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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Trying to Win Back The Man Who Cheated (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

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Please be seated.

Hello, Your Honor.


This is the case of Thomas v. Nelson.

Thank you, Jerome. Good day, everyone.

ALL: Good day.

Ms. Thomas, you claim you spent six years in a relationship with the defendant Mr. Taylor

and gave him five beautiful children.

In return he cheated on you and is now

questioning the paternity of your youngest child,

eight month old Jakai.

You are here to prove paternity and win him back. Is that correct?

Yes, Your Honor.

JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Nelson, you say while you were home taking care of your children,

Ms. Taylor was out at all hours with other men.

You say it's her many infidelities

that convinced you that Jakai is not your son,

is that correct?

NELSON: Yes, Your Honor.

All right, Ms. Thomas, why do you believe Mr. Nelson is denying your baby?

The only thing that I can think of is because,

he recently got married.

Is that true, Mr. Nelson?

NELSON: No, it's not, Your Honor.

It was good in the beginning when we first started having children

and then other day it's like, we start,

me and her start, like, both doing our own little thing.

And we was already about to split,

but she ends up getting pregnant. and at that time

she was already messin' around with other guys.

So, I didn't know who, what to believe.

THOMAS: It was Rocky,

but I was not sleepin' with different men,

Mr. Nelson was the only one that I was sleeping with at that time,

especially during my conception dates.

Man, that's not true.

But when you first got together

what was your relationship like?

Our relationship, it was good.

That was my best friend.

We did everything together... (SIGHS)

JUDGE LAKE: Take your time, I know it's hard, you have...

NELSON: Your Honor, we were both young at that time.

And we was both new to the whole parent thing.

After that we started getting older and grew,

and it's like, we grew, we grew apart away from each other and...

I still, even while I'm married I still be trying to keep a good relationship with her,

talk and stuff like that. It don't have to be...

We just know we can't be together.

It's because it was his cheating, Your Honor.

He cheated on me throughout, almost our whole entire relationship.

JUDGE LAKE: So, Ms. Thomas, why put up with that?

THOMAS: We went through hard times.

Like, why wouldn't you wanna make something like that work

with somebody you had all these years with?

All these kids with? And you just wanna...

Because it's too much.

That's why I don't even, like, man...

He, he gave up the relationship.

I wish it was that easy for me

during those times to just throw it away.

I asked her, I said, "You gonna leave this guy alone?" She said, "No."

She was like, "Let me think about it."

I even threatened her, I was like, "If you don't leave him alone,

"I'm gonna go back to North Carolina."

She was like, "That's on you."

So then I left her and left for North Carolina, so I was like,

"I'm gonna give you another chance," and she was, "All right."

I say to her, "You're going to leave everything, your phone

"and change your number and everything..."

So, wait a minute. You had four children together

and then you find out Ms. Thomas is with another guy?

NELSON: Yes. That's what...

How did you find that out?

The dude's picture was popping up on her phone.

It didn't start like that.

He decided to leave because at that time...

Why would I leave though?

...we did grow apart.

NELSON: I used to find stuff in her purse and everything.

She's go, "I'm going to work today."

THOMAS: 'Cause I...

She'd come back and be like "You like this outfit?"

I'm like, "Yeah, where you going? You worked all week."

If anything, I've been here with the kids all day long. All four of them.

Oh, so, you feel like she start getting missing?

She did. She came in 5:00 in the morning, I was like,

"Where you coming from?" "So? So? I'm grown, I can do what I wanna do"

JUDGE LAKE: But, Ms. Thomas, you were painting a picture about you,

like, you all were in love, it was against all odds...

THOMAS: We were.

We were.

So, what is this...

Why then do you start having other men popping up on your phone?

It wasn't "men," it was that one man.

Not "men".

And why? Why did you get in a relationship with this one man?

As retaliation for his cheating?

THOMAS: It was, basically.

So,he seen how I felt all them years he cheated on me.

He felt it, and so...

So how long had you all been together when you discovered she was cheating?

NELSON: We was like...

THOMAS: Five...


JUDGE LAKE: Five years.


