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Hi guys, oh, oh my god, I almost fell welcome back to my channel

so today I'm doing something completely different that I've never done before and that is in a

BG Asian, baby girl

Transformation. I feel like a lot of people don't know this, but I am actually half Japanese

I get a lot of comments asking if I'm half, you know Hispanic or

Even Hawaiian or Filipino sometimes but yes

I'm half Japanese, and I don't know I just have been feeling like I want to do this video

I've seen a lot of people do it

And I'll link some of the ones that I washed down below because it's like kind of a fun video and do I have food?

On my chin. Yes. I did almost just like a little bit of a like

Step out of reality and like transforming into something else, you know

So basically if you don't know what an ABG is according to urban dictionary

Let's just pull it up. That's that's gonna be the easiest way to explain it

ABG a special type of Asian girl who enjoys going to clubs partying and drinking with friends

Love to get boba and shop. Usually an Instagram model influencer or bartender. I drew in sub help from Jess

You guys know dress we all love dress because she is more of an expert on

This ABG life we're going all out. This is gonna be a full transformation. So

I'll flashback to the clip of me and Jess figuring out what this 82 transporation is really gonna entail

Born in the house set of an output board of the hospital is my sort and I'm bored in the house

And I'm in Aus bored that's theme song

Okay, so tell us what we need for my ABG transformation I have a list and I'm gonna write everything now

Big fall see that have that

makeup wise you're gonna have to do like a smokey eye, but like not too dark because it's more about

Sorry I messed up that part what was it smokey eyes but not too dark

So like a mix between like a black and brown smokey eye

But the highlight of the eye look is actually the winged liner like you need to have a cat eyeliner. Okay?

I literally hate putting my Center then


But ABG's are all about that long hair like long hair and curls Oh what we need definitely need I definitely need fake tattoos

Oh, yes. Yes. It's all about the flower right on this collar bone right here. Okay the flower new hour

and then you would have like a half sleeve of like a dragon on your arm like a bee gees are all about like

Dragon tattoos and flowers. Those are the two main dragon on arm. Okay, okay

I'm sorry, but this is like very stupid ticket stereotypical like not all if you do they're like this but like oh

My god we have to do that

You crazy girl, okay, so I'm gonna go order all this stuff. Thanks, Jess

We're crazy you guys and also we've been locked up and we haven't seen each other in probably over a year

It's like been crazy. But anyways

Oh, yeah

Gonna meet crickets. I mean, why does it feel like it's been over here even though that was December, okay

Well, I guess we'll see you in the transformation Club

Bye. Oh, yeah. Also, she's gonna rate, you know, some people have like boyfriend's rate their clothes

No, she's in a rate my ABG transformation at the end of this so stay tuned for her expert opinion

Hi guys, well, I shouldn't say bye actually because I guess it's never by it's just see you later. Mmm-hmm


Nails we got the fake tattoos nose rings fake nose rings

Obviously my big ol hoops. I'm actually so excited because it's been a long time since I did like my full face of makeup

She's excited. Okay, she's excited. Honestly you guys leave your boba

orders in the

Comments because I actually want to know like what you guys get because I typically always get okay

first of all, they I got two because they were having a two-for-one sale and like

You just you have to do it at that point. You know what I mean? Like you can't not save money on it. Oh

My god

Taste test

Ten out of ten so this guy is the brown sugar melty, but I got it with 25% sugar and this means so healthy

I know but I got with boba and then the pudding the pudding is actually my favorite part

Mmm and this place boba tea mean they actually do them with almond milk, which I love because

you know, it's just so la and then this second one that I got was this culture it is this turning into a

It is turning into a boba taste test I think

Mmm, that's deluxe

So this one is using cream milk tea with boba

25% sugar

healthy and almond milk

Okay, first things first

Colored contacts so these ones are from Desio and it's the shade desert dream

I kind of wish I had the actual circle lenses because Jess was saying like that's what the most ABG's actually wear

But I couldn't find any especially right now because obviously shipping things like a little different than normal

