 10 years in different countries

before I started effortless English so I

started effortless English because I

already had 10 years of English teaching

experience and I had already developed

my own methods for doing it but you know

so you got to find your own way there

perfect so yeah that's just that's


cool story thank you for sharing that

comment and kind of what monserrate

saying here too good planning being well

prepared and organized is the most

important issue in business yes yes yes


and then start working don't be lazy yep

and I think the other one that I would

add to that is to learn okay a lot of

people think that that they have to

figure out all the the whole business at

the beginning I've got a could figure

out everything the marketing plan the

advertising how the product the service

is the price and you don't you don't

have to figure it all out at the

beginning again if you limit your

expenses just you have time to learn you

have time to try things and see what

works and what doesn't and you can

adjust you adjust you adjust you keep

adjusting you keep testing and learning

so maybe in the first month you feel

like I don't know what I'm doing but

then after six months you have learned a

lot and now your business starts to work

so you got to survive long enough to

learn getting a travel invitation to

this Becca Stan thank you all right Ella

BAE again hey how you doing a lebay

wondering about what do you think we can

start a business alone well I did yes so

certainly you can start a business alone

the tattoo business I don't know but I

would guess that's one you could do

alone if you had the skill if you were a

tattoo artist then you could start that

alone so there are a lot of businesses

if you have the skill an individual

skill you could certainly start them

alone I have an idea I'm thinking to

create a website regarding shopping good

I can write the back end even better I

can do the front in myself do you think

I'd be capable of giving all the needs

of the business yeah do it do it do it

it's not irrelevant because it's

perfectly relevant and that is godless

fantastic do it do it you know alibi

here's the thing you say you can do the

back end that means like the the

programming the part that the customer

does not see and then there's the front

end that's the design

that's the part the customer does see

the website visitor sees you can do both

man I had to hire people for both of

those so I could not do either one

except really basically so do it now I'm

guessing you know a lot of web people

specialize maybe you're good at one

you're really good at one and the other

one you're so so so but it's okay to

save money just do both right now start

the business get it going get some money

coming in as the business makes money

then eventually you could pay people

employees or just freelancers even to do

one of those if you prefer if one of

those is your favorite and one you don't

like them so much so for example maybe

you're more the back-end guy you really

love the programming so you know

eventually you could pay designers if

you want to redesign your site you could

pay the graphic artists right to do that

but if you can do both right now then it

saves you lots of money and it also the

other cool thing about it is you learn

the more you do yourself it's difficult

it's a lot of work but it means you

learn all parts of your business first

so I highly recommend this actually I

did the same thing in the beginning I

was doing everything myself my first

website was super ugly but as a result I

learned how it worked you know at least

at the basic level so later when I hired

people I at least had an idea about Web

Design I had an idea of what works what

doesn't why it's important I had an idea

about internet marketing I had an idea

even about the backend some of the

programming issues I couldn't do it

myself but I at least understood the

main issues so I was able to hire people

later and I could be intelligent about

hiring I didn't just need to blindly

trust so this is a good reason to just

do as much of it yourself at the

beginning one you save money but two you

start learning it's a faster learning

process and then later when you're

making some money then you hire people

to do the parts you really hate or the

parts that you're not good at so I don't

do my web design now I suck at that I

can I pay people now

now we have a monk looks like from

Thailand perhaps a monk Tong I guess I

want to be good at English well welcome


I'm yes I can't read Thai but it looks

like Thai to me it's it's either it's

one of those scripts so not very honored

to have a monk thank you for joining

that's another way you could do it he

could become a monk yeah so okay buddy

now following up on his comment at least

a small flat two young tenants so he's

renting out to young people but I need

more flats to have a nice money from

this I will not give up my job until I

reached the same income exactly perfect

right now the property prices are very

high and my and I it's going to take too

long yeah so it's tricky I understand

that but you got the right idea and I

think you're smart don't don't quit your

job yet but you're starting you're on

the right path and you know sometimes

you gotta wait and be patient and wait

to get a little lucky find a good deal

wait until the real estate market

changes I mean I don't know I don't know

real estate I can't give you any

specific advice on that but you're doing

the right thing you're doing the right

thing by not quitting your job oh here's

a good comment Sophie on in some cases a

person does not need an MBA masters in

business from Harvard to set up a

successful business when it comes to

gaining money and becoming rich you have

to be different from others you are

correct but I'm going to change that

first phrase in some cases I would say

in almost all cases an MBA from Harvard

means nothing nothing

in to being an entrepreneur in fact I

think it probably would hurt you I think

being in getting in a master's in

business from Harvard would hurt you it

would hurt your chances of success to be

an entrepreneur to probably are some

successful entrepreneurs that have

Harvard master's degrees but I doubt

they're many there are lots of them

working in huge big corporations big

companies as employees but you don't go

to college to be an entrepreneur if you

if you if you if like feel inside your

heart I must be an entrepreneur that's

my destiny that's what I love I want to

do it don't go to college just start a

business you don't need don't waste that

time and don't waste that money

there's a very specific English question

well someone says a friend of mine gave

me this my question is that we don't

know if they're male or female well

you're right

from that question a friend of mine gave