JUDGE LAKE: And four children.


JUDGE LAKE: So, Jakai is potentially your fifth child together?

It's hard for me to put a nail on that

if she was messing with me and the guy at the same time.

When I got back from...

You Honor, that's not true.

I asked her, I said, "You gained some weight."

She was like, "Oh, I've been eating a lot."

And then what...

So, I was like...

And, Your Honor, that same day he said that, we walked to the store

and I took two pregnancy tests in front of him,

and they ended up negative.

So I was not pregnant.

I also had an app on my phone

tracking my periods, when I'm ovulating,

and I have it right here.

JUDGE LAKE: Jerome, let me see that evidence.

JEROME: Here you go, Your Honor.

So you were tracking your cycle...

THOMAS: Yes, ma'am.

Was this with the intention of getting pregnant or not getting pregnant?

THOMAS: He actually wanted me to get pregnant.

She told me...

So, on my tracker,

on my tracker... No.

On my tracker, Your Honor, as you can see...

She said so every time I mess

with him, she said that's what things...

That's why every time she has sex with him,

that's why she, uh, put it on the calendar like that.

So, in October,

it looks like around the 28th is when your cycle begins.

THOMAS: Yes, Your Honor.

JUDGE LAKE: And, in November,

we see where your cycle ends.

THOMAS: Yes, Your Honor.

JUDGE LAKE: We see that you are ovulating

Friday the 6th...

THOMAS: Yes, Your Honor.

JUDGE LAKE: the 11th.

Yes, Your Honor.

And then on the 10th and 11th you got, "sex," "sex."

'Cause those are the two days that we had sex while I was ovulating, Your Honor.

JUDGE LAKE: Those are the two days you had sex with...

THOMAS: Mr. Nelson.

Mr. Nelson.

THOMAS: Yes, Your Honor.

When you were ovulating?

THOMAS: Yes, Your Honor.

Do you remember those dates, Mr. Nelson?

NELSON: No, I do not, Your Honor.

When I get back from North Carolina,

I had, like, went through her phone, she was like,

"Every time I had sex with him, and this is after you left,

"I started having sex with this guy."

So, I was like, "All right."

So then I went further back in her calendar, I'm like,

"So what are these days for?" She was like...

Because I said, "We was together then when it was..."

She was like, "Okay, so what? I may of had a slip up."

THOMAS: He was gone, Your Honor.

So, wait a minute. How did you find out about the other guy exactly, Mr. Nelson?

THOMAS: I told him.

NELSON: I'm not gonna lie. She do be honest.

I told him.

So what did you say? You just came to him and said "I have something to tell you?"

We... We weren't...


I start calling my friends, and tell them like, "Yo, your girl don't have sex with you

"for like a whole month straight, what can you do?"

They was like, "What does that mean?"

I say it's over, they was like, "She messing with somebody else, brother."

JUDGE LAKE: And you were.

I was.

JUDGE LAKE: Now, Ms. Thomas, when you told Mr. Nelson you were pregnant...

THOMAS: Yes, Your Honor.

...what was his response?

He was going around telling everybody that I was pregnant.

Up until the time he met Ms. Campbell,

that's when he started denying my son.

Mind you, he was cheating on me with her.

I didn't know about her until I found out

she was calling him through Facebook.

And he was trying to lie then because we were still messing around.

Even when he was with her.

NELSON: I got to tell... I wish I had the old phone.

I have text messages that show that we still messing around, still to this day.



You mighty quiet now, Mr. Nelson.


No. Me and her, I'm not gonna lie to you,

and I'm gonna tell my wife right in front, I apologize.

But she already knew about... My wife already knew about it.

She had caught me. It was a video and everything, she caught me.

I thought I deleted the video out the phone, she went back and found the thing.

THOMAS: He only... He's apologizing now 'cause he got caught.

All right, since we brought her into it,

I want to hear from her. Please stand, ma'am.

CAMPBELL: Yes, ma'am.

Ms. Campbell, thank you for joining us.

CAMPBELL: Yes, ma'am.

Please tell the court,

when you found out that your husband was now sleeping with his ex.