But I already had these so see how it is

I feel like it actually does kind of make my pupils look bigger though green eyed, baby

Okay, I'm gonna make my brows a lot darker than normal because I feel like a VG's definitely have super defined brows

But kind of my normal shape like the arch

And then obviously we gotta clean that up and carve out the brows they look nice and precise like your IG batty

Use my ELF poreless putty primer

Okay, we definitely need full coverage foundation

So I'm using Too Faced Born This Way

I should put on the shirt that I'm gonna wear so that I can at least see like


Dress so I couldn't match my face and my just I'm gonna trying to film this video all week and everyday like something else comes

in the way

But I've been ordering the Bulba because I'm like planning to film so I had booked what every single day this week

I'm not even joking. Oh

So like why is it getting so dark like?

Do my eyes real quick and I'm using this NARS Miam dark tinted I base

My hand that's like the tick-tock song that's like

Alright for eyes, I'm gonna do a brown smokey eye just like just told me to do so

This is the artist couture supreme nudes palette and I'm gonna kind of be taking a mix of these

Three shades starting with nudists and placing that all throughout the crease and really winging it out here as well

then with the shade aesthetic, I'm gonna go in with my

E-40 from my rock set Sigma Club so weird when I say my name in like third person

Then with an even smaller brush, I'm gonna take mink this dark brown. This is a e25 brush

I actually get a lot of questions saying to list and name the brushes. So I'm gonna try to start doing that

I'm taking mink and then smoking out the lashline a bit more

Ok, o.o its swing liner

essential for this look

literally when I was looking up like a beach

Details and stuff wing liner was like the number one thing like that and Bobo was like the number one

The end tattoos was the number one thing. Those were the number

Though. Those are the three number ones that doesn't make sense. Whatever. You guys know what I'm saying

Wings check honestly, I just like feel so much more complete with a good little wing on. Mascara

I've actually really been liking this buxom

Extrovert mascara, it's really nice

It's like I say this makeup was already. I'm not even done and it's already making me feel just like a

Bad bitch over here. I

Feel like for the AVG lifestyle you need like big

Lashes and I already wear pretty big lashes like to begin with but these are actually my biggest lashes that I have. These are

Lily lashes so extra mikonos. Why is it some dark outside?

Oh my god, yes. Yes. Yes

Okay, if that is not a cute little eye look I just don't even know what it is

You know, there are pretty heavy though. I'm just gonna go in with some concealer and contour and again using full coverage concealers

So this one is the Too Faced and Born This Way concealer

Actually makeup I would normally wear though like mi and AVG already want lately though cuz I haven't actually been wearing much makeup lately

I've been very on the natural train. It's gonna go in and fake

Right under the eyes and down to the smile lines

This helps a lot of creasing right here, too. If you're actually gonna go clubbing this guy kind of be like a clubbing makeup

Look like obviously not right now

But once you know, all of this is over if you're looking for a clubbing make it look like this is kind of it

Good. Mmm Laguna bronzer from NARS

And then we're gonna wipe away this my mmm Belden

Like low-key literally, why is my normal makeup routine though?

Okay, blush

Okay, I'm literally ready to slay I know that's a very overused term but I

That's how I feel right now

I kind of want to add a little bit of shimmer to you as though it's so I want to take this

Laura Mercier product

Just right in the center. Oh, yes

Yes, this is the Laura Mercier caviar. Chrome veil lightweight liquid eye color, and I'm using the shade

Moonlight shimmer, do you see this? Do you see that?

Soleil it's literally so dark like

What back why is it so overcast today?

No, we shouldn't go to the club because like wow, this makeup is just really giving me

All the vibes right now all the vibes. I feel a lot more snatched - what else do I have to do highlight?

