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Summer Honey Seasonal Ale from Big Sky Brewing out

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Hey is Andrew from Emsi.

It is the month of July, which means we now have

jobs data and economy data from the month of June.

And so I wanted to give you a quick update on what we're

seeing in the labor market.

Some of these things you already know

if you're reading the news.

You know that we added almost five million jobs

in the U.S. economy, super encouraging.

And we saw the unemployment rate drop from 13% down to 11%.

All of this is good news.

You may know that already, but you might not know

is what's happening in the job posting world.

You like the energy there? - Yeah, it was good.


Since this all began, Emsi's been trying to give you

as much data as possible because knowledge is power

as we try and help people get back to work.

If you look at job postings now, we are 33% above their

lowest point in April, and 15% above the end of May.

Those are both encouraging.

We're still 3% below pre-COVID levels,

but we're going the right direction.

Scroll it. More beer.

As we look at June job postings,

the industries that are really posting the most

and seeing the most acceleration,

would be justice, public order, and safety activities.

So think of policemen or firemen or legal services.

And that group's up 145%.

Interestingly enough, the FBI is one of the organizations

that's posting for those jobs.

We're also seeing couriers and messengers,

think FedEx and UPS.

Up 136%, which is pretty dramatic.

And of course, online shopping continues

to be very strong in their job postings.

Along with the growth industries in our economy right now,

there are a number of businesses that are still struggling.

Airlines and hotels, not surprisingly,

have job postings that are dramatically down.

Airlines down 73% and hotels down 51%.

I don't know about you, but I haven't been on an airplane

since March, and this is the longest I've gone

without travel in 20 years.

When we look at occupations that are in demand right now,

some sales and admin jobs have dramatic increase

in job postings.

Those are coming from companies like Sunbelt,

which is more of a call center company,

Oracle, or Berkshire Hathaway.

As a side note, Emsi's hiring for salespeople right now.

So if you're interested in joining the Emsi family,

let us know.

That was like a little bit of an Uncle Sam, I want you.

You could just edit out a lot of what I said

and say Emsi's hiring. - Yeah.

- We're hiring 'cause we're the best!


Another interesting thing that we're seeing in the job

market right now is conservation jobs.

So farming, fishing, and forestry are up almost 80%

right now, which is interesting.

You know what else is interesting? I like that word.

Edit out half my interestings.

So there's your June numbers.

Thank you for watching.

I would also encourage- - I do not understand.

- Stupid watch. - That's not nice.

- So there's your June numbers.

I would also encourage you to keep an eye on our website,

we've got a big report about cybersecurity

that's gonna be coming out soon

and I think it's gonna be worth your time.

Thanks for watching and have a great day.

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