CAMPBELL: It's a video I found.

The video was dated April 3rd, which would've been the, I guess the first day or so

that she had showed up in Greensboro.

All I know is I saw her demeanor when she came around,

and she was kind of, like, "Hi."

And I'm like, "Okay, this was a person that's supposedly supposed to be so hurt,

"why was she grinning?"

And then I saw his demeanor, and he looked guilty.

So, I put two and two together, you know,

"Something's not right. Why is she extra happy, and he's looking crazy."

Because we were sleeping around.

So then... Yeah.

Because they had slept together.

Mr. Nelson, I wanna know, did you ever tell

Ms. Thomas that you were gonna leave your wife

and you wanna come back home with her and the children?

NELSON: Me and my wife had got into some problems and I was about to, I was like,

"What would be different this time if I did come back?"

My mama told me, "That's your covenant. You can't break your covenant for somebody else,

"'cause that's between me, her and God."

I broke my covenant with my baby mama,

and I regret it. I've been repenting for it and stuff like that,

and now, me and my wife, we back on good terms now.

How long ago was this?

CAMPBELL: April 3rd is the date of the video...

JUDGE LAKE: So, Mr. Nelson,

your wife discovered a video of you having sex with your ex,

now mistress.


No, I just... I made a slip up.

He had plenty of slip ups.

She's comfortable from going from wife to side-chick...

No, I'm nobody's side-chick

because your husband is the one who tells me he wants to leave.

But that makes you a side-chick. That makes you a side-chick.

No, it does not.

JUDGE LAKE: Wait a minute.

Listen, listen, listen, listen.

No, it does not.


He told me he married you out of spite.

NELSON: No, I didn't.

Let's get some order.

Let's get some order. Both of you are confused.

He's sleeping with both of y'all.


Okay, so look.


Let's, let's clear the air.

Neither one of you are on a step higher than the other.

'Cause you may now be his wife,

but that's the mother of all his children and maybe another one.


JUDGE LAKE: You all both look miserable.

I can see the look on your face, Mr. Nelson.

You decided in your mind that it's possible for you to have both of these women.

And they let you.


You not gonna sit up here and fool me.

'Cause let me tell you something...

I don't know what they fighting over.

JUDGE LAKE: So, now...

THOMAS: That's it.

...this is the question I haven't really gotten down to the bottom of.

You doubt Jakai's paternity because you say you believe

Ms. Thomas was sleeping around with somebody else.


JUDGE LAKE: Hold on.

Ms. Thomas, you say you planned this baby with Mr. Nelson.

THOMAS: We did.

So, you

basically plotted out your ovulation cycle

and you made sure you had sex with Mr. Nelson during that window of time?

Yes, Your Honor.

Did you have sex with anybody else during that window of time?

THOMAS: No, Your Honor.

Now, you say, Mr. Nelson, you found information that would indicate that

she did have sex with someone.

Yeah, that's what... Who, who... Okay, we together for five years, Your Honor.

Why would you try to plan a baby?

We just have 'em. That's why...

THOMAS: Your Honor, he wanted to plan a baby because

with our youngest child he said,

"I don't think you can have any more kids,

"because you have birth control.

"So you wanna plan on have another baby? Let's go."

I have the app, and that's what we did.

So, what are you hoping for now?

What do you want out of this?

I want him to leave me alone.

Honest, if he's gonna make his marriage work,

let your marriage work.

I try to move forward with my life.

He texts me.

He calls me and tells me how much he misses me and wants to be with me.

It's not the other way around, and I have messages.

NELSON: Your Honor...

THOMAS: And if he wants...

Did you bring the messages to court with you?

Yes, Your Honor.


These messages are dated from three weeks ago.

"So, what is your plan for real?"

"You the plan," he says.

"So are you really gonna leave her this time?"

you ask. You respond, Mr. Nelson,

"I want my family back."

Then you respond, Ms. Thomas,

"I hear you but you said this last time,

"and I really need to know if you're serious this time."

This is the kind of conversation a married man's having?