me this you don't know if it's a male or

a female friend unlike say Spanish where

you would know because they would say

amiga or amigo

in English you don't know it's it's it's

a neutral word so you just ask is your

friend is your friend a male or a female

I'm a t-shirt designer I'm new in this

sector my target audience is in the USA

how can I create new messages for

t-shirts Sufi that's cool

I just recently talked about t-shirts I

think was my audio podcast that I talked

about I just gave an random example of

starting a business and I mentioned you

could design t-shirts and what do you

know someone's doing it where would you

get ideas for t-shirts for Americans hmm

well you're asking the wrong person

about that I don't know but you know I

think a lot of t-shirts you know you

have to look get into the pop culture of

America if they understand the pop

culture a bit I know a lot of I don't

know you know it really I don't know

because I've seen that's one thing you

can do pop culture you can have some

little phrase or something from various

pop culture or you just have some cool

design it looks really nice I'm not an I

don't know I really have no idea what to

tell you for that no specific examples

you're just gonna have to try my overall

idea about you know where do you get

ideas is you have is you will never know

actually let's put that question back up

on the screen because it's actually a

very good question that we should talk

about in a more general way how can I

create how can I get ideas for something

how do I know what will work how do I


well what good design what will be a

good design or a good message for a

t-shirt you don't you have no idea you

will never know you will never know

the answer to that question in the

beginning you'll never know how do you

find out the answer you only find out by

testing this is the only way you will

ever learn that's it so here's what you

do you create twenty designs and you put

them all on your website or however

you're selling them you don't make a

thousand of them you can just make a

couple you know you just and you put

them on your website and you see which

ones are popular which ones do people

buy and request and which ones do people

not which ones do they ignore now you

got some actual information from real

customers that's how you do it

that's how you do it now

the other thing you can do another way

to get a little bit information this

which is not as good that's the best way

the second best way is connect with your

possible customers people who are

interested in you interested in your

designs connect with them on social

media Twitter Instagram Instagram is

probably a good one for you it's very

visual t-shirts designs and if you don't

want to spend money you know you again

make your designs you don't even have to

print the shirts or maybe print one

shirt each and boom take pictures post

them all on Instagram and start asking

your followers hey would you like this

one better which one do you like better

you know what do you think of this one

what do you think of this one like you

know put a little like put a little

heart next to the design you know for

the design that you like best and you'll

start again so you're starting to get

feedback you're getting information from

real people who might buy from you or

real people who have already bought from


so that's how you find out what works

and what doesn't you try a whole lot of

things and you test them that's the best

way to find out not guessing because

you'll never really know nobody knows

even people at the top who are very

successful they do this okay they can

very few people can just predict I know

I'm gonna do this design and it's gonna

be a best-seller and everyone will love

it even very very famous people do that

and then they

they're totally wrong so you have to let

the market have to let real people give

you the information and tell you what

they like and what they don't like so

try a lot of different things and this

is true not just for t-shirts but for

anything a lot of people on what product

should I do what price should I do what

services should I offer how should i

advertise how should I mark it I don't

know and you don't know and you never

will know until you test it so you try

to do cheap tests in the beginning

especially you try to test all this

cheaply that's one great thing about

social media I mean I'll give you an

example a very easy example doesn't

doesn't cost me money but sometimes if

I'm let's say I'm at home I want to do

an effortless English show and I guess I

can't think of a topic I don't know what

topic why should I talk about oh I don't

know I'm tired and my brains not working

I can't think of an idea you know what I

do I just get on Twitter hey what topic

do you want me to talk about for in the

show or and I put it on Instagram

suddenly I've got 50 ideas from you talk

about this talked about this talked

about pups talk about pop culture talk

about American culture talk about this

movie talk about idioms talking about

slang talk about it I get all these

suggestions come in and then I just well

pick one and then I do it it's really

easy this is one of the great tools of

social media for business people and for

creativity is that you don't have to do

it all yourself and it's a great way to

test ideas cheaply or for free and it's

a good way to ask for ideas so that's

I'm using this Sufis question as a

general example that anyone can use he's

asking about t-shirts but this same idea

you can use for almost anything any kind

of service or business or well you're

not sure should I do this or this you

test it you test it you test it

all right a couple more then I've gotta

eat time for me to go and eat some food

it was saying in Polish you also would

know immediately that question a friend

gave me this yeah a lot of the languages

I didn't know about Polish but like I

think a lot of that Romance languages

what we call Romance languages Latin

based languages have gender the words

have genders Spanish it's really easy to

pretty obvious but English does not have

that alright let's end with this one cuz

it's such a common thing I'm getting

Alexandra Franco in your opinion what's

the greatest fear that people have to

start their own business well the you

know in a general way it's the fear of

failure that's the very general answer

fear of failure and I'm trying to figure

out what that is exactly I'm still

trying to figure out because I'm seeing

so much fear when I do these topics in

comments I mean you can feel the fear

people feel fear failure they're afraid

to fail but why and that's the next

question you have to ask yourself why

what's so scary about failing think

about it if we calmly if we just calmly

think about it and really think about

