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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Sledding on Mt Fuji at Fujiten | Life in Japan Episode 40

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Look straight ahead. There's where we're going: to the slopes of Mt. Fuji.

And today Ruth is driving, because Daddy forgot his wallet.

Oh look- the monorail is going right overhead! Wow, that was cool.

Good timing, Ruth.

It only takes a little over an hour to drive to Fuji Ten from Tokyo,

so we like coming out here for some fun in the snow.

There's Fuji Q. Oh! There goes a rollercoaster.

Do you see that really tall one right there? That roller coaster that's going up right now?

That's the one that Sarah and I did.

Sarah did that one!

Goes up slow and comes down quick!


I still can't believe Sarah did that! Me too!

Here we are.

There's everyone elsethey're arriving too. Alright.

She's like a marshmallow.


Oh you're gettin' it already, Becca.

You're gettin' it already.

Today we're going sledding.

It's a little icy, huh? Let's be careful.

It's sometimes not so fun though. Somebody just threw snow at me!

Somebody threw snow at you?!

You'll have to just throw snow back at them later.


Today was a special holiday, which means a lot of people were out,

but it also meant that kids under 12 got in for free.

That's all the kids for us. Cha-Ching!

You guys ready? Here we go! Can you stand on here?

There we go. Look!

We're going up!

We're at the top.

OK let's go over here.

You ready, Dude?

Here we go, whoa!

We did it!

Daddy, can I go with Joshua this time? Yeah.

You want to take it? Yes.

Is it already recording? It's recording already.

Whoa, how was it? Fun?

Anna's going with Joshua this time, look at that. Ah!

There wasn't a lot of snow, and there were a lot of people, so the Ski Patrol was out in full force.

It kind of felt like we were being pulled over by the police every time we did a run.

Here comes Seth!

Let's go way in the corner because, look, there's no green things right over there.

Oh, should we try it? Yes!

Oh, good idea! Let's try it!

Did you have fun? It was so much fun!

Whew whoo!

Oh, looks like another speeding ticket.

You holding it? Yeah.

(Imitating car horn) Beep! Beep!

Oh they just barely got away!

Yeah Izy!


Oh my goodness! Yeah! Awesome!

3 2 1 Go!

Here comes Sarah.

Oh my. Vovó (Grandma) and Vovô (Grandpa) are going to go together.

Uh oh, what do you think: is this a ticket or not?

Excuse us. Excuse us.

(laughs) Excuse us!

Oh, it looks like they did alright. Whoa Sarah!

Whoawow, Sarah! You almost went over the top! Ska-doosh!


Whew! Whoa!

Yes! Good stop, Dude!


Look who we found over here!

Ruth's been... All this sledding and my kid wants to play on a slide.


The kids found the slides.

(In Japanese) Let's go?

Alright it's lunch time! Let's grab a bite to eat.

Oh! Curry rice! Oh!

Looks really good, huh guys?

Even though there were a lot of people

and the Ski Patrol was on high alert, busy making sure everyone was safe,

we still had a great time.

The kids picked up sledding fast and didn't want to leave at the end of the day.

While we were there, a lady stopped Ruth and askedAre you from YouTube?!”

She said yes and we were able to get a picture with Aki san, her family and friends who watch Life in Japan!

We always love meeting fans and getting a picture with them,

so if you ever see us out and about, don't hesitate to introduce yourself and we can get a picture together!


What did you think? It's been awesome!

It's been... It's "Ben" awesome! That's right.

Ah! Yeah!

The snowball fight has gone mobile.


Oh yea! Wha!!

Gettin' ready to roll.

Here we go. A lot of fun, right? Yep.

Alright, girlfriend. Chauffeuring the family home.

Tired now. Tired!

Thank you for watching Life in Japan. We'll see you next time for another adventure.

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