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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: REAL LIFE BOX FORT TRUCK!! (24 Hour Challenge)

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Jake Jake where are you as you can see we're currently in the process of moving

that that's why I was always box everywhere yeah guys this has been crazy

we have boxes everywhere because like Jake said we're moving to do today's

video which is gonna be the very first of all time

mobile box four in the back of a moving truck and not only that but we're gonna

try and trick this thing out so that we can not only drive in it but also have

all the luxurious stuff that we would normally have in a billionaire box forth

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alright guys so check it out so much for building this actually like one of my

first times I've ever gotten to drive one of these things so we thought it

would be so cool of course to convert the entire interior into a mobile box

board it'll be the first time we've ever had a legitimate mobile box really look

we could drive to like Florida or the ocean or the Sahara Desert we go

anywhere but guys before we show you in here let's go check out the driver's

seat alright guys going into my seat - check this out it's so cool like a

transformer or something so you put the key in like so - let's start out let's

see how of this box for purse oh now the only thing is it doesn't have like

future tech gear I mean the windows are like crank up windows see you gotta you

gotta you gotta crank the windows to get it up but this thing's got a lot of

towing power of course so we can fit as much stuff in the back as we want and

all behind here is where we're gonna be building the box for it and where we're

gonna be surviving so behind us is gonna be the luxurious box for it and then

this will be like the driving area that we actually go in to move the box for it

now we're also thinking we might get like a driver to drive us around while

we're in the back so we could have like our own little like RV so we're chilling

in the back and then you know we wake up and maybe we're somewhere completely

different all right before we get on the road let's go check out the back area

where we're gonna build this for it okay so I gotta put it into park now it just

kind of kind of confusing it's a little bit different than driving the I all

right we're in park and then you're gonna put down the parking brake like so

okay we're good so I'm moving alright we're okay alright let's go in

the back and see how much room we have to actually build this thing here it is

so we've got the security latch Logan if we close this we're gonna need some of

the lettuce out from the outside yeah I guess I guess we need we need a driver

okay well let's uh let's open this up here like so ready three two one and


this is a lot of space to build guys oh

dude how sweet is this there's too much room could make this into a second story

oh oh yeah oh yeah sig imagine like a big TV here playing for day just wake it

up it's the perfect size too well we'll definitely need a place to sit while

we're driving so you know it's not too dangerous Jake if you're sitting here

while we're driving you just fly out I've already sleeping wait oh yeah that

might not be a good Oh is that cheap really tall but you're up

there all right this is like gonna be like a two-story box for as well not

only that but we also a good amount of room and there's power in here first

thing we need to do is grab as much cardboard as possible and start filling

this thing in I'm so exactly sure what we're gonna do yet but I definitely know

up here it could be a sleeping pod down here like this could be my living room

over here could be Logan's room and then over there could be like like a pool we

definitely can't get a pool in here oh look we could also grab like our

scooters and stuff so if we went somewhere we could like come out the

back here and just start scootering around because there is also this check

this out guys it's a little ramp how cool is that oh it's a very long ramp

Jake we need a building bye bye Jake hi

I will actually definitely need to make sure that we have someone on the outside

because there is no way to open this from the inside before we do anything

else we gotta get building so let's grab our supplies and start filling this

thing okay guys so we've been working on the fort for quite some time now and

guys I think it is ready to show you our ultimate u-haul portable mobile RV I

don't know what you want to call it but it's a mobile box fort and it is all

inside of here guys so of course as you know we've got our nice little ramp

which goes up into the box and you might notice at my breath it's kind of cold

out here but guys don't worry because our mobile box fort is heated it's

insulated you could literally live in here and honestly guys we made this

thing so nice I might just do that so you ready Logan yeah guys this took us a

couple hours to make but it was definitely worth it cuz it's awesome

yeah and luckily for us because there's this big metal door here if there's any

raccoons during the night they ain't getting in here how to use this latch

here and then they lift they form a team then they could get in but otherwise

this is raccoon proof and safe for us to live in but without further ado guys

welcome to our mobile box for it oh yeah guys check it out

sweet wait wait wait shoes off shoes have to come on on the nights cardboard

check out this mobile box for guys you have everything you need to survive and

chill out and enjoy the ultimate box for new experience we completely converted

the inside of this u-haul into a box port

we've got a fortnight gaming station over here equipped with comfy chairs we

also of course if you come in and you decide you know stay a little while you

want to come into the living room here it is we got mr. poo here so you sit

down here in the living room and relax we got comfy pillows and blanket best

part this this comes out and pulls out like a bed yeah guys so this is actually

where we can sleep at night so we can just kind of unfold it like this throw

the blankets on here throw the pillows on here and then you're good to go and

when you're all done it folds up back into a couch how cool