JUDGE LAKE: I can tell your wife did not know you were having

those kind of conversations.


I just wanted to see if the baby mine, so I could feel everything...

You just want to avoid this conversation.

But you can't...

I just want, if he's trying to make it work...

At the end of the day she hasn't done anything...

Leave me alone. me personally, in all honesty.

Everything between the two of us is strictly emotion, right?

Leave me alone.

Actually, because you feel some kind of way, and I feel some kind of way.

Honestly, I don't feel no type of way.

But, but if you're gonna...

Yes, you do.

JUDGE LAKE: Stop, stop, stop, stop.

There's no sense in standing here

when the woman's just trying to acknowledge that both of you are

all in an emotional battle over a man

who's taking advantage of both of you,

and then you sit up and say you don't feel some kind of way?

You do feel some kind of way. You got four kids...

I don't.

JUDGE LAKE: No, you really do, because...


No, no, no.

Because I see too much women in your position.

And you say, "If he just leave me alone, I'll be all right."

THOMAS: I will.

JUDGE LAKE: No, no, no.

He don't just slip on a banana peel and land between your legs.




We shoot it straight in here, baby.

And you know what, as women, sometimes we just have to be honest enough to say,

"You know what? That hurt me."

That... This is what I wanted, I wanted my family.

He wanted the same thing.

I didn't know he was married until, what, a week later

before I had my son.

He didn't tell me.

He denied it when he came to the hospital.

This is what I wanted.

Six years, five kids, sacrifices...

Everything we've been through, she got it easy.

And at the end of the day, he's standing next to her

and she's Mrs. Nelson.

And that makes you angry.

I could've been Mrs. Nelson twice.

JUDGE LAKE: But the point is, that's enough to hurt any woman.

But, I could've been... I could have been Mrs. Nelson too.

JUDGE LAKE: But you're not.

I turned that down.


'Cause I'm glad I didn't marry him.

Because I would be going through the same thing right now.

I would be married to him getting cheated on too.

You still, you still in it.

She just got a piece of paper.

You need to be honest, you're all in this.

So, you can't point a finger at Mrs. Nelson and say,

"Oh, I'm glad I'm not you."


Because you are her on the other side of the mirror.


JUDGE LAKE: So, now we got it out all in the open.

And I'm glad, Ms. Thomas, you finally just expressed how you feel.

Because you have a right to feel that way.

The only way we gonna move forward is get these results, and I have 'em.


Here you go, Your Honor.

Thank you.

These results were prepared by DNA Diagnostics,

and they read as follows.

JUDGE LAKE: In the case of Thomas v. Nelson,

when it comes to eight month old Jakai Thomas,

it has been determined by this court...

Mr. Nelson,

you are the father.



It's number five.

I met him and he already had, you know, four kids with her.

So, it's... What's one more?

JUDGE LAKE: I'll tell you what one more is.

One more means, this isn't over.

This child deserves to know his father.

His father is gonna have to come visit him.

His father is still sleeping with his mother.

CAMPBELL: Mmm-hmm.

JUDGE LAKE: Regularly.

It's not regular. She's staying in Atlanta. I stay in North Carolina.

You know what?

I don't know what kind of women you're used to dealing with, honey,

but you met your match with me. You can't feed me no line.


JUDGE LAKE: It ain't that far.

We have got to figure this out

because this is gonna happen again.

And, Ms. Campbell, I'm not saying this to ruin your day.

I just want to enlighten you.


This is not gonna change.

This woman is not gonna stop sleeping with this man.

I know.

JUDGE LAKE: And, Ms. Thomas, I have to tell you,

you got to make the decision.

"Am I just gonna be his comfort and his convenience,

"or am I gonna be his commitment?"

You got to decide you deserve more.

And, Mr. Nelson, it's time for you to shape up. Five kids with this woman.

You're their dad.

You think they wanna grow up and know you put their mother through this?

If you can't do right by either one of them, then get out their life.


JUDGE LAKE: We have counseling and resources for you all,

and I want you all to get healed.

Do the work.

I wish you all the very best. Take care of those beautiful children.

Court is adjourned.

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