well if my business failed what would

happen I think in most cases it's

actually not that big a deal it's not

that it's not really that big of a risk

you're not going to starve to death okay

you'll still have food if you're a

little bit smart about it right like

like Bari right you don't just quit your

job and try to start a business with

zero money and pray that you immediately

are successful of course not

okay so what is the fear exactly you

know what I think it is Alexandra I

think it's the fear of the unknown I

think that's why I'm having trouble

figuring out what the exact fear is

because I think maybe a lot of people

also don't really know they're not

really thinking about it step by step to

the end to see what is what is it

exactly that I'm afraid of I think it's

the fear of the unknown is what's is

actually scaring people about starting a

business because you know even though we

can see that in many ways you know being

an employee is worse pay more taxes you

have less freedom all these things but

it has one actually very good big

benefit and that is its predictable it's

more certain right if you have a job

well you know that you know the company

has promised to pay you an exact amount

of money on at an exact time every month

usually every month right maybe two

times a month you know you're gonna get

exactly this much and how do you get

that money well they tell you exactly

when you need to come you will come

Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 5:00 or

maybe it's different but you you know

you understand the idea you'll do you go

from exactly this time and the company

will tell you what must I do when I met

at the job you will do exactly this and

this and this they will train you and

tell you exactly what you must do they

tell you exactly when you must do it and

then they tell you exactly how much they

will pay you when so it's all very

certain a lot of certainty right you

know there's not there's no unknown


everything's known everything's clear so

that's why it's not scary now if you

really thought about it more carefully

you might be a little more scared of

being an employee you might realize they

could cut your job tomorrow they do many

they often do many many many many many

people are completely surprised about

losing their job very suddenly because

the company decides they need to cut

some expenses but people don't think

about that and what they focus on is

just that certainty yeah okay I'll get

paid on the first you know the first day

the first Monday or the first Friday

every month I know I will get exactly

this much money and exactly what I must


it's all very clear there's nothing

there so there's no unknown and then

starting your own business I think the

thing that scares people is none of

those things are known when do you have

to work nobody tells you you have to

figure it out you have to decide your

hours if you're working a job and you

got to figure out when is my extra time

nobody tells you how many hours to work

do I only need to work five hours per

week when I start my business do I need

to work 20 hours per week when I start

my business do I need to work 80 hours a

week when I start my business don't know

nobody tells you he's got to figure it

out and it might change from week to

week it might be different how much

money will you make from your business

no idea no idea in the beginning no idea

it might fail meaning he makes no money

or loses a little bit of money or it

might make three hundred dollars one

month but then the next month will it

make a guarantee also to make three

hundred dollars no the next month might

be a really good month you might make

eight hundred or the next month might be

a bad one and it drops to 100 again

unknown no certainty how do you find

customers there are differences but

nobody's going to tell you how to do

that again you got to figure it out how

much money should you charge what's the

price of your product or your service

unknown you don't know you have to just

try it and test it nobody will tell you

who are your best customers nobody will

tell you should you do this product or

this product nobody will tell you like

our t-shirt question which t-shirt

design would be the best one to sell

nobody tells you so I think that's what

it is that is scaring people especially

people because most of us right we all

get trained in school school day it's

just like a job they tell you everything

you must come to class from this time to

this time

you go to this class then this class

then this class you must read this page

and then you will be tested on this and

then you must write this paper and

you'll get this grade everything you're

told exactly what to do every moment and

then you go to a job

same thing certainly certainly certainty

and suddenly you start a business ha

nobody tells you anything no idea you

have to make your own decisions about

all of this stuff it can all change

every single week or every month so it's

a huge amount of uncertainty huge amount

of unknowns I think that is right at the

middle that the center of the fear I

believe and I'm just trying to convince

you that actually these things are not

so scary it's true they're unknown but

if you really think about it nothing

terrible is going to happen you're gonna

be okay so the unknown is actually not a

scary unknown it's a pretty safe unknown

and just get in there and once you and

this is the thing the other thing I'm

trying to tell you is once you start if

you will just start if you will just

start just start then it's not unknown

anymore now you're doing it now it's

known now you're learning now you're

getting used to it now you're figuring

things out you're learning you're

getting the skills and these answers

will start coming to you what's the best

price well you test 20 prices and you

figure out ah this is the best price for

my product once you know that you don't

have to keep asking that question again

now you know right how do I find my best

customers uh huh you're not sure so you

test test test and you start figuring it

out now that's known or at least it's

mostly known and also even with the

income as your business grows and and

goes longer and longer you'll have a

more clear idea you can predict it more

maybe you know December is a really good

month usually our probably our income

goes up our sales always go up in

December and you might know well you

know July or June is a bad month for us

it's always slow

it's okay then you can plan for it so

fear of the unknown I'm just and all I

want to say to you is don't be scared of

it it's not actually that scary all

right that's all for today hope you're

having a great day hope you have a great

evening and a great weekend we back with

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