is that that's so good check out our boxing

section because you know we're in a box for normally they're so small you can't

work out but now you get a nice good workout in pop Jake can work on his

boxing skills you know there's plenty of room and here you can even do jumping

jacks in here not only that but we got basketball oh yeah oh that was really

good all right baby we don't put the boxing bag on the ceiling that might be

raccoons out here in this again cool we should close our front door okay

it's closed just like that oh yeah now we're all safe from the raccoons guys

check this out the first-ever box fort staircase up to the second level oh it's

raining guys it's raining it literally just started right that's

perfect timing for closing the front door all right guys this is the first

time we've ever done a box for it staircase yeah guys check this out we've

never done this before this is like magic dude yeah and it goes up to the

second story which is awesome as a cool little sleeping space here we go now

it's a bit risky but uh hopefully these boxes are gonna hold up there you go

dude oh oh and guys check it out we've got a hoverboard inside the box for it

how sweet is that we haven't had one of these since the world's biggest box for

that I mean this way almost be as big as that especially just sitting it's two

stories and it's mobile and uh the rains coming down dude we should check that

out all right let's see what the rain looks but all Logan why no we did what I

said no we couldn't do all no we locked ourselves in Oh guys maybe there's like

a safety switch or something we might have messed up and we may have locked

ourselves chief why do you have to close it the bright side of this whole

situation is we're better to be locked up then inside an epic box fort I mean

we've got fortnight got pillows we got blankets we can survive here Logan I'm

going stir-crazy I've been in here too long now you get out relax we've been in

smaller fours okay okay hey right you're right we just gotta figure it away to

open up this door and get out of here wait I have an idea what oh it's a

little crazy but what if we ordered ubereats and had the delivery driver

open up for you huh now they're gonna think we're crazy but

it might be doing the option we have yeah I mean I guess that sounds like the

only reasonable thing to do party in the u-haul box fort yo I cannot wait for

this thing to start driving around alright Jake are you ordering new

breed's yep alright I'm gonna be ordering the ubereats logo

might you get the fortnight set up and then we'll try driving this thing and

seeing how crazy is I'm kind of hoping that because it's so big it's not gonna

be like too crazy but I have no idea i mean even shaking it like this do the

whole porch shaking well guys i'll set up for night and I

guess Jake's gonna order us food and most importantly get someone to get us

out of here look I don't want to leave anymore it's too fun in here I gotta

lick it out Logan is playing for tonight inside a mobile box for it we got our

food on the way and I've just kind of been chilling I mean there's actually a

lot of stuff to do in here you got nerf guns in here we've got a little workout

section over here I've been kind of chilling up there as well which is been

cool and there's a big wall ball up there I guess right now guys we're gonna

chill out a little bit have a little bit of fun and just kind of relax until we

wait for dinner to come and we'll update you guys in a little bit

no no no we're in that we're in the you ha we have a four it's like we have a

four inside of the u-haul you got it you gotta let us out we're locked in

Jake's talking to the pizza guy right now you see that you see the u-haul okay

yeah it's at the back you gotta let us you gotta let us out because we can't

get out you got it you got it you got a Jimmy the latch and then pull the latch

up yeah what is this it is our mobile box for it it's it's

the greatest box for whatever never seen something like this before we're gonna

close this prop that's how you go away well we got pizza you got a way to get

out of here and I say we eat some dinner and then we take this thing for a little

drive and see how this box word holds up as we drive around guys it's raining

really hard right here dude it's raining so hard it's kind of cool being super

cozy alright guys well we just finished eating dinner so I guess it's time to

take you for a drive I mean it could be worse it could be snowing that would be

really bad Jake I just realized who's gonna drive I specifically told you

we've got Pappa Jake's evil twin now I think of it probably isn't the best idea

to have my evil twin drive us all we're in the back of a mobile box for it

moving around I mean you could go really fast and know that that might not be a

good idea that's right Pappa takes evil twin yeah and you've probably never

heard of me because I'm so evil buckle up boys we're going for a ride always

just started just starting guys it's kinda hard to hear because there's a lot

of rain but the car just started oh we're moving okay

alright I get in your position full oh gee this is really okay together box for

it driving guys the box Ford is moving we're officially in a mobile pod for it

Oh peaceable walks word this is insane dude it's kinda hard to stand up between

those how to drive alright guys well that was honestly insane I mean when

this thing started going I didn't think it would be that crazy in terms of like

the motion going back and forth uh but our monitors took a little bit of a

beating so yeah probably good thing we were playing for night everything else

kind of stayed in position those alright guys well I guess this is where we're

gonna end off the video for today I hope you guys liked it if you did do not

forget to smack that like button down below I know it's raining so you might

not be able to hear me but guys we are also moving and I was thinking it might

be really cool to post a brand new house tour on our new channel Papa Jake versus

Logan and you guys think that would be awesome leave a comment down below and

do not forget to enter in the giveaway subscribe to this channel turn on

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get it we'll see y'all next time for another awesome video

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