Try to fix it a little bit and set up a light in the background so hopefully this looks a

Bit better. Alright, so we're gonna go in with a Mac karke lip pencil

Okay, so I'm gonna go in with a little lip crayon this one is from NARS and it is in the shade rowdy

I'm just gonna go in the center with a honey look from the back

Okay. So for my hair, I got my extensions out. So I'm just gonna pull my hair up and I'm not really going to be

Doing the back because obviously no one's actually going to see this and I'm literally just gonna take all this off right after this video

So I'm just gonna tie the back in like a little button

Life hack if you're just gonna be taking photos and you don't want to actually do your extensions properly

Okay, I'm like weird about showing my armpits on camera for some reason but you know what to be honest. I

That's one of the things that I kind of like miss

most through this quarantine is actually getting my

Laser hair removal because it's so nice not to have to shave and like always be pretty smooth down there

So that's like one of the number one things that I actually really missed that and like target runs like yes

You can still go to target, but obviously I'm trying to stay home as much as possible

so I'm not gonna go to target just for like the heck of it whereas before like I would just go to target just because

I wanted to you know what? I mean? I'm just gonna

I do not know how to use the clamp. Does anyone out there know how honestly

Who is she literally? Who is she? Okay, I'm not gonna lie

I'm like low-key scared of this news ring situation because I've never done like

put on a fake nose ring before but

Let's just try. Oh


That was actually really easy. This is definitely a little vibe of its own like, who is she? I'm actually

What do we name her? This isn't even rocks anymore. This is like I don't know. I'm kind of sense like I

Kind of want to be an ABG now because like I feel like bar like I just feel like I gotta conquer the world

bobba in hand

Okay, what else do we need to do? Okay, I need to do my tattoo, which I'm like low-key scared of

Okay, we're gonna try this flower tattoo. I

Don't know if this needs to be more wet. It kind of seems like it does. No, I definitely messed that up


My gosh, how did I miss this up like that badly? Do you see Oh

Crazy this looks okay

I'm gonna try to put this one

Like right here to try to cover the part that I messed up because I now can't really take this off. Oh

My gosh, it's working

Okay, you have to admit like I kinda troubleshoot it that really well now

I'm gonna do my little dragon one down my arm because I got it

And I'm very excited about this one because I'm gonna be The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Oh

My god

Are you guys I have to call my mom and just see what she thinks because she's gonna die like imagine if

It's kind of a look though. Like I'm kind of obsessed

I don't really want to do my nails now because I'm getting really hungry and I like just need to eat

But you know what for the purpose of the video. I'm just gonna try to do it very very quickly. This doesn't come with glue

No, I'm gonna use eyelash glue then please work

Little eyebrow. I mean eyelash. Gel. I mean eyelash glue. Okay, like honestly,

Roxette who it's where a whole new person right here. I kind of feel like Miley Cyrus a little bit

I need to call people and see their reaction. Oh

I just sent you a tick tock. Oh my god

Right like it's kind of five honestly like I've kind of into it yo you look

Like you look hell

Bitch, honestly, this is like I feel like this is my alter ego

like maybe I should have been an ABG cuz like even look at my eyes like

That's exactly what I was going for honestly I feel like this is the best ABG transformation I've seen

Right, oh my god, I lost one of my nails in my hair. Okay. I'm gonna call my mom and see her reaction

So, what do

Ya what do you mean

That's what I said, I also feel that way like I feel kind of like Miley right now, okay, bye love you guys

So, I'm not really sure there's a bit but for some reason when I called Karen the audio didn't record

But I'm pretty sure you can tell by her reaction

She was quite shook ahthe at the transformation because it's just so different than anything that I ever do

so that's because of what we're talking about and

Yeah, love you Karen. I'm sorry that this audio did it work? I don't even know what happened CEO of technical difficulties over here. Literally

Right here

Right, like I honestly alive

What you guys think of my

Transformation I literally feel like a different person right now. Like, who is she? Alright guys? I love you

I hope you enjoyed this ABG transformation

let me know what else you guys want to see I actually really want to do a

Japanese makeup transformation as well and do makeup like they do in Japan which is like a lot of corals a lot of like peachy

Shades definitely not like this very natural makeup

Yeah, love you guys and let me know what you think

Love you guys. Bye. Oh, don't forget to subscribe if you want to see more

Well, I tried to press the lens with my thumb, okay, bye